Lena - Taken By A Stranger (Germany) - Live - 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final

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Powered by Lena represented Germany at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, performing the song 'Taken By A Stranger'. Germany came in 10th position in the Final with 107 points.

2011 dusseldorf eurovision song contest germany lena taken by a stranger

AFK Maro
Lena is the queen of esc
First Eurovision performance with dancing condoms XD
She should have waited a few years and then participated with this song. It's outstanding but no one wants to vote for a country which won last year. Personally, I think this song is not only better than Satellite but maybe even better than all winners of Eurovision in the last 10 years...
Alex Perez
Pure perfection of talented girl. Very pretty too. Cheers from California.
Alice Christine
still love this-- the best part is right at the end when she breaks into a big smile and you can see it's still the same Lena from 2010 under the ultra-cool persona of the song :) she's like an actress playing an opposite role
She performed and sang perfectly but the modern twist did not win the crowd over 2 years straight. Sadly because it is quite extraordinary !
Andri Saaret
i'm pretty sure the only reason this didn't win was cuz she won last year.
Angel AgainstTheMusic
She predicted STANGER THINGS I cant believeeeee
Aqua Val
I really like this Song, also I enjoy this live version more than the Studio version.\nLena is a real beauty too!
Benton Xavier
she looks like Cheryl Cole with all that make up. I think she looked hotter in 2010. who agrees
Bernhardina Hörnstein
This is one of the most modern ESC entries of the 2000s. I always liked it and I always thought it was way underrated.
Black Lemonade
Love the way she sang from 2:49
This also should have won in 2011, it's nearly as good as Satellite.
would have won without the dancing condoms
Fairytale is the best song in ESC history but this is defo the most artistic! Love it!
Christopher Skogheim
This song is so much better than Azerbaijan's song! This isn't my winner of 2011, but it is in my top 5 for sure!
Connor Rouse
This should've won over Azerbaijan, but Baku 2012 was one of the best Eurovision years..
Cooper A
This is probably one of the best songs on ESC from the past 10 years. The song, the stage, choreography and presence was simple but hugely mesmerising., modern and dark. This blew Satellite out of the water for me.
Da Mu
Amazing entry, makes me really proud. :) I hope that we'll send something like this one again. :) ;)
British accent??? But if in 2010 she sang Satellite with american accent!!!
Dashcam HdF
Lena 2010 and Lena 2011 are so different
It's such a stylish, unique song...and even now, in 2016 it seems modern! For me it's a futuristic song like Rhythm Inside, or 1944! I prefer breakbeat and interesting voice))
Devin Sumer
this great song was ahead of its time
Didrik Gustafsson
I like this song more then satelite tbh
Diogo Silva
This is waaaaaay better than the studio version. To me, the real winner of 2011. Azerbaijan was overrated.
Dorian Festa
she is really beautiful
Dragana Ristic
This song is much better than \
ESC SimsLover
I tthink this was the best along with the slovenian entry :) Yeah, the dancers look a bit weird, but that matches with the song \u003c3 I also think that was one of the crowd favourites that night .)
Edoardo Villa
Lena : the best singer in the eurovision song contest
Elizah Groß
awesome and from another world
10 points from Hungary! :) Because my 12 points goes to Slovenia... :)
Evil Cactus
This was such a striking performance... I honestly believe she would've won if she hadn't already the previous year - being placed tenth is impressive already because people aren't likely to vote for the same winning artist and country twice in a row. This song takes some getting used to but it's one of those things you have to listen to again and again, after a while you just start to really feel the genius of it. Pure awesome, this.
i think that song needed a high point. She would have won with a nice bridge followed by her screaming around. Plus a nice lightshow.\n\npeople are blind for aesthetics - they just care about an emotional climax because thats what stays in mind. sad sad
Florian Hecke
love this song way more than satellite 
Gabriela Piechowicz
still better than Azerbaijan
Gecko Mick
