Big Boi Hammond Plays - Seagull - Overwatch

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Hammond is just Spider-man. I’m right and no one can tell me otherwise
What happened to this game! Everything was fine until season 10 or 11 ish. Ever since then this game has just been terrible especially with the new hero Ashe. I just feel like there is just too much CC and there is no outplay potential in the game anymore. Welp cya Overwatch...
Adrian Wach
goats is hard to describe? It literally stands for \
Wanna know who has lost over 500 SR \n\n\n\n\n\nTHIS GUY
Alejandro Arturo Pumpido
I dislike how sombra counters Hammond so bad. I really wanted to try to learn him but playing against sombras is disheartening. Its extremely hard to win the 1v1 and if she lands a hack on you while you are diving, then her team meats you instantly. I know, git gud and stuff, here you were doing amazing despite the sombra, but I honestly think that without your widow you wouldn't have been able to carry this game. She killed sombra several times which gave you a lot of more freedom to play and overall was always getting at least one kill per fight, usually more. Also 53% scoped accuracy.\n\nPD: \
Ancient Ghosts
Didn't someone in chat say to report the widow? were they using an aimbot or what?
poor ana
Arshad Siddiqui
After 1 stun you should get stun immunity for like 2 seconds.
Ben Levin
can you upload more Hitman gameplay? Was actually so funny to watch!
Blaine Kapturkiewicz
how did you get good at playing overwatch and how do you know what careter \n to pick
Brent Loy
Man I wish I could aim a quarter of as good as Seagull
Chaotic Revenge
I decayed into diamond after taking a season off and one game I had a two stack on my team that instantly said report our Hammond only because he was playing Hammond.
Chriss Alsop
there's no other hero interaction that makes you feel as helpless and targeted as playing against sombra as wrecking ball\nthe only way to describe it would be to imagine yourself as a large fat paraplegic and a midget has pushed you out of your wheelchair and is now repeatedly stabbing you and your only defense is a nerf gun
Chyna Mane
i dont like how hammond clips through the universe
I too love playing Hamtaro, he's probably my favourite of the tanks purely because of his mobility and hitscan weapon. Shame he gets hard countered by so many characters.
Csutor Luca Kimmy
I wanted to hear Goats explained:(
Dan N
Your Ult usage is....strange.
DavidD MLG
Title is seagull a hero?
thats a new lvl of crying... report for wintrading lol
Dick Kickem
Hot take: Hammond and Orisa are the only way you can have fun in Competitive
How is seagull already this good at wrecking ball? I mean the insane aim helps but his hooks are perfect. well most of the time
Dr. Football
The biggest of bois!
You know I clicked on it as soon as I saw this. Love what you do man! You definitely deserved my prime for the month.
8:38 Literally POTG right there. ...Those hydraulics.
Fractal Vlad
Great video beach bird I love hamston
Hammond is the greatest addition to the game since Ana
12:24 - It was at this moment you had a chance to see your top 500 rank lower lol
Heavy Critic
Pharah got nerfed, that's why she's not as much fun anymore. If you're a spamming Pharah, you get pretty much the same effect you used to get (possibly a sliiiiightly higher dps), but if you're a \
Hideki _an
I really love Hammond
5:22 God has entered the server.
IEDB Is Back
Illusion Zorua
Big boi plays from our big bird boi.
Same with junk. Both should be good this meta, but they are not. Simple reason - hitscans. So many hitscan buffs + snipers are just too good.
Jonah Wilson
Somebody should get a super computer to run Overwatch scrims
Joseph Levy
Ya know what keeps me up at night 😂😂😂😂
6:57 \
Keaton Fraser
Physch third
Kevin Simon
10:19 that super long falling yell from Ana 😂😂😂
Kraaf K
That is one filthy ball.
Marno Night
I love how they brought up Ana players and Gale starts playing XD
Melih Durmaz
I just want to be as relaxed and chill as Seagull always is.
