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50 Pictures That Show Just How Crazy Woodstock Really Was:On Aug. 15, 1969, more than 400,000 young people made their way to a dairy farm in the town of Bethel, New York, for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.The event was billed as “three days of peace and music” and featured 32 of the most iconic artists in American music history. More than just a festival, Woodstock captured perfectly the free spirit of the 1960s and became a cultural landmark that represents an entire generation of American youth.Getting there wasn't easy though...With thousands flocking to the small New York town, the roads became jam-packed and many abandoned their vehicles to set out on foot.A young man with head injuries who was thrown from the trunk of a car on the road leading to Woodstock. Ambulances were unable to reach the scene because of the traffic.Organizers of Woodstock told authorities that they were expecting only 50,000 people to show up — they were hugely mistaken.The huge crowds began to overwhelm the small rural community. New York governor Nelson Rockefeller considered sending the National Guard, while Sullivan County actually declared a state of emergency.Despite the gigantic gathering of people, Woodstock is remembered for being a remarkably peaceful event.Jimi Hendrix performing on day three of Woodstock.After more people arrived than expected, organizers agreed to offer admission free of charge.Everyone shared in an atmosphere of love and harmony; there was nothing but good vibes all around. Max Yasgur, the farmer who owned the land, spoke about the peaceful atmosphere: “If we join them, we can turn those adversities that are the problems of America today into a hope for a brighter and more peaceful future…”Max and Miriam Yasgur on their land after the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.The festival hosted a slew of iconic names, including performances by Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez (who was six months pregnant at the time), Santana, The Grateful Dead, The Who, and Jefferson Airplane to name a few. On the right, Joe Cocker performs for the thousands of people attending Woodstock.Guitarist Carlos Santana and bassist David Brown perform on day two.Rock music legend Janis Joplin performs later on the second day.The Who fit the bill after Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and The Grateful Dead.David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash performs for the crowd on day three.With all that peace and love, nudity wasn’t uncommon and a nearby pond became a popular spot for skinny dipping.Recreational drug use wasn’t uncommon either.Many of the attendees banded together to help feed and care for their fellow concertgoers.Two women give medical care during Woodstock. There were two recorded deaths at the festival.Workers carry medical supplies that arrived by helicopter.After three days of peace and music, leaving the festival wasn't that easy either...Hundreds of fans jam the highway leading from Bethel, New York, as they try to leave Woodstock.Neither was cleaning up…A woman sweeps debris from the street in front of her home as concertgoers leave.Or forgetting the amazing things that can happen when people join together in the spirit of peace, love, and music!

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Anna Anna
I absolutely love your videos. Well Done! 👍
Ben Joseph
Probably spiked the STD numbers...\n\nGlad I stayed home and worked...watching all the hopeful hippies streaming up Rte 17 in nj at my job.\n\nAnyway, it helped the rock stars feed their groovy greed.
Bob Anderson
I lived the 60's in my teens,  the music was great, but the people who destroyed themselves with drugs, what's to celebrate about that? If you think that's cool your a lost soul. Today we call these people Zombies, Freaks, Liberals, Anarchists, Losers.
Bob Rabe
NO CELL PHONES.....yeah!
Bobby Podubynskyj
If everyone on the planet came together in love like Woodstock the whole planet would change!!
Brooklyn Loesch
Couldn't pick up the mess they made?
Chuck Farley
My wife and I were there on the 3rd day. We had been married on the first day of Spring, and we were helping with the medical staff there..iN A TRIP TENT. We stayed sober the whole time. The air was HEAVENLY....so to speak...SMILES everywhere.
Clarkw Sikes
Craig b
That was cool .whish i could had been there but wasent borne yet
David Parks
Probably the largest concert in history. 32 groups attracted over 400,000 people to a primitive site for a 3 day concert. Some of this music lives today almost 50 yrs. later. We were lucky to have such good music. May peace be with you all.
David Wolter
It was a filthy mess that most after ariving couldn't leave until it was over due to their cars being blocked. The monumental trash left behind wasn't well received by the locals
Dawit Georgis
sweet togetherness. one love
Djknight Bringin' Back The Old Skool Style
I love girls from the 40's & 50's well I wasn't born in that year but I seen pictures of them girls with their pony and skirts you can see their legs omg why can girls nowadays dress like that decent nowadays they look like dudes they hair look fugly smh I wish I was born in the 50's to date one I'll be in heaven. God take me back in time
Edith Ann
Who cleaned up? Where did people potty? Ack! My Father went to one of these festivals in MS. It was quite large. He volunteered as a doctor. He said the worst injuries were the sunburned breasts of the topless girls! A day he said he'd never forget....
