AJs Hearts of Iron IV Developer Preview!

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AngryJoe takes a look at the next great Grand Strategy game Hearts of Iron IV! Its certainly not for the faint of heart but could this be the game that Joe finally joins the ranks of the Grand Strategy fandom?Shirts/Stuff ► If you enjoyed the video please leave a like and comment!

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Alex Howe
This looks like it's worth picking up.
Anders Thomsen
I'm glad I don't have to explain HoI in 10 min.
Is it just me or Angry Joe trying to warp his mind around a grand-strat game is just... cringe-worthy?\nAs much as I like his reviews, he's so out of his comfort zone here it's disconcerting. (And his lack of general historical knowledge doesn't help when it comes to Paradox games too.)
B'ars NI
Take over Poland to make more Witcher games!
Lol Shlovakia xDDD
Not really my type of game, but It was a nice video and I am happy you are showing us all games we might like. :D
Chase Wills
I love you, Joe. Passionately.
Christopher Williams
Anyone wanna see Joe do a HOI4 let's play with Quill, Shen, Arumba, or Northernlion?
Clorox Bleach
I think you should play this game with other joe on one of your live streams plz
I'm not too ken on sci-fi games like this but this looks OK. I prefer games based on history like Hitman or the new TW:Warhammer game.
This was pretty cringey as a player of grand strategy.
Darth Panzer
Lol the Tutorial is Italy attacking Ethiopia. Really fitting.
David Fernandez
I'm so happy that one of video gaming youtube's titans is into strategy. (I'm referring to myself of course !).
Der Preuße
Super cringey for someone who somewhat knows how this game works.
Dilly Vesper
In this type of games tutorials are what you need spot on Joe!
Dryer Voyage
Impossible for most? Yo ARUMBA you being called out!
Easter Bunny
Ahahaha, Joe think HOI4 is hard but it simplified and more newbie friendly compare to previous games in series))))
EdelolX Rofex
Angery joe's voice is so calm
Fake Fan
angryjoeASMR pls :)
G- Master
+1 for General George S. Patton!~
I cringed so hard right after Linda said \
AngryJoe most sincere regards from Poland! :D I'm a big fan of your work! Keep it up man, you rock!
you should use this voice for most of your videos. would be easier to watch as an adult. no offense meant, Joe.
Hebl von Heblowitz
Hircine M.
Jack Rose
I wonder if you can build an underground resistance like in Hearts of Iron 3?
Jacob Martinez
In Hearts of Iron III I managed to beat the Soviets to Berlin by invading through Italy and managed take back half of Warsaw as the US. I want to know how you guys changed history in your  playthrough.
Jake Callaghan
moon man moon man....
Jakob With a K
Hope this doesn't sound bad but I'd love to play this as Hitler/Germans & try and win WW2 without Hitlers obvious tactical mistakes.
Jeremy Alexander
AJ sounds like he is the host of an AM radio morning show giving traffic reports.
Jesus Christ
Lmao, people who think this is confusing, just look at Hearts of Iron III. This is a major downgrade in tediousness and micro-management from the previous game in the series.
This is why Grand Strategy games from Paradox is awesome, no pre-order factions.
Kaloyan Kamenov
can't wait to get my hands on this game :D I'll make Bulgaria an empire again :D
gotta be honest, it looks sick as hell but insanely overwhelming
I really liked HOI3, but I really hope they have beefed up the AI, because the old one sucked. Also, it was kind of annoying that you couldn't cooperate with an AI to make battle plans - trying to do a Normandy invasion as the Brits can be damn hard if the Americans insist on sitting on the sidelines, or worse, send everything to the Pacific.
Komandarm SovietVixen
There is wrong simbol on Reich flag.. but mods will probably fix it
Very first thing you do with any Paradox game, is play Finland and try to crush Sweden.
AngryJoe ASMR. Make it happen.
Marcin Paul
I laughed my ass off- \
Max S.F.
I cant wait for this game! Been waiting for 4 YEARS :D
Mike Browski
Milan Judák
Damn Paradox is making some really good games this year
Mr. GoldenGlasses
Italy never finishes a war on the same side it started on, unless the war was long enough for Italy to switch sides twice.
Angry Joe is literally Hitler.
NOT Frederick the Great
They will make as many witchers as I demand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oisin Jackson
yay a game I've been waiting almost 7 BLEEDIN' YEARS FOR!
Otto FIN
I wish someone else (Daniel) played this with Joe. The interviewer missed lots of important aspects of the game. Good thing Joe had some good questions.
Patrick O'brian
joe is stupid sometimes, he dosnt know what cede is :O
Patrick Star
0:54 i need to correct you free the german territories from poland stolen after ww1
Pladimir Vutin
CK2 -\u003e EU3 -\u003eVC2 -\u003e HOI4\n\nBackward compatibility ftw
Pride Of The Fatherland
Joe PLEASE review hearts of iron IV - im begging you.