At the time my winner was Austria, Then after the contest it turned into the UK now its Germany. If this entered 2016/17 it would have done so much better
She is a great singer!Love her music!Greetings from Greece!
Grand Theft Auto V Georgia
who's watching it in 2017
Guillermo Lopez
i was gay before I saw this performance. xD
Hikari K
She is soooo..... Waw... This is a bit misterious... And sexy.. ❤️❤️Lena girl, you rock 💕💞 your voice is sooooo goood...it is amazing 😍💘💘💘🌟
Oh my god she's hot
Seven years later and this song is still fresh. It was clearly ahead of his time in 2011.
True winner of ESC 2011!! \nGreat song, perfect and iconic performance! Truly one of the best songs in ESC ever, wish I could give it 12 points!
Jam Slam
3:14 Creepy Joker smile
still goosebumps after nearly 6 years
Shows she matured a lot since Satellite. Anyone else surprised over how much more maturity she acquired in a year?
Julián Ureña
Best song of that year. Se perfomed amazing, she deserved to win again. I love Satellite but in my opinion this son is much better. So underrated, maybe because it's a different style... Love it.
Wtf are those dancing condoms in the background?
I was a bit disapointed by satelite 2010 ESC live compared to the studio version but this one I Think she did incredibely good live. Big fan much love for Lena
Kriu Noras
Nice song, nice perfomance and a good voice, especially for this kind of song.
Lo Lbgr
Amazing performance ! Lena is so hot and beautiful, ans she has a wonderful voice ! I think she deserved to win, this song is better than Satellite.
This song is on a whole different level. One of the best esc songs ever.
Maik Peter
I still love her music. The song \
Max Koulen
Mehmet Ali Tuna
iam turkish and  she is the only competitor who i only voted for her;during competition. she had 2 times legendary performances in eurovision which she had to be number 1 in both.
Miguel Menendez Tome
she changed a lot i mean:\n2010: lena went with a very very happy song, she was dancing on her way and she was very smaily\n2011: lena went with a modern song, knowing exactly what to do in every moment and she was very misterious and hot.\nI have to say that both two songs was incredible
Miljan Tanić
Maybe I've said this before, but visually, this is the best performance in ESC history. Hell, it doesn't even look like the ESC! (ESC-performances always looking cheap and gimmicky...)
Mira - Chan
Lena was pretty hot 6 years ago to be honest! :D
Moritz Aitzetmüller
Great Song, but nothing for Eurovision
Moystakias Mous Mous
At first glance, the performance may seem to be a bit ... \
Lena is so stunning and talented too
This is one of the few times in Eurovision that I would consider a song too good for the contest. Its just stellar!
Naruto Georgia
this was the best song of 2011
Nick Nicoletti
Its too classy for Europe to understand. I love it.
Nico Weber
Wir brauchen lena wieder :)
This could win in 2017 but it was too dark in 2011. Lena is such a beauty ♥
The most impressive Eurovision performance so far
Panos Theodoridis
I loved this one too..she is so sexy here..not only cute as one year before..she is a great performer!
Rob Shaw
ESC wasn't ready for this
I love this so much \u003c3
Sabrina Jaine
This was too sophisticated for Eurovision really
Sara S
Underrated. This is a little masterpiece.
Sheikh Tasnim Wahid
She is my favourite singer
she sang that song like a winner :D
Lena would have deserved to win with this!
Styliana Pro
omg she is hot...
Sveta Robski MLM Channel
Relax & enjoy, Lena's song was damn good!
Tarun Kumar
One of the greatest Eurovision performances of all time. Lena really deserved her second win in a row!
Timo Herrmann
Like it more than her winning song!
Those eyes
William Rozario
Should. Have. Won.
This was the best performance in the whole history of the ESC, germanys songs are always cheap. Taken by a stranger shouldve win.
brittany watts
Shes fit
2010: Cutie\n2011: Hottie 
LORDE's granmother
2010: satelitt crazy and Cute Lena\n2011: taken by a stranger sexy mysterious Lena
Just heard the best two songs for last - let's say - 10 years ESC! \
gew gew
Eurovision without : Lena,Jedward,Rouvas,Valentina, is not Eurovision!
Ok ...I'm so confused.So lena won in 2010 with the song \
i like turtles
I love these dancing condoms ! I really do !
maria schulz
Dancing condoms :D
music is life and love
million times better than Satellite
It was too modern for 2011
dancing condoms :D
This performance makes me question my sexuality.
Маршал Бирјузов
Lena is so hot and beautiful!