Elijah Ortiz
Those were the days of Weed , Acid , Angel Dust and Flower Power ! Lol
Elisabeth Öhman
Peace, love and understanding \u003c3
Em wali
makes me cry seeing music celebrated in all its glory with 400,000 young people for those 3 days of heaven on earth. It is sad that a phenomenon like this is practically impossible to replicate as the woodstock 30 years later showed. yes, the days of peace, grass, acid, angel dust and love for free, but only proves that historical events happen due to socio-politico-cultural and economic superstructure and not because some organizers want to promote an event for profit. I am in awe of the spirit showed in the destival and though i was enjoying the spectacle from the heavens in my still unborn form, and though that essential element has gone missing, there are still people who carry that spirit on, like i do even if it comes at a cost. To be a hippie is the coolest way of rejecting the dominant materialist system and prioritize human living as celebration over the race, ethnicity, class and sexual aspects of discrimination and subjugation and the monotony of corporate dictums making dummies out of us...
Eric K
The most stunning thing is nobody is overweight!
Eric brett
All I remember is it rained a lot and there was a lot of strange people. I was 4 at the time.
Francisco Alvarado
los mágicos 60's
Friar Rodney Burnap
How many of these people that where at Wood stock are still alive.... outside of Jesus there is no hope.... Hippies still need Jesus...\nJohn 3:16
Frickin annoying cat skeleton
All these comments about how no one looks fat in these photos really speak to how far we've fallen in our values and opinions of each other. Has being overweight really become an unforgivable condemnation?
The lost generation
George Vangordon jr
Kind of a confusing time for America 1969 thru the 70's.. but a great time to be alive and be young..except for one thing the Vietnam war.. and as weird as this might sound the war played a huge part in the shaping of that era. None the less I will look back at that time period with fondness. It was my time.
Greg LaPrade
These people have destroyed the culture
Greg Sullivan
And not one cell phone in the bunch!
Gus Goose
All of these \
HappyMommy watson
Wonder how many babies were made in that pond?
Herb Walker
I have to wonder where these people are today?\n Old? Dead?  \n I was 13 and heard about it AFTER it was over. My luck!! LOL\n  Mississippi was a long ways from Woodstock..........but I lived during it! :) Thanks
Howard Manley
A lot of great memories for those are still alive today ( thank you God for life )
J Polar
The good times. It will never happen again in this era and in the future. Has anyone noticed that of all the photos in this video of the women there, i did not notice not even one tattoo on the women there. The women of the 60s rock! Thats what i call class.
I like the idea, that through peace and love the world could be changed for the better. Sad that it did not work out that way. When we are young we feel tht we can change the world. As we get older we realize the world changes us.
Jason Miller
Of COURSE everyone was peaceful and chill. They were so stoned they couldn't move!
Jeff Leach
Two of my older brothers were there. They actually had tickets. However, so many people got in without paying that refunds were given to anyone who held on to their ticket stubs and sent them in. I imagine the ticket stubs would have been worth far more now than any refund they received at the time.
Jeff P
All throughout history humans were relatively normal sized. Then in the last 25 years we became super sized.
JenEsheFa Petrs
and they proved in the 2000s that they could never do it again with the second \
Jerry Gowins Jr.
For being a massive group of tree hugging \
Jim Brocklehurst
A great time to be young; what happened to all the feelings of love?
Joe Garagozzo
Lots a thick bushes in those times.
John Smith
Dirty stinking hippies! Their disgusting and perverted views and actions are the reason this country is circling the toilet bowl!
Johnny Pissoff
Look at the pictures of young women at Woodstock dressed in cutoff bluejean shorts and and a bikini top and look at young women today dressed in their finest.....the women from the old days are so much prettier and sexier......i miss so many things but memories burn bright!
Judy Freeman
I went with three friends, we shared our food. I remember the rain sounding like a thousand drums on the tent at night. The music was a small part of the whole experience.
L. Ron Gardner
Thank God Hillary didn't attend. She would have labeled the other 400,000 attendees as \
Lester Munyon
yes I remember it stuck that was my generation and that music concert was spread by word-of-mouth there was no advertising on TV in the internet and whatever we all had an internet between ourselves Word of Mouth and that's why we didn't need the cops
Liberals are Icky
Stinking Hippies!
Maidenlord 666
Your videos are really cool I really enjoy them all
Marcel Blazej
Banks took over, that's how simple it is. It is our fault we support this dysfunctional system.
Marco Franko
I'm happy that I alive Woodstock in Poland a lot of times
Marilyn Breedon
Freedom at one point & no cell phone!!! Not to many police?
Martin Screeton
1969... The economic peak of the United States in terms of people having enough money to go anywhere... that's why we got along... peoples needs were taken of... Now we have a complete reversal...
Michael Cuff
I loved that time! The cars, the women, and people from that era were awesome!
Michael Gaynor
We soo need to bring back Peace and Love Back!
Michael Green
..,............I'm VERY sad I missed it..............Bummer..............
