Recap of all the songs from the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest Final

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Powered by: We are already counting down to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. We do that by looking back to recent editions of Europe's favorite TV show. Our last stop is in 2011, when the contest was held in Dusseldorf, Germany

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Hungary so underrated that year!
One of my favourite years :)\n1. Ireland (Yesss Jedward \u003c3)\n2. Denmark\n3. Estonia\n4. Hungary\n5. Slovenia\n6. Azerbaijan\n7. UK\n8. Switzerland\n9. Italy\n10. Georgia\n\nLove from Germany :)
A Cat Wearing A Top Hat
The actual line up: \n\n1. Life story\n2. Guy who wrote the Bosnian national anthem casually comes 6th in Eurovision. \n3. Andreas Johnson called. He wants his lyrics back.\n4. Rejected song from a musical. \n5. Falsetto.\n6. Oh god. Enough. Too much. \n7. I won't be popular, I won't be popular. (Also, why is there a Pokeball in the background?) \n8. Girl who can't count. \n9. Two guys singing two different songs. \n10. Stalker.\n11. Out of tune. Sadly. \n12. Smoooooooooth jazz. \n13. Cute! \n14. I can't.\n15. Drugs were taken here.\n16. Dancing condoms. \n17. Trumpets and striped pants.\n18. Zzzzzzzzz....\n19. I'm running scared from your vocals. \n20. Christina Aguilera\n21. 6 guys singing a song made by a dead friend. (Respect to them for doing so and not just withdrawing the entry from the selection.) \n22. The feel good song of 2011. \n23. Sand artist. \n24. 1960's song with a really disorienting background.\n25. Can you be any louder? \n\nThis year was interesting. We had wacky songs, awesome songs and almost every genre you can think of. My personal favourites were Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Serbia and Denmark. I also liked Poland, Albania and Bulgaria despite them not qualifying. Greetings from the UK.
4:04 \u003c3
ARNAS Zabarauskas
ESC 2017 compared to this one, is very bad and boring.
Adrián Morales
A very good year, many of these songs had the potential to be worlwide hits...And Lena was so beautiful
Aline Van Rossem
1 point to Finland ❤️\n2 points to Denmark ❤️ \n3 points to Slovenia ❤️ \n4 points to Germany ❤️\n5 points to Austria ❤️\n6 points to United Kingdom ❤️❤️\n7 points to Bosnia & Herzigovina ❤️❤️\n8 points to Russia ❤️❤️\n10 points to Ireland ❤️❤️\n12 points to Sweden ❤️❤️❤️
An Apple
Best year! :)
Batya Hasanzade
Italy eew too overrated
Bruno Abreu
1st SWEDEN\n2nd Slovenia\n3rd Azerbaijan\n4th Germany\n5th Austria
Caenorhabditis elegans
Slovenia (Totally underrated :( ) is my winner in 2011, Georgia second and Dennmark 3rd
Cheeki Breeki Bre!
My Top 5\n\n5- Finland \n4- Hungary \n3- Bosnia&Hercegovina\n2- Sweden \n1- UK
Christian R.
Bosnia & Herzegovina ♥♥♥
Christopher Skogheim
Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine and Georgia are the only countries from the final that I like! I think 2011 wasn't a good year... There weren't a lot of songs that I liked, and the songs I did like wasn't so special. Slovenia and Ukraine are the only songs that really stood out for me and that I liked the most :/
Christos Christoforidis
Italy or sweden
Christy Skywalker
It's 2017 and still can't figure how azerbaijan won. There were so many amazing songs and this came first? How??
Connor Mcguire
1:05 \
Daniel Qowo
It waa a good years for Europe music :) still loving many of them
Didrik Gustafsson
1. ireland\n2.germany\n3.ukraine\n4.slovenia\n5.bosnia and herzegovina
Donney Lepland
S L O V E N I A ! ! !
Doğan Güneş
12 - France\n10 - Italy\n8 - Slovenia\n7 - Ukraine\n6 - Bosnia & Herzegovina\n5 - Georgia\n4 - Denmark\n3 - Finland\n2 - Greece\n1 - Azerbaijan\n\nGreetings from Turkey.
Emily Lauren
i liked Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Ireland
Erik Rindalsholt Fredriksen
Lithuania's song in back in 2011 sounds like a song you could hear in a Disney movie.
Erika Sirén
Best year ever :)\nMy top 10: 1. Ukraine 2. Sweden 3. Estonia 4. Germany 5. Ireland 6. Finland 7. Denmark 8. Azerbaijan 9. Hungary 10. UK\nGreetings from Finland \u003c3
This year 2011 was horrible!!! Sweeden I like... and UK.... Till today I don' t understand how Azerbaijan could win!!!