I personally think Europa Universalis IV is much more accessible than this series. A vast majority of the options and numbers you rarely need to even think about. It's basically figure out what you wanna do in a war, how are you gonna justify it, what allies can you get to even the odds, and then the combat is like a minigame, trying to defend in mountains and river crossings and outnumber enemy armies so bad that they surrender en masse.
Jesus christ between Stellaris and this game this year Paradox will ruin my life...
Joe realy likes Poland lol. You can hear him become silent for like a second and cry on the inside when she said she was invading Poland.
Joe! You can't destroy Poland! We need The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2077!
Ricardo Guanipa
looks complicated AF, I like it
Based on what I can gather, someone playing Poland would have a much better time allying with either the Axis of Comintern. Alternatively, if it becomes a simple Germany vs Poland match, it becomes easier for Poland since the Slovakian border overextended them. So you can dig in a bit inside your borders and have troops in reserve, focus on infantry and artillery, and hold back the tide until the landers are needed in France.\nI've played these before.
Wow this actually looks really cool
Angry Joe. One word: \n\nStellaris.\n\nThat is all.
Joe, in Poland we love you too :D\n\nYou have no idea how good that game looks in comparision to Hearts of Iron 3 ;_; As Grand strategy fun I am so relief ;_;
Small Moustache Man
I've always wanted to get into Paradox games, but they've always been really unfriendly for newcomers: so I might give this one a go.
Spirit of God
AngryJoe: But now i own that company, own the country, they'll make as many witchers as i demand.\nThe girl: Yes
The Nigerian Prince
Hey Joe, can you buy me a pc that can run this game? I'll sign your immigration papers
I would encourage anyone who is interested in this game to go watch world war Wednesday where they explain this game a lot better... This woman did an awful job... I can’t wait for D-day!
Grand strategy is supposed to be complex. That's what gives it its depth. Once you learn how to play though, they are immensely rewarding.
dear paradox crew please give a developer preview to marco antonio, who is really playing paradox games for fun and is the very best in the game I have seen.\nI understand that you want to get as many views as possible to attract new players, but most people are not willing to dig into something like Hearts of Iron and you will get negative reviews because they don't understand the game and then are overwhelmed.
HoI II boys report in!
Tommy Evers
In this game I want to play as Ireland and invade Germany
Triatomic Ai
Ich frage euch: Wollt ihr den totalen krieg?
Try hard Gameplay
Hi everyone have a nice day
Vasich lolcode
lindas voice is so sexy.
All paradox games grand strategy look complicated but they aren't. They are actually pretty simple.
Can you upload a lets play?
I feel like Joe's voice is massaging my ears
Yuri Andropov
I love her voice
Linda did not do a whole lot of explaining so please dont pass on this game if it looks too complex.
andrew young
You know the girl showing him the game is super hot when joe acts that calm
This Linda seems like she has no idea how to play the game
hearts of iron 3, Victoria 2 and Crusader Kings 2 are by far some of my favourite games ever made. i love grand strategy above all else. the complexity and depth is breathtaking, and the learning curve is a real challenge to overcome. which is what i get out of games, learning how they work. really looking forward to HoI4 and Stellaris as 4x is another favourite genre
I like her accent. Sehr sexy
For those who are interested I would say this isn't the best intro to HoI4. Not enough time to really go into the game. If you got to ParadoxExtra they have a series called World War Wednesday, check out the one played as Japan as the dev gives some good info about the mechanics etc.
Poland has never capitulated, so that's just wrong.
angry Joe is the best independent video game critic in my opinion
When she doesnt speak I can hear her thinking - \
mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]
It is funny to hear Joe say this game looks intimidating since it looks so much more straight forward than the previous Hearts of Iron games. As someone who has been playing Paradox games for years now (I first got into them when the Divine wind expansion came out for Europa Universalis 3) this game seems like it will finally be my chance to get into Hearts of Iron. I just wish Paradox would hurry up and make Victoria 3 already. The Victoria series is easily my favourite Paradox series and I really want an updated version of that game.
Why the hell did the german capital suddenly move to Pozen (Poznan)?!
3:45 \
polystation12 2
Hopefully I can port a Vic 2 game to this
-Oh,the fall of Warsaw!Did we win?\n\nGo home Joe,you're drunk.\n\nSeriously,gotta love when Joe is clueless about a subject lol,even the lady was like : .....yes.\nlmfao \n\nCan't wait for this game to release tho.
scx izm
i feel sorry for you Joe, the pr woman isnt doing a very good job of explaining and pitching the game. Literally zero passion.
I'm a CK II and EU IV player and can't wait for this game to come out. I think i'll try out HoI III before, but it's really intimitating.
Ayyy another hearts of iron game I will buy and not understand how to play lmao
You can tell Joe is not a history student haha
she said that you could join allies as germany, but germany is part of axis and in hoi3 you couldnt switch sides as reich so I'm thinking that you wont be able to do it in hoi4 aswel, anybody got some info on this?