Mike Johnson
I have fond memories from that chapter of my life. I miss it
Mike Norris
Peace, love and litter
Notice how almost no one is obese? Unlike today when almost everyone is?
Neil Crenshaw
I had just gotten back from Vietnam and was teaching school when Woodstock took place. Some of my students went and came back with some good stories. I should have gone with them.
Paul Waight
A moment in time when we thought that the world could be changed. How wrong we were. The power is wielded by the wealthy, not the people. All power to the modern 'libtards', may they finally make meaningful changes to our many interconnected societies.
Paulo Lameiras
Why the dislikes. This vid is an amazing piece of history!
Peace Love
We're did the love go peace on earth love people no matter what color people are thank you for sharing
Peter Biesbroek
Love was all around them days...how dearly we miss the groove today, where did we go...
This looks like the genesis of the mess we're in today.
Randy R
Sadly, it couldn't happen today. People have to many hangups, way to many divisions and society has its priorities way out of order. Would have been far out if we had a way to keep that huge city together. Today's world is far from the world i envisioned growing up. Yet, i will keep pushing for change and try to wake up the apathetic and the zombies.Love N Peace was the answer then and still is today.
Richard Kucklinski
I wish peace would make a comeback.
Rick Charles
Wonder how Farmer Max got the disaster area cleaned up.
Ronny Sterling
I hated hippies when I was young, '67-'75, I hate them and their antifa bastard kids even more!
Scott Matheson
That was some summer. I was 11 years old and remember hearing updates on the radio about the fair and stories about the incredible numbers of people arriving.The 60s were years filled with hope but also violence and despair.Woodstock seems like a fitting end to those days. That same summer by the way, man landed on the moon for the first time.
Bunch of draft dodging hippies
Steven Erickson
Nice photos. Not a single obese person in any of the pictures. And no one thinking about their diet either. This was also the time that fast food and corporate convenience foods started to become dominant.
Tamara Figge
I remember this time period, oh so well. Remember thinking my cousin ran away to go there. I always thought she did, but she said she hadn't gone. \
The Brilliance of Martin Teboski
The irony is that I have always been into nostaliga. So there's a reason why I like this video and the reason why in 1969, I really got into Sha Na Na, who performed at Woodstock. And it is at events like Woodstock that a person can learn that depending on the other person, nudity is not necessarily a good thing.
Tim Beck
they obviously chilled because it was a time to chill and express love and peace among all people who presented themselves for life in harmony for all!
Titan Slayer
Fucking hippies.
Vega Bond
All those are SCAM of the Society...
Vicki Paczesny
I'm pretty sure the dark haired girl in the picture at 5:11 is Gracie Slick from Jefferson Airplane!
West Lands
That is a lot of loser all in one place.
William Reiter
Aww... maybe once was enough. Look at the last picture where the woman is sweeping up all the \
Xx PazxX
I love this channel. It's surprising how much feeling and understanding you can get from just a photo.
I had plenty \
beach side
The couple who owned the land never gave all those people are hard time. Now if someone doesnt goes near your home that you dont know, instantly the police are called. All those people and no problems. . Look at the farmer and his wife, they look like the old crabby type that didnt even want it near their farm, but they werent at all. They were the nicest people who opened their doors to all these people. Try to find that now.....
Notice how fit and trim young people were in 1969. And McDonalds existed back then.\nAnd they were determined to get to the festival come hell or high water. Nowadays, our fat lazy snowflakes woulds rather watch it all on TV.
darryl stem
where did they poop?the toilets must have been disgusting
eduardo landolt
hippy 4 ever....
All these so called \
greentea momma73
And who helped clean up? plus if the wind was blowing right I bet all of New York got high for 3 days, Lol
hillary ilinsky
these dopers are now run the country. drugs kill.
james farmer
Hippies are litterbugs lol
Gosh, I missed those days. It's funny how we were all mellow and chilled for years after that, and our kids turned out to be shit.
jerry minnie
If Millennials did that shit today the narcissistic Boomers would have a cow! Baby Boomers the \
keith seeberan
Free your mind from the monotony of 9 -5 brainwashing! They Enjoyed😊
I was 16 on May 16, 1969 and my dad was 47 same day, he was very strict, especially on hair length, I didn’t dare think about going. I could have never went home again. I lost my dad to heart attack in Sept. 1969. I miss him and going to Woodstock greatly then and now. Many great memories in the 70’s.❤️
makokan nakokam
just because you smoked sunthang doesnt mean you know sumpthang
Piss shit and sweat everywhere \nI love a good festival
that was a great happening
the women were so much sexier. And the men too.
sherm dog
So much weed in the air no wonder everyone was in a peaceful mood
Oh those beautiful Woodstock girls! Not like all the fatties of today.
wes belcher
Woodstock represents the start of the end of America
أبو هشام
. the best part , no one is staring at his phone