Jean Michel Jarre concertsinchinaCD12 24 Bit Digitally Remastered By DaMac


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Alex Lakota
Great! Here in after
Alfredo Zúñiga
Un discazo del señor Jarre. Muchas gracias señor James McLetchie\nAun tengo el cassatte. :))
The Ouverture is the most exciting moment. Legendary concert, if we think also when and where it was performed. I lost the count of the times I've listen to it from the 80s until today.
Augusto Julio Colque Colque
Lo mejor de lo mejor que escuche desde que era un niño .....espectacular me canso de escucharlo......muy bueno....
Carl Godin
A friend in college, 1983-85 had this record and I made a cassette that I listened to very loud cruising in my Mustang, many times ....still as wonderful to hear as it was the first time. Thank you Mr. Jarre for all you have done \nand will do.
I just can't understand why he didn't played Arpegiateur live anymore...
Eduardo Hollmann
Un placer....haaaa....
F Laghman
Epic... love this album.... my introduction to the world of Jarre 1989...
Fotis Agrapidas
The best part of the whole album is the Arpeggiator starting at 04:50!
Gerson Gerson
it´s wonderfull
Gustavo Usinger
Música :JARRE ,EXPECTACULAR 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Hassan Kashwan
Hassan alkash
No track list :(
Iwan Groźny
Źródło muzyki elektronicznej
James McLetchie
Jim wilson
Equinoxe 4 is brilliant especially at the end as it sounds outer spacey as it dies down.
Joe Cool
the analogue sounds are rich indeed
Luispacheco Lechpach
panasonic port k7 radio
Mama Games
Arpegiator 10 !
Marcelo Fraigola
A Master Piece.
Mark Roper
1:08:40 wow!
Massimiliano Russo
No ha !
Michel Schoufour
Mil Guias
Good sound, congratulations! Bon son, bravo! ¡¡Qué buen sonido, felicitaciones!!
Oddvar Olsen
This\n music is, i love IT.......
Paul Rowlands
Listened to this album over and over again but mainly remember it from a month trip to germany August 1983. it just sums up the early eighties and the the start of an independant life. moves me now as much as it did 34 years ago.
Peter Morris
I only have a 16 bit sound card :)
The last minutes are so beautiful
Piotr Liszkowski
... and she ends with \
Robert Taras
Lubie wykonania zana miszel zara\nSą super naprawde się mi podobają są przepiękne i co tu\nDurzo mówić chciałbym też skonponowac jakąś muzykę\nRobert taras
Thank you for the uploading, but IMHO, this DaMac remastering is no match for the Polydor CD pressed in Germany (I got it around 1999-2000). I always wondered why that CD has such a good sound, way better than any other CD in my collection (a sound quality closer to 24 bit records) and, as its technology is the same of any other CD, I can only conclude it is because of the superb mastering.
Samba Joyy
Segundo Arias
¿Cual es el nombre de la pieza que inicia en 1:08:35 al 1:14:27?
Sergio Antonio
Soon To Be Self-employed
Stu Mountjoy
If I had a time machine, I would go to this concert in China...
Awesome THX!!!
Tele Top69
płyta CD 1 CD 2
I've got only one criticism against this double album: We don't know how it sounded originally in China. There is so much post production and rework in this album. If I know right there was problems during the concerts with the electricity beause of the power consumption of the equipment and therefore the original sounding was maybe \
Zulema Olvelas
La lista de canciones?
One of my all-time fave albums.
borg ship
my FAVOURITE is the friends you cut out.
carlos moura
nós temos este em: VINIL,
My favorite part starts at 32:07
daniel hidalgo
ya tengo mi entrada para ir a verlo en marzo aqui en chile
ismanu rahadi
thank you....i found it again this song.....
mago araya
maimai jai
Mi preferida mi álbum preferido de 1982 a 1983 lo escuchaba durante mi embarazo......muy buenos recuerdos.....y mi hijo salió como era de esperar también fan de este genioooo
marian humaj
40:33 L & G ;-) or 1:08:38
nadia esperanza
bon souvenir.....
neil henderson
This,to me,is his best live offering to date.
18:52 - Shire wire many ya?
59:33 great one also
4.49 to 11.30 of this album is truly mind blowing :)
Олег Галицький