Zoolookologie (with intro) - Forbidden City (HD) - Jean Michel Jarre

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Jarre performed two back-to-back concerts in Beijing, China, first in the Forbidden City and then in Tian'anmen Square, on 10th October 2004.... The concerts were performed in 5.1 Surround Sound and broadcast live to over 1 Billion Chinese viewers. Jean Michel Jarre was accompanied by 260 musicians, including The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, The Chinese National Orchestra, The Beijing Opera Chorus, and notable Chinese rock musicians.... The distinct lack of fireworks was due to the authorites failing (again) to grant the necessary license in time, like in 1994.... The official DVD of the event, "Jarre in China", in High Definition with 5.1 Surround Sound, is available to purchase, so please try and if you like, buy. ;-)

China City Forbidden Jarre Jean Michel Zoolookologie

Carl Svensson
god so good :)
Fei Li
Main part starts about 3:25
George Kay
Interesting to see the Novation SuperNova being played here by Jean Michel however there are no midi connections connected on the back. As far as I know that is a synthesiser not a sampler. Anyone have an explanation? Just curious as to whether Jarre played this part live or not. Great performance nevertheless :)
Jimbop Camouflage
i like this but i prefer the original version =)
Lajos György Mészáros
Is this mostly a playback?
Leonardo Javier Guzmán Atalah
Excelente Concepto Audiovisual. Leo's
Orpheus Black
I actually feel that the Intro is better than the Main piece.
can kutlu
I think it is playback because novation supernova is a SYNTHESİZER NOT A SAMPLER.