20 Most Beautiful Old Womens Celebrity Over 60 Years

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A.D. B
What about Maryanne from Gilligans Island?
Aimee Robinson
Hey, where Sophia Loren ?
Andeson Filho
Ballito granny porn movies
Anne Boleyn
Helen Mirren is absolutely flawless 🌹. Mary Steenburge and Jacquiline Smith still look stunning too . . Wheres Kate Jackson though ..?
Axel Paff
Always i had fantasies about beautiful old women
Barry Taylor
hard to enjoy with that moronic background music. very irritating
Makeup and Plastic Surgery does wonders!\n\nAlso having Loads of cash!
Bob Gil
Wow and none claimed to have an affair with President Trump. How will they ever get noticed?
Bob Glover
Over all a good list. I wouldn't have Meryl Streep or Tina turner there personally. Of course Debbie Reynolds is dead now.
Brian Cabral
Professional make up artists do wonders. Along with surgery.
Daniela Fotia
Quando la chirurgia plastica viene usata con moderazione ,i risultati sono ottimi e non si stravolge la fisionomia!
Dave Taylor
Post these picks without their makeup. Goldie hawn I know looks like a 100 year old street junkie.
Dave Todd
And without makeup? Goldie Is hideous
Davey R
But how much of them is real, an how much is plastic.
Dean Soings
close, twiggy and keaton never was pretty to began with. the best two on this by far is brinkly and welch.
Deborah Pearl
0:55 yes, it's Lynda Carter (age 62).
Sorry merely Streep was never a beauty
Donald Parlett jr
Wow you forgot Sophia Loren and Morgan Fairchild just to name a few.
Eddie jr Moore
Raquel Welch is so sexy
Eddy Edwards
Sure they look good for their age , but they are celebrities who have money for the plastic surgery!!!!
Erwin Kuchelbacher
Mit Schönheits Chirurg geht alles und viel Schminke Traurig 😢 aber war
Barbara Eden-she is a genie so no probably with being immortal, right? My favorite for sure!
Gamle Ole
Streep is not pretty, she never was!
Meryl Streep does NOT belong here. She's always been ugly! A nose job could have helped a little, but beautiful??? NEVER!\nIf there was a top 500 list Tina Turner could have made it at place 99, not any higher! \nI doubt if Streep could have made it higher than number 200.
Henrik Slaug
Old women? Geez...
Holly B
I'm thinking plastic surgery, personal trainers, chefs, housekeepers and not having to work a real job all plays into how great they look.
Idle Onlooker
This is what can be achieved if you are vain, divorced from reality and have more dollars than sense: botox, bullshit and a cosmetic surgeon.\n(Just give these vain people a mirror for Christmas!! They'll NEVER stop using it!!👍)
Just saying
Kudo's to their plastic surgeon - lol
K . J . Mudge
What they fail to mention that this is hardly natural beauty or growing old gracefully this is the work of a healthy bank balance the plastic surgeons knife and thousands of dollars of lotions and potions to keel them looking stunningly beautiful . I am in no way trying to down play their good fortune in being able to maintain their beauty so well , I just want women to know that although they havent the means to afford such lavish beauty treatments and surgery , by maintaining good health , limited stress and exercise they to can achieve great natural beauty . Its all about mind body and spirit and your attitude to life and your determination to succeed.
Kathy Fredrickson
Meryl streep is the only no!
Keri Vastine
Plastic surgery does wonders. But i prefer the one's who age naturally. That is TRUE BEAUTY
Keyser Sozie
I'd first like to say Meryl Streep is a twat.\n Moving forward, I agree with everyone else. Big bucks, personal trainers and chefs, plastic surgeons. If some of these broads got near an open flame, their faces would melt.\n With one exception. Helen Mirren. I'm not into old people, but I would nail her today!!!!
where is Joan Collins?
Lakita Ward
Plastic surgery
Larry Olson
Raquel Welch!
Louie H.
