Alexey Vorobyov - Get You (Russia) - Live - 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final

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Powered by Alexey Vorobyov represented Russia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, performing the song 'Get You'. Russia came in 16th position in the Final with 77 points.

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Alex S
The only year when I chose Russia over Sweden and I really love this song
Alex Tokar
Ребят, тут откровенный слив
Amanda 1234
This is for me best Russian entery ever.\nMy favourite!\nMy winner ♡♥\nPerfect Alex
He's so cute. Lol.
Anca Porav
Bad song but I'm so sorry for the acapella part from the beginning.
Andrea Freire
He should have won that year or at least have reached the top 3.. It's not a great song, but it's ok and he sings quite good.
Ayka Knowles
He reminds me turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug and Burak Hakki.
Aza Malsagova
he is in kids choice awards
B1az Z0ne
Он Германию с 9 мая поздравлял...
Dr. Alexxx S. Sobin
Ему в караоке надо петь только, а не на евровидении
ESC FrenchNerd
I love this song so much ! And we can hear russian ! very very good !
I guess he was singing for real and dancing to a recording... You can hear the singers are frequently off key.
Russia's song to Ukraine. 😂
Garrett Stryker
На фоне Самойловой, даже Лёшу вспоминаю в улыбкой на лице
he is handsome. dancers too:3
Huhu Huhu
I love this Song 😎😎
Jean-Pascal Leka
I'm not a fan of this song, but there's no denying the choreography was amazing
Jose Mendez
I always feel like most of the entries try to be in English, and then they give up their talent in their own language, as a trade-off for singing in English.
лучше бы на русском пел, голос в начале богато звучит, а потом пошла какая-то дичь
Just Edge
did he... did he just use the instrumentals of big time rush
I liked the Russian begining of the performance better. \nGreetings from Albania.
This song makes me want to get a restraining order . . .
Kristian Berget
0:42 «do you feel my armpit Europe!»
Ksenija Jovović
second best russian entry.. alsou is still alsou😏
Livio Lopez
Isn't the dancer that wears the \
Madara Santa Ādamsone
I just relazed he is an actor in my favourite russian serial. And it's not a joke. 😂😂
Maja Maaja
А мне не очень нравится
Marta Jestem
soo good song ;) really nice music ;)
Melly Do
2016 and I'm still here 💕
Mered #PecheMelba113
Chorus is so weak, but verses are AWESOME...
Michael McR
Not one of russia's best - polina forever 💙❤️
Miraculous Pineapple
I like the song but this was a train wreck tbh
So sweet boy
Mutia Makmur
hes so honey lol
My name's Alikucis
мне рссказывали,что Воробьев со сцены Германии поздравил всех с 9 мая.Возникает вопрос:Сударь,вы упорот?
Nastya Russia_ESC
Noelia Rodríguez Marimón
good singer, awful song
Northern Gamer
Ever heard from him again? No of course not. Those russians who doesn't end up well in ESC are dead. Putin got him
Nykantas Simutis
as i see nobody noticed that one of his shoes is broken just one shines brightly... but i guess everybody was overhelmed by his charm ,i find it to cheese....
Oli Oley // sheldonuty
Почему-то я уверена, что России было стыдно за своего участника в 2011 году.
The grannies in 2012 were more in tune than this
Riarda Murseli
Without doubt he is the most handsome russian i have ever seen.
Rufio Feelwix
He's no Dima.
This song is nothing special...
Samodurov Ig
воробьев идиот
Scott Warren
At 2:40 why does he sing: ``Wohoh hoho``? When he shall sing ``Oho oho ohh``, like he did in Russia, and like he does in the cd version.
Snowy 38
Alexey Vorobyov - wearing LED shoes before it was cool
i feel his armpit
He must have had a lot of vocal problems during his live performance because his voice cracked a lot. Plus, the backing vocals sound terrible. This was a rather bad live appearance.
T. K
worst Russian entry in the 2010s
Thanassis Karimpakas
So underrated...
The Puddingmaster
His outfit reminds me of John Travolta in Grease xD
He's doing surprisingly good acting work on season 3 of American TV show \
Thomas Grygier Fan
Next time Dieter Bohlen sings for Russia!!!!😄\nI hope😉
Tom Folgner
When you imagine that the producer of that song is the same like the one of Poker Face, Just Dance and Bad Romance - downgrade
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Долбаный кросовок
Эх... А мог бы занять более достойное место, если бы ввёл и радовался адекватно.
Veronika ESC
Nice. Russian guys....
Vil Ma
Hes cute lol
Virginio Sinerburge
лучшее выступление России!!!
Maravillosos gallos cada vez que no cantaba xD
dado lado
i like this song more the song of russia in 2016 he should come back to eurovision for me he is the best from russia in eurovision
dennis kvarnstrom
Grate song,Singer and dancer
Ага!!! получил свое 16 место?\nвот нечего выебываться.
Their Synchronization is perfect
juan tamad
papasito chulo!\n\ncaliente mucho!\n\nque rico!\n\n\nhahahah!
Это была, мягко говоря, плохая идея - отправить этого клоуна в Дюссельдорф на Евровидение...
kakaha kakaha
Танцовщик с длинными волосами похож на маколея калкина
leyre lopez
Russian boys are so hot
если бы он выступал сейчас с другой песней, то выглядело бы иначе.он изменился очень.
one two
Is he the one from 3rd season of Unreal? lol
говно сука отборнейшее
skott warren
Too bad they cut out the best part of the song, would have won otherwise
ton bonheur, serge
Mr Putin is gonna get you!.......hehe:-P
Алексей Иванов
Не is good singer, great dancer but this song is s...\nAlthough his song in the beginning was fine \u003c3 Russian folk music \u003c3
Алексей капустян
Аня Кудрявец
Вафельная Карамелька
Хорошо спел, красавчик!!!
Владимир Канов
How could Azerbaijan win over this? .-. Russia the best always :))))
Володька Путин
То чувство, когда \
Дмитрий Морозов
Ни о чем
Елена Елена
Примитив полнейший.
Константин Куликов
Хорош! Жаль что не оценили в остальной Европе.
Лиза Гаффарова
Не пойму что тут позорного🙈
Макс Топер
Песня норм но Воробьев вел себя как долбоеб
Назарова Назарова
Mr Gaga
Наталия Кульчицкая
Николай Колчанов
The line from the chorus \
Саша Невзорова
Нууу, чуточку по лучше чем Юличка Самойлова, совсем чуть чуть
Саша Савинов
This is not 16 place, but somewhere in the 3-8 place
Туча Пиксей
Самое позорное выступление от России с 2006 года. Самовлюблённый безголосый красавчик, стыдобища.
Хейтер Элли Ди
Креативно в начале
Ярослав Ромашов
Леша спел хорошо чисто а вот его бек вокпл участники подпевали грязно
лена валева
Леха давай реванш. Только первая часть на русском языке была лучше этой английской херни