Michael Rasmussen
Holy poop Hammond looks so fun to play, definitely fun to watch being played. Haven't played since Brigitte was just released but maybe Ill give it a go again :)
Mike Hawk
I don't even know why i watch overwatch anymore. I'm done with multiplayer games.
Mike Hunt
I haven't played in over a year but this Hammond fella looks like pure cancer to play against. Is this true?
Mout M.
I think the cummunity is slowly starting to realise HAmmond power. If we get another tank released that synergies very well with Hammond, we could be seeing a Hammond meta. Right now there's no hero in the game that can keep up with HAmmond.
Nicholas Loehrke
Anybody else notice the megalovania during the intro?
I get how Hammond is supposed to be played, but I flounder so hard with him unlike any other hero.
How I wish Hammond's Mech got destroyed and we could see him running around defenseless XD
Olivia Coffey
Seagull, the Sombra solo EMP'd you in that last big team fight because EMP hacks your mines
Idk what it is about Seagull but whenever I watch I always wanna get back into Overwatch months after uninstalling
Paddy Murphy
Hammond best boy
your widow kinda carried too
'Big boy hammond plays seagull'
Phred Bookley
At 6:20 how do you do the orbit/tether ball thing? Seriously, I can't stay on fire the whole time. What am I doing or not doing?
Man how is this guy so good.
Poodle Fez
Seagull is of course the best breed of Rodent.
R Johnsson
REO REO reo reo
I think the changes to pharah were unecessary
Great game but holy that widow literally got a kill every fight. And why did someone say to report her for wintrading?
Recoil Mojo
wrecking ball is my spirit hamster\n\n\n\n👌
This may be because of the latest burnout from players, but this game felt off. I rarely ever see Hammond used and the whole game just felt like one of my own in quickplay at platinum. Probably just my off perception, however.
Ronald Øverland
It's so entertaining to watch you play Hammond! Please play more Hammond, Big Boi! :D
Ryan O
I stopped Watching OW for a while just cause i moved on, but these past couple of videos from seagull have been top notch content. Me like
“I’m a big boi , I can take it.” xD
Samuele Bruzzese
Play with pvpx
Holy crap, are you good with every hero? I'd love to see a doomfist video of yours.
Shawn Singh
Watching Seagull, half the time I'm like, \
Ya even Valkia dropped down to mid masters. Pro Pharah player :-(
Skydragon8462 dragon
seagull you should play hard heroes like Torb and bastion!
Why does he call it Brigeeta? Bridge-it.
My sr died with pharah :( can’t use her no more
8:10 That Sombra deletion....
The THWAP when you swing into people is so satisfying haha
You're actually better than Harblue o.O
The Real TLK
What did I just watch. GG
Tobias Boss
Big Boi Hammond Plays Seagull - Overwatch
bro i’m sorry but your ults were terrible i understand you’re playing for fun and stream and shit but damn those were pretty bad overall good times
Vermeil Scott
Well overwatch is in a bad spot, I’m getting shredded 4 life, got no aim, well there’s only one thing to do. PALADINS
One of best videos of Hammond I ever saw. This hero is good to watch :)
Hammond is a great character that gets made unplayable by team comp most of the time because like half the roster counters him with CC. But when they don't have the proper CC to deal with him... he's unstoppable.
Zach Snyder
damn dude you can literally carry with any hero
alex lizaldi
Damn I love this Hammond play !!!!
brad bradley
New heroes completely ruined the game.
hani Alrowaili
sombra is the definition of no fun allowed:(
Fuck Overwatch. Uninstalled
What were the Phara changes?
keith centeno
it was so weird hearing seagull play a game with no one but him talking.
And I thought I was a good Hammond...
What bitrate do you stream at seagull? Or do you record separate for YouTube? Cheers!
0:47 lmao that Hanzo ragdoll
Дмитрий Кардан
хуйня анскильная
Нурлан Яхин
The mighty, funny, space beast beat all he smells. Don't jump with Hammond ball or you may flyed to the moon. Pretty accurate and effective game. Well played Seagull.