Felix Pavlovix
AZERBAIJAN The worst winner until Jamala 1944
I like how the audience cheered at Germany's entry haha
Francisco Echegaray
Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and I think this year had an unusually large number of  VERY good songs!  I definitely can not say this about years 2012 - 2014.  I absolutely loved all of these songs of Eurovision 2011: Azerbaijan, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine  It is very hard for me to pick a winner but my top five are:  Italy, Serbia, France, Denmark, & Azerbaijan
George Austin Tay
12 - HUNGARY!!!\n10 - Sweden\n8 - Georgia\n7 - Ukraine\n6 - Spain\n5 - Azerbaijan\n4 - Serbia\n3 - Greece\n2 - Austria\n1 - Germany
I love the Germans cheering at every entry! It was hard to find a winner this year! :)
Harut Hovhannisyan
Hide In My Suitcase
sLOVEnia! \nWhat a classy classic act! \n\u003c3
Igor's world1
Bosnia, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Azerbaijan.. l was vote for these x)
Germany should've won again in 2011. The song and performance was way before it's time.
Jorge Gonzalez Romero
1.i like it\n2.dino deserved more\n3.OVERRATED\n4.well,like disney ballad XD\n5.KATY YOU DESERVED MORE\n6.uhhhhh lipstick i love it\n7.sweden always did well\n8.UNDERRATED SONG\n9.a bit overrated but i like\n10.i dont like it :(\n11.WTF? FRANCE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?\n12.italy overrated but its ok\n13.deserved place sorry :)\n14.uh im not a big fan, but i think its okay\n15,.another wtf btw\n16.leeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaa i love you \n17.uhmm not bad cheerfull song\n18.cheesy ballad,but not bad \n19.OVERRATED THEY DIDNT DESERVED WIN\n20.MAJA YOU DESERVED WIN\n21.not bad imo\ country ñeh\n23.amazing i have no words \n24.serbia,¿why you?\n25.i like it \nand thats 2011 to me
Julie Mastenbroek
Denmark, ireland, sweden, Italy, uk, germany, Slovenia, Iceland, serbia,
1. Sweden 2. Ireland 3. Azerbaijan 4. Slovenia 5. Russia (from Lithuania:3)
Kristian Berget
I kinda loved Azerbaijan's entry, but their voices were out of tune...\n2011 was however a really bad year in my opinion. my favorites were Sweden, Bosnia and Denmark
L James
12 Austria \n10 Serbia \n8 Germany \n7 Hungary \n6 Italy \n5 Sweden \n4 France \n3 Finland \n2 Denmark \n1 Ireland \nMy top 12 from UK
the question here is how the f*ck these twenty-five songs managed to sort out a running order that actually helps azerbaijan standing out next to the competition...
Lena CL 306
04:05 Hi, my name is Lena, I'm from Germany :-D
My top 5: Sweden #1, Finland #2, Italy #3, Azerbaijan #4, Ireland #5. 2011 was such a good year, in my opinion! :)
Lordi Awa
The audience lost it at Germany but Germany was only 8th?
Mae Moose
I miss funny and crazy Performances ...
Maija Poppanen
so many great and fun performances, I just can't undetstand that azerbaijan won sorry
Mateja Purple Panda
*My top 5:*\n_5: Spain_\n_4: Ukraine_\n_3: Estonia_\n_2: Hungary_\n_1: Sweden_
Matías LO
good year with amazing songs and worst winner.
Max Koulen
You should take a look at one of Lena’s songs now:\n\nTraffic Lights, Wild & Free or Beat To My Melody (Madizin Mix)\n\nI love her so much!❤️
Merit Tuuling
Such a good year!
Michael Cem Halicioglu
I could have accepted Azerbaijan winning any of the last 5 Eurovision's, but 2011 was a massive scandal, one of their worst ever entries won. Extremely dull and boring, very unlike Azerbaijan
Mkhitaryan's Girlfriend
Greece was the best❤️❤️
Slovenia had the best song
UK, Slovenia, Moldova, Germany and Spain were my favorites that year. Bosnia & Herzegovina. Ireland, Greece and Rusdia too... Too many great songs
Mr Eurovision Fan
1.France 2.Slovenia 3.Azerbaijan 4.Ukraine 5.Georgia 6.Lithuania 7.Sweden 8.Ireland 9.Bosnia Herzegovina 10.Denmark (MY TOP 10)
Mr Τζάνοβιτς
These are my results from Greece\nFrance 12\nItaly 10\nAzerbaijan 8\nGeorgia 7\nDenmark 6\nSweden 5\nGermany 4\nIreland 3\nUkraine 2\nHungary 1
MyArt View
Georgia's best entry yet!!!!!!!!!!
Natalia Magkou
one of my bad esc years!!!
Nathalie Golding
For all people saying why Azerbaijan won, it's because they r so desperate to win, they just bought their victory.
Omar Alejandro Deniz Amezcua
Why don't you upload the official recap since 2013? :( :( :(
Permanent Vacation
Denmark🇩🇰\nIreland🇨🇮\nSweden🇸🇪\nAnd my favorite this year - UK🇬🇧\nSo many great songs from this year!
Puste Blume
Why was swizerland losing the Esc? I love This song! But iceland had the greatest song 2011!
