Eric Saade - Popular (Sweden) - Live - 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final

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Powered by Eric Saade represented Sweden at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, performing the song 'Popular'. Sweden came in 3rd position in the Final with 185 points.

2011 dusseldorf eric saade eurovision song contest popular sweden

uh the performance was good, but his voice is very awkward wasn't really singing either he was kinda chanting.
That‘s better than azerbaijan song..its real winner.
Alice Caltino
He is the real winner of the esc 2011. Love this song forever. And i love eric saade. Best song
Andres Olguín
Sweden the best! Scandinavia.
Antonio AJ
I don't understand why did he not win?
Apple.B Gaming
Bake ツ
is anybody watching now :)?
I'm sure it wasn't just Eric Saade's performance which brought him 3rd place but also the Pokéball in the background. So all Pokémon fans called for Eric :D
So that happens when Ash catched all Pokémons. He starts to sing. Ash Saade xD
He is perfect💖💖Why he didn't win??I like the winning song but this is better.I hope that he will try to represent Sweden again in the future with a cool song like\
Cristian Martín-Caro
Ash Ketchum:\n-Nunca ganó la liga Pokémon.\n-Quedó tercero en Eurovisión cuando era favorito para ganar.\nHay gente que nace estrellada.
Cristiano Oliveira
Still listen in 2014... THUMBS UP!
Is the real winer
Daniella Friberg
Är det någon svensk här eller?
Danny Déniz
What a lovely Poké Ball in the background!
He was ROBBED, five years later I'm still salty about it
Darren Ü
I don't think he sings bad, it's just that the song is like this, sounding kinda off key.
Deo A
Almost as bad as Heroes by Mans Zelmerlow.
Duvee Hie
He can't sing for his life. He's helped by flashy lights and a catchy tune
ESC Angel
how Azerbaijan won this year?
Emma Holmgren
those who says he can't sing, try singing while you're nervous, dancing and with that loud music... He's awsome ;)
Fahri Nadirov
The eurovision 2018 ended but this guy still no popular ) but song good !!!
Fanny 813
I'm from Sweden and this was embarrasing.... But he's hot tho
George Austin Tay
He's the hottest guy ever to participate in this contest.
Gijs Nijenhuis
this is the best eurovision song in ever
Gokuencinar X
He has got a great voice!
Görkem Dülge
After the seven years i have just realized that there was pokeball on background. Omg😂😂😂
Irene Galiana Pastor
Okay 2016 and i'm still so in love with him and his voice
Irene Koraki
well, yeah the lyrics are quite awful, but the choreography man! i cant get enough of them dancing... it was a great song, fitting for eurovision...damn sweden, good job ;)
Irina Ratcu
he cant really sing live and the lyrics are kinda crappy but he makes me giggle like a school girl. he's so cute
Ivan Volf
When he \
Jade Kevin Santos
Chorus be like:\n*I'm in the Poké Ball*\n*I'm in the Poké Ball*\n*You gotta catch 'em all!*\n(repeat 2x)
This man went in front of 500million people and rhymed \
Jonatan Hansen
Nintendo sends a copyright strike because of the the pokeball xD
Anyone here march 2018?
Karl Downey
How the hell did this finish 3rd? Should have won by a landslide.
Kira Langemann
he is soo hot
Konstantinos GR
The real winner 👌👌👌
Was the best song from this ESC!!! He is popular.
Stop, don't say that it's impossible, cause i know it's possible....\nThanks for the tip, captain obvious... But who am i kidding, it's eurovision...
Liz Dragon
One of THE best staging ever!
What you found in Azerbaidjan ?
MalPal Edits
My crush while i was little hahah
Malin Pettersson
Everything is so right with this; the dance, artist, performance.. but... The lyrics....
Mario Losberg
Back in time when Sweden rules on esc.. this last couple of year's... ?what happened...? this year a justin bieber's brother..? lol
MestreechX Sjoen
Why didn't this win?
Miles Wrong
July 2018❤️👉🥇
He looks a bit like Tom Cruise :P
Narek Sargsyan
Nizar Bouaouad
Imagine Zara Larsson in Eurovision
Ormi Ader
#POKEMON (Pokeball on the background)
Paula Mafé
why is there a pokeball in the background?
Penelopa Smrček
It's 2016 and i think this better than azerbaijan
Perttu Tossavainen
The fact is that he really can sing, and he is a very good singer! The problem is that there were way too many backround singers... Those two would have been enough.
0:03 GAY!
Rock'N Roll
Who is still listening this fucking awesome song in 2018?
Roland Dreams
Back when swedish entries were good 🙂👏
They need to send Darin to represent Sweden sometime
Skillet Chinchilla
Sora Cookie
The Brothers Housers Entertainment Network
Hello from 2018
The Canadian Askew
Me when my friends' YouTube channels are on a downfall.
i usually cheer for ballads... but Sweden was far better than Azerbaijan...
Thuy An Nguyen
I think I saw a Pokéball...
Toallín / Lumostark-
Hmmm I don't know what to think about this.
Toren Tank
That clapping in the beggining sounds like that Rasputin song
Ula Ula
He is soooo handsome 😍
sweden have such good songs
Vlad Salimov
What's your problem?! he has a great voice, and i like the rhytm as well.. not the winner but very great performance!
Obviously this Fredrik Kempe guy needs better lyrics .The song is great , the guy singing the song is great but I'm gonna get there popular my body wants you girl - wat ? what kind of lyrics are those ?
Yigal Brown
OMG this is hillariously terrible, impossible vs. possible buahaha
Performance: 10/10\nVoice: 3/10\nLyrics: 1/0 \nMusic: 9/10\nClothes: 8/10\n\n(Highest points is 50)\n\nPoints: 31\n(My opinion)
My eurovision 2011 winner.
baggos theoharis
is he wearing a bulletproof vest under the red jacket?
brittany watts
In 2013 eurovision he was soooo fit I think this song was well over rated he sang ot so badly
He can sing very well. But he is dancing AND singing ... and it's quite obvious why the singing then can't be perfect. You're simply out of breath.
Gotta catch 'em all
what the? this was 2011??? no way! this song is amazing! Atleast we lost to a good song haha.
He placed better than any Swedish song had in 12 years so haters keep hating for no reason at all, like always.
edmlover always
great song ..!! each time i hear it i really really get stuck w/ it!!! really great work sweden..!!! greetings from greece!!!!!!!!!
elena casado
he should have won ♥
elpida g
the most handsome guy that have ever been in eurovision,no one can questioned it 
Still adore this performance 5 years later.
level reached
liz is blue
Y'all should check out his new song 'wide awake' it's so awesome.
If only Eurovision awarded points based on the number of key changes, this song would have won hands down.
masterchef ash
Back when eurovision was good...
2011 was the best year ever for Eurovision
he has no voice att all
robin johansson
Sweden doing good songs every year to euro :D
serenity hime
arrogant song XD for an arrogant man XD 1/10 would not buy
the person
It would be so akward if that thing won.\n\nGreetings from Sweden.
I remember loving this back then in 2011 but man, now I think it is horrible O.o
Ηρω Σ.
another year Sweden should have won ;)
I do believe that Swedish are among the most good-looking men in the world. Most of them are sooo gorgeous