55 with Slash

Via tailgate Andrew Reynolds asks Brian "Slash" Hansen the hard hitting questions about beards, weed, and instagram in this 5 and 5 for Independent Trucks and Strange Notes. Featuring Figgy bonus footy.

5 and 5 5&5 Andrew Reynolds Brian Slash Hansen Independent Trucks Strangenotes

Why does Slash wear 4 different beanies in this video?
Alex Doner
dose anyone know the name of the band in this video ?
Andrew Wong
thats the thing about andrew he's completely supportive of the whole baker/deathwish family. when slash said it would never happen with the coffee shop, andrew said he could get it. support your homies!!
Austin Wagner
wussup foo! 
Cesar Coria
Whats the tune?
Chris Anthony
actually he said Figgy!!Justin Figueroa
Darrell King
Does any on notice gary rogers from skateline
Frank Bolles
What skatepark?
Yo das my cousin there dawg
Holy relish
What sup FU!!
Johnny Cleal
does anyone else see a slight resemblance between slash and the fucking guy from step brothers, and he plays steve brule?
Jose S.S.
The ending just topped it off
Kelly Murphy
imagine pulling up to the parking lot and seeing these two holmie sittin on there tailgate...wow.
cholo's wtf hahaha
Brian dude shave that shit off wait until your 60
Marco Natura
0 dislikes
MinaSkate Pat
like a boss n__n
0:02 seconds, is that an old guy?\n
Oscar Hernàndez
Who's your favorite skater right now ?\nMe\n\nBest Part of the video
Owen Brackman
tha boss
Simon Schwan
they seem like theyr such good homies\n
@Darrell King \nThat was Cyril Jackson aka CJ lol
Tyrantor Bane
i dig the beard\n
Valentín Oossi
wats up foo
alejandro landeros
b1ack c0wboy
that's my cousin right there yo ahahahaha
braig crogan
no one ever used child labour for weed coffee on the other hand
thats my cousin
jack stilflerts
whats the name of the intro song? the opera??
rolly cigarettes hahahaha
2:32 sick, nodding and hey.
i never wanted this video to end lol
Finally some skate company channel who upload videos all the time.
stuart kirst
thas ma cousin right der
yung drain
he said figgy\n