Q-Pop 91 Eaglezz
12 Ukraine\n10 Georgia \n 8 Russia\n 7 Sweden\n 6 Italy\n 5 Moldova\n 4 Spain\n 3 United Kingdom \n 2 Germany\n 1 Azerbaijan\n\nfrom Armenia :)
Rafail Findanis
1Ukraine\n2Sweden\n3Greece\n4Hungary\n5Italy\n6Uk\n7Azerbaijan\n8Ireland\n9Germany\n10Georgia\n11Bosnia\n12Denmark\n13 Finland\n14Austria\n15France\n16Lithuania\n17Slovenia\n18Serbia\n19Iceland\n20Spain\n21Romania\n22Moldova\n23Switzerland\n24Russia\n25Estonia
Red Soul
Robert Slipac
1. BIH\n2. Sweden\n3. Estonia
Rockefeller Street
You can tell that all the songs and performers were good by that the loser got 19 points while usually the one coming last gets less than 10 points.
Ryan Ero
I'm from 2018 and this year along with 2011 has the most diverse final so far
Sebastyanov Eurofestival
From Italy (Raphael was the best \u003c3 )\n1pt Serbia\n2pt Georgia\n3pt Austria\n4pt Ukraine\n5pt Lithuania\n6pt Denmark\n7pt Hungary\n8pt Germany (SO BETTER THAN SATELLITE)\n10pt go to Slovenia (Maja was fantastic)\nDOUZE POINTS POUR LA FRANCE (Amaury is incredible! Vive La France!)\nGreetings from Italy
Serbian Rock
I can't believe, Blue on ESC! :D
Stefano Traverso
Good year esc 2011!!
Suvi Törö
Denmark!!!! My winners!
Sébastien Langlois
My top 10 :\n\n10 ) Spain\n9) Slovenia\n8) Azerbaijan\n7) Estonia\n6) BH\n5) Ireland\n4) UK\n3) Sweden\n2) France\n1 my personnal winner : Lena - Germany !
TV Enchufados
C'est ma aaaaaaaaa vie!!!!!
The Bricker
Bosnia & Herzegovina was my clear winner that year!
Thig ar Latha 96
Why did Finland do so bad. That was my winner
Tomás Marcos
Switzerland na na na na na na na na :(
VanVanessa K
Omg moldova's entry was epic that year, I forgot about it.
Visual Art
12-Italy\n10-France\n8-Slovenia\n7-Lithuania\n6-Austria\n5-Hungary\n4-Iceland\n3-Greece\n2-Switzerland\n1-Ukraine\nBulgaria and Albania deserved the Final.
Vladyslav Kovalenko
Moldovan song is an international shame of Moldova (sorry)
Víctor Santos Sanchez
best stage ever! incredible
X-broo o
Sweden , real winner !
Your local Pochi
My winner was italy damn i loved that song so much it's giving me memories
Azerbaijan was desperate back in those years - in 2009 they bought Arash, it didn't work. In 2010 they made sure u see and hear Safura on every site, tv and radio station in Europe , also didn't work, so in 2011 they decided to cut the crap and just buy the victory.
aviation 2018
my points \n12 - Slovenia \n10 - Austria\n8 - Sweden\n7 - Bosnia \n6 - Denmark \n5 - France (would of been higher but sadly love the other songs more)\n4 - Ireland \n3 - Estonia \n2 - Greece ( simply because the Greek man was a stunner \u003c3)\n1 - Iceland \n\nplease can someone tell me how Azerbaijian won again, this eurovision had strong songs in e.g Slovenia, Sweden etc
2011 was sooooo terrible lol
domka grzybek
dark time for irleand
electron Blue
here is the result of the Turkish jury!!\n\n12 Serbia\n10 Ukraine\n8 Georgia\n7 Bosnia...\n6 Azerbaijan\n5 Estonia\n4 Spain\n3 Austria\n2 Switzerland\n1 Germany
esc brk
1.Azerbaijan 2.Hungary 3.Sweden 4.Slovenia 5.Denmark 6.United Kingdom 7.Greece 8.Austria 9.Ireland 10.France 11.Georgia 12.Finland 13.Germany 14.Spain 15.Bosnia&Herzegovina 16.Italy 17.Estonia 18.Serbia 19.Switzerland 20.Russia 21.Ukraine 22.Romania 23.Moldova 24.Iceland 25.Lithuania
How on earth could Azerbaijan win, when e.g. Slovenia (straight after that) and Georgia have MUCH stronger songs & performances?!? Oh well...
jakob nymark
Italy and Azarbeijan seems okay... everything else is a huge pile of shit.
manolis th2
1. Sweden / 2. Ireland / 3. United kindom / 4. Romania / 5. Greece / 6. Iceland
your  looove your looove in rewind!! Love Bosnia´s song!!! listen to it everyday :) Greetings from Argentina ;)
This was the worst Eurovision of the last decade. None of the songs were good or memorable, even the winner was awful.
nymph shadow
Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, UK, Moldova are best!
This year sucked. :\\
sebastian castro romero
the best audinece ! germany
Θωμάς Χριστοδούλου
Austria was great! Where is Cyprus?
Анна Гуревич
Most of songs are so weak... Now in 2018 they wouldn't even qualify