Barbara Eden one of the most beautiful Woman to ever grace the earth!!!!\nAbsolutely stunning at the ripe old age of 85!!!!
Where is SUSAN LUCCI???
Manuel Chavez
Why don't they make a list of beautiful natural unsurgical women.
Marcio Itamar Xavier de Freitas
Bárbara Eden está maravilhosa ela é um Gênio mesmo....
Margad Khashbat
+Michelle Pfeiffer you can’t forget her in this list❤️
Maria L. Rapaglia
debbie reynolds died the day after her daughter carrie fisher died last year
Mark E Pugliano
Meryl Streep look like Mrs. Doubtfire after the trash truck ran over her face!
Mary Barr
Barbara Eden WOW
Melv Summit23
Helen Mirren, 😋 Mary Steenburgen yes please. Meryl Streep feminist tart.
Mike Michaels
They look better at 60+ so hell yeah I love boning older women.
Mike Steele
WHOA raquel welch wow
Mini Mermaid
My choice would be Raquel Welch.
Mizera Mykle
Christy Brinkley has openly admitted, finally, that she owes her youthful look in part to facial fillers. Add to that her expert makeup ability with soft photography lighting and she indeed looks decades younger as do the others. Anyone doing this will have similar lovely results.
Streep should'nt be on the list and the music sucks
Myriam Espitia Espitia
Lynda Carter, wonder woman for ever, she is still beautiful.
Nadia Verbeeck
I would love these 'beautiful' older women without makeup, in the morning, deprived of their botox, fillers and back to looking their 'natural' self, stripped from all things plastic surgery ...
No Future 68
Tina Turner looks like a Platypus. ...
Peggy Sparkman
Show these celebrities without their makeup and wigs in natural beauty and I bet they look just as old as you and me
Rachel Ferraresi
Heureusement su il y a la chirurgie
Where's Sophia Loren?
Rocco Gant
streep is a rat ...
Rosaleen Sullivan
I bumped into twiggy in waitrose Fulham about 10 years ago and in the flesh ,so to speak,she looked her age and then some ,but very humble and not starry
Sandra Miller
jacyln Smith the prettiest one. where's Priscilla Presley. she had plastic surgery to. Priscilla looked good on Dallas. she looked alot better when she shed the Cleopatra look w Elvis on Dallas.
Satisfaction Garaunteed
ok,u got 10 rite and 10 wrong. I mean way wrong.. and no Dawn Wells(Marianne,gilligans island)????? u lost all credibility w me....
Say What?
If I had a buttload of money, I could age more gracefully. Anyone could. You can take Debbie Reynolds off this list. May she RIP.
Scarlet LeMay
I read more comments, and agree with most. However, here in NYC , we have all seen the woman from behind who looks 20 and turns around and looks 70. I also personally know Women who have hit the big 70 (Not me by a few decades!) and look absolutely stunning. They have had some work, of course. They get their hair extensions, go to the gym and dress really stylishly,(not like a twenty year old would dress). They do not look clownish, at all. The Women that I have in mind, have big hearts, great senses of humor and stay very interested in life. They did not get that \
Sky One
These kind of videos about celebrity women holding their beauty into their 70s and 80s is hogwash. Everyone with a brain knows that some of the photos are photo shopped and the others are photos after these \
Spitha Roo
Ellen Barkin, Meryl Streep and Tina Turner? Really?
Stallowned Stallion
Streep and twiggy?!\n...not so much
Terry Amerson
Well I agree with most of them on there but the one that I know that I don't agree with and never have thought she was attractive, is Meryl Streep never had thought she was an attractive woman and not an attractive woman now in my opinion
Commercial for plastic 😁
Thomas L.S.
If you got the money and a good doctor. Sure you can look good after 60. But let's get real. You hit 60. Your old and drying up fast. No Doubt.
Try Thinking For a change
ho-hum, another worthless video about privileged people with more money than brains.
Turbo Pokey
forgot Jane Seymour.
betondo fukutu
Christie Brinkley for the win....YES!
