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*****SUBSCRIBE: - Dr. No (1962)Joseph Wiseman - Dr. Julius No- From Russia With Love (1963)Lotte Lenya - Colonel Rosa KlebbAnthony Dawson - Ernst Stavro Blofeld- Goldfinger (1964)Gert Fröbe - Auric Goldfinger- Thunderball (1965)Adolfo Celi - Emilio LargoAnthony Dawson - Ernst Stavro Blofeld- You Only Live Twice (1967)Donald Pleasence - Ernst Stavro Blofeld- On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)Telly Savalas - Ernst Stavro Blofeld-Diamonds Are Forever (1971)Charles Gray - Ernst Stavro Blofeld- Live and Let Die (1973)Yaphet Kotto - Dr. Kananga / Mr.Big- The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)Christopher Lee - Francisco Scaramanga- The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)Curt Jürgens - Karl Stromberg- Moonraker (1979)Michael Lonsdale - Hugo Drax- For Your Eyes Only (1981)Julian Glover - Aristotle KristatosWalter Gotell - General Gogol- Octopussy (1983)Louis Jourdan - Prince Kamal KhanSteven Berkoff - General Orlov- A View to a Kill (1985)Christopher Walken - Max Zorin- The Living Daylights (1987)Jeroen Krabbé - General Georgi KoskovJoe Don Baker - Brad Whitaker- Licence to Kill (1989)Robert Davi - Franz Sanchez- GoldenEye (1995)Sean Bean - Alec Trevelyan- Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)Jonathan Pryce - Elliot Carver- The World Is Not Enough (1999)Sophie Marceau - Elektra KingRobert Carlyle - Renard- Die Another Day (2002)Toby Stephens - Gustav Graves- Casino Royale (2006)Mads Mikkelsen - Le ChiffreJesper Christensen - Mr. White- Quantum of Solace (2008)Mathieu Amalric - Dominic GreeneJoaquin Cosio - General Medrano- Skyfall (2012)Javier Bardem - Raoul Silva- Spectre (2015)Christoph Waltz - Ernst Stavro Blofeldтогда и сейчас All James Bond Villainsdamals und heute All James Bond Villainsalors et maintenant All James Bond Villainsantes e agora All James Bond Villainsallora e di oggi All James Bond Villainstoen en nu All James Bond Villainsantes y despues All James Bond VillainsAvant et Après All James Bond Villains

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Sophie Marceau. One of the hottest villains ever.
Adam Block
Rest in Peace to all the great villains who helped bring James Bond films to life and give them personality each time. Special respect to Mr. Lee, and all actors who portrayed Blofeld. :)
Adam Do
who would have known people get old ?!?! let alone die. Shocking revelation inspector cluedo
Alberto Cecconello
I wouldn’t consider General Gogol a villain...
Andy Wilson
...and starring Anthony Dawson, Donald Pleasence, Telly Savalas, AND Charles Gray as...\n\n\n\n\nErnst Stavro Blofeld.\nNow that's what I call a supervillian.
Anthony Ivan Aglugub Jr.
How About the Shorty Bastard British in the Die Another Day?
Antonio Mier Hughes
Faltan personajes, tal vez el más notorio es Jaws.
Aussie Azza
General Medrano but no Colonel/General Ourumov? This bothers me.
Great !
Bee Rich
Robert Davi almost looks the same after 30/yrs'/!!!
Bharat Tank
never say never again villain \
Brother- Perry
Sophie Marceau.......she is still beautiful......❤ !
C.T. Warren
HEY! You left out Grace Jones as May Day in \
Chirag Chauhan
The guy @ 6:29 looks more like jaws
Chris Shelton
what happened to Sophie Marceau? She's unrecognizable and it doesn't even look like she had any work done.
Corey Buck
What's funny about Christopher Lee is,, in the photo, when he was young he had black hair and a white suit. When he was old, he had white hair and a black suit. The whole thing itself is almost Bondian.
1967 one reminds me about Austin Power!!!
DAVID Marshall
it saddens me that some of those iconic actors/faces are no longer with us, but they'll be forever loved by us. time relentless, ruthless, marches on.
David Farmer
Apartrom Sophie I wouldnt trust any of them an inch.
Demetrio Tozzi
Idea is awesome, however, I believe you lost to many villains in that list, while having some less important like General Medrano. For example, where is Red Grant, Le Chiffre, many others?
Dennis Tran
Christopher Walken is my most favorable JB villains. He was so cool at that time.
Dirk Diggler
Sophie Marceau is the greatest Bond girl and greatest villain of all... \u003c3
Doug Griggs
0:50 : Gert Frobe, as Auric Goldfinger. Many old Bond fans and critics claim that he was the very best Bond Villain ever. I would put him right up there with Telly Savalas who played Blofeld in OHMSS (1969, On Her Majesty's Secret Service). There may be a couple of others, but those are the two I think of first when rating the Bond bad guys! Maybe Robert Shaw also as Red Grant (ELEVEN OR TWELVE YEARS BEFORE HIS QUINT ROLE IN JAWS!!!) in From Russia with Love.
Face Off
wowww what the hell has happened to Sophie Marceau?
Fred Flagstone
Michael Lonsdale and Christopher Walken appear to be homeless.
Fred Hibbert
Wow...Sophie Marceau Still looks Great!
Is Robert Davi immortal or something?
Hernanrunner Alvarez
Good review, however you forgot to mention other important villains: \
Who's the composer of the background song and what's it called?
Gravity and time are merciless adversaries...
I love all The JAMES BOND Movies.
Jawul 67
My highest respect to Christopher Lee. He's probably bigger than any Bond actors IMHO.. R.I.P
John Anderson
6:17 I thought they made his teeth yellow just for the role.
John Mcguire
Music is good
Maybe it's the bad hair style. But, Sophie Marceau looks terrible in that 2017 picture. I think that's simply a horrible that was taken. She was only 51 year old when that picture was taken.
Julie Huggins
Really enjoyed this, and the music is great!
Holy crap, that Cat turned into a dude!
Kag Ang
Darn, Javier Bardem is a doppleganger for Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan - Walking Dead)
Katkatana Lover
sophie marceau??noooooooo!!!!😲😲😲😲😲
King Kong
Have you done a vid of all the Bond villans Henchmen/women!?..
Little Shepherd Farm
Wow, I had no idea Christopher Walken and the guy who played Count Duuku in the Star Wars movie also died! Geez I must be getting old. LOL
M Aaron Taylor
Yapphet Koto was the baddest villian. Christopher Walken looked like a woman before and after
Mark Myjak
The villians knew how to talk with elegance, intelligence, persuasion and purpose. They all had leadership and management skills. What gets me is, they always reveal their plans. Never do that.\n\nMy favorite villians were Telly Savalis, Gert Frobe and the guy who wore the eye patch.\n\nEver notice the villians dressed well. \n\nIt would be a big disappointment being held hostage by a villian with baggy pants below his ass and cannot speak proper without using slang and the F-word as a verb and adjective.
Mark Yarton
stephen berkoff rip
Michael str
Chris Walken = Tales From the Crypt
Monirul Islam
Horse Cassel car, where diamond accrd grill Turkish Bird.
Muhammad Idrees
Mr Gold Finger to on the list. \
Niles Fuller
Love the sound track too.
Pete Robbins
Great backing track. Does anyone know what this is - track name ..... composer etc?
What is the title and who is the composer of the music? It was good!
Richard Beech
Don't know if it's just a bad filter on the pics. But looks like Bond Villans never brush their teeth after being in a bond film 😝
Rob Labow
I remember Telly Savalas being on The Dick Cavett Show about 1969 and saying he would tell a really scary story next time he was on the show.  I always wondered what that story was as it intrigued me for years.
Rob Steele
Javier Bardem is the best villain.