The music could induce seizures.
All of these ladies have had stacks of surgery. They can also afford the best makeup artists, gowns, health foods, personal trainers, photographers, wigs, etc.\n\nTake it from me, and I have medical degrees, - NOBODY looks this good without a lot of help. Once menopause kicks in, unwelcome things begin to happen internally and there is only so much that diet and makeup can do before you make that first visit to the surgeon.\n\nFirst and foremost, NEVER EVER sun bake and NEVER, under any circumstances, smoke. These two atrocious habits will pile the years onto you prematurely and speed up your trip to the cemetery. Trust me, wrinkles are the least of your worries when you have raging melanomas, pulmonary cancer and peripheral vascular disease.\n\nAvoid toxic people. Easier said than done if they're family, but they will only drag you down, damaging your physical and mental health. Get them out of your life and keep them out. \n\nBe in no hurry to marry. Few things age a woman faster than being married to a scumbag who ill-treats her. Get to know a future spouse extremely well before tying the knot. Sure, there is always divorce, but do you want that extra stress in your life? Aim for a long, happy ,companionable marriage rather than a short -lived passion that will soon fizzle out.\n\nLive within your means. Do you want the misery and stress that debt gives you? I hope not.\n\nExercise moderately every day, cultivate good friends and neighbours, be an upstanding member of your community, and NEVER eat junk food.\n\nThere you have it, my prescription for a life of good looks.
It is really a thrilling development that today we are still now able to enjoy our favorites of the great mature actresses and celebrities that have given us so much inspiration and pleasure. Because of course, they continue to look so vibrant, elegant and naturally youthful long into their middle age. A better understanding of what comprises healthy living along with the nearly miraculous improvements in facial surgery is responsible for enabling us to enjoy our cherished icons for so much longer than ever before. How lucky for us!
erh yj
Can we see the pics of them at 7, am sunday morning after a Saturday night on the piss
The title of this video is insulting! \
gary Aa
Barbara Eden looks great, Helen Mirren is beautiful!
Could have easily put Jane Seymour to this list. I would not kick out of bed many on this list. Though I think Ellen Barkin could put me in the hospital.
hvd iv
Money does a body good.
My favorite celebreity is Christie Brinkley 63 years, Like if you agreeing with me & what about you !\nleave your comment !
JBI’d love to know how many are natural and how many are surgeons creations. People used to think my grandad was my older brother or dad he looked like me well into his 80s not a wrinkle in sight. I’d still have procedures if I fancied it one day 😂
javier oviedo
What about Barbara Eden ??? She is the best in the word !!!!
Barbara Eden she was always a pretty lady.
jorge Eduardo Boloza Lela
Dan a una verdadera princesa
Horrible música
Amazing what cosmetic surgery and make up can do. (Along with a little Photoshop.)
lefty Wright
Blythe Danner, Emmylou Harris, Lauren Hutton, Faye Dunaway
Jane Fonda and Linda Evans are pretty well-preserved
raquel welch..............the most beautiful woman ever on earth..
mrcynthiag mrcynthiag
Streep is a train wreck..........incites violence and condones child abusers. She deserves no attention and should be in video about Satan's group in my opinion.
Raquel Welch looks great.
Christine Brinkley, oh my god!!! If that really is what she looks like at 63 and its not an old picture, then the boundaries of beauty relative to age have been stretched to next century levels, I simply cannot believe that someone can look that good at age 63- what the fuck!!!!! So so hot.
Wow Dana Delaney looks like a woman in her early 40's! Gorgeous!
saber mouad
I wonder why you didn't include Jane Fonda? she's still look beautiful for her age
I'd replace Meryl Streep with DonnaMills:
Tina Turner DOES NOT LOOK HOT in any way shape or form............Sorry Tina!!!!
sylvain gauthier
how about replacing streep with rintintin!!!!
thirsty cadaver
Christie Brinkley is still smoking hot.