Román Funes
No puedo opinar de las anteriores porque no las vi, quizás en ese momento estuve muy ocupado en mi formación y trabajo a demás viví en una montaña donde ir al cine no era prioridad, vi todas las que protagonizó Daniel. Craig.. son espectaculares
Sadik Meah
Thank god for the aging process or we'd still have roger Moore as James bond...
Just a couple of more iconic villains forgotten... Jaws (Richard Kiel), Xenia Onotop (Famke Janssen), Oddjob (Harold Sakata)... should definitly have been in the list. Using wikipedia as a source... a big no-no...
Scott Staehle
Javier Bardem in Skyfall was the best villian
Steen Birkedahl
Never been the big JB fan, so can someone please tell me why so many share the name Ernst Stavro Blofield??
Stephen Bradley
They missed out a great many and put in others that were not quite as prominent as the villains they omitted
Steven Flores
The background music super cool!
That Old Uppity Nigger
telly savalis looks more like a viliain in the second one than the first one
The All Seeing Thigh
Mads ages great. 2006 to 2017, looking a bit tired but not too bad
The Doctor Lives
1:28, Pleasence's Most Famous roles: Blofeld and Dr. Sam Loomis.
Famke Janssen ....onatop
just watched a video about ded peeps f
Tobias Kübler
sean bean is dead ????
Tom McShea
Sophie Marceau is a class act....She was beautiful at 33 in 1999, and still beautiful at 50 in 2017. She takes care of herself, eats right, and aging naturally.
Tony Soprano
Christopher Walken looks like some ones Nana in that pic.
Trev Mac
cool video and music
Notice how much better looking those old hand-painted posters are...right up until the mid 90's when everything goes Photoshop.
Unknown pleasures
Sophie Marceau as a villain .her acting is so bad
5.14, Sophie Marceau still looks naturally stunning
cool, but comparing 2015 and 2017 doesnt make much sense
Zvi mur
Late to the video, but: Ned Stark, Maester Pycell, Grey Sparrow, (Lady Oleanna). HBO loves Bond guest actors.
Always loved Joseph Wiseman's (Dr. No) speaking voice.
dan lettuce
But how many of the bond \
Christopher Walken ?? my gawd...... There's a difference between being a Villain and a Henchemen so for example Goldfinger ( Gert Fröbe) is the vilain and Oddjob ( Harold Sakata ) is the henchemen. Read the video title
Not sure who this James Bond is, but the movies look pretty good......maybe I'll watch one or two.
The funniest was Charles Gray who I accidentaly saw in London Kensington Highstreet & the shop owner told me he was gay!
Jesus Christopher Walken looks like one of the living dead.
Mads is like a fine wine, he gets better with age
goce saby
OMG - that woman Lotte Leny look like a nazy prison keeper....
jane moselfrau1
javier Bardem hat ja eine super Austrahlung ganz ungewöhnlicher Mann, sehr schön anzusehn mir gefällt er sehr gut
josé fernández
Wonderful selection liked me a lot! Many thanks, great! me.
didn't realize yet, that the actor of brad whitacker in the living daylights and jack wade in goldeneye and tomorrow never dies was the same...
Where is Hervé Villechaize (Nick Nack) ?
sam wilson
Did any of the bond villains die after Aaron Ramsey scored
I thought Goldfinger was killed when he got sucked out of plane.
shaun barry
She got ruff in 18 yrs
Damn. Time is a real bastard.
simon f
actually love the posters more than anything
EU teeth
What the hell happen to Sophie Marceau?
tre luglio
0:42 cat become human
Sophie...what happened? Damn, she was so sexy. (Oh no...I'm being sexist...waaah).
wee ronnie
Enjoyable, so much so, in fact, that the dreadful music faded into the background
xc5647321 xc5647321
05:13-- more proof that no matter how sexy a woman is NOW you should never marry her.
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
sophie marceau is a goddess!!!
Лев Дуров
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