Yeatle - RANK 1 WORLD HAMMOND GOD - #1 NA HAMMOND - Overwatch Montage

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Actually Awesome Aang
Adeeb Alahmadi
How he can do this!!\nBecause Hammond very hard\nNice montage
Arshad Siddiqui
Hammond just destroys on console. Most of his high skill value doesn't need a mouse to execute.
I used to do the minefield-slam but recently stopped. If I got a mercy by chance then she could get out and kinda felt like it lowered my mine kills to slam after laying them out. I still spread them from the air depending on how concentrated I think I need them and will sneak up behind teams to throw them out, which seems most successful. How effective is it actually? I can see from a few of these an optimal height for the mine-slam that I'll be practicing later, but in general does it help kill better and I'm imagining things or am I actually making it easier for people to escape it when I slam?
Arve L F
Theres no skill involved, hes just getting easy boops and combo ults without anyone stopping him, now... ive only seen the first two clips yet xD so i got a bad first impression, tell me if theres skillfull parts in the vid plz anyone
Austin Harper
Maybe I'm a hater but I get this dude in my games on almost a daily basis and he is no where near a \
Avi A
Looks like aimbot adjusted to obs gameplay.. also didnt see smart gameplay only aiming
Bassitoo Channel
Well he makes it look easy
Finally, someone knows how to actually use his mines. People don’t realize that your piledriver brings people in, use mines in air, spread them out, then simply piledrive to pull them into the mines. ez triple
Brock Lee
Dood omg thx again for making another one of my suggestions happen... truly a man of the people. Is it possible for u to make another keph montage and end it with clips from his YouTube video,\
COCO the dank yellow toad
Yeatle deserves this so much
Yeatle? More like... Yeetle amiright? :D
Daniel Lefsseom
Let´s talk about the 1 hour 45 minute ADD
David Balog
I'll be the one to say it, this hero is trash and is a huge part of the reason this game is dying. (in a fun aspect and a competitive aspect)
Dja di
but where were these guys before? i mean did he get to top 500 just after hammond release or ? cause never heard of him before...
Dm Fill
aim bot
not bad, but can he carry his way out of gold?
Emiliano Aleman
It's kinda odd because his aim seems...subpar
Behind every \
5 ads in a ten minute video which has taken content from a streamer. Ethical?
4:41 rofl
Faris Iqmal
I sometimes see you speed up fast enough doing damage which is normal sure. But how or what did you press to speed up at such a small corner? That ana at 9:30
Fire Alpha
I play exactly like this but NOBODY support me, i die everytime
4:32 that’s insane
I never knew how terrifying a hamster was till now\nEdit: dad noticed me :D
G4 Thomas
Please more hammond videos. Believe it or not but this actually helps me climbing!
Gaara Of The Sand Village
It does not make you a hammond god if you can use your ult and knock people off the map.
Lol, hearing calvin in that first clip
Har Har
This almost makes me feel bad for hating on hamster
Jay Henry
Not often I get impressed as I think Hammond is wank in general but after seeing this the intelligent play is remarkable
Jean Jean
good grand hamster
Jennifer prenez
The way it says hi with them arms up 😂😂😵😍😍😍😍
Justin Humphrey
I'm most impressed with the timing of his Minefield-Piledriver Combo. As soon as the enemies land, the mines go online and boom, nowhere to go.
How could you be \
hi Reddit
So thats why there are so many trashy Hammonds in silver
xqc was the Reinhardt on Kings Row 😂 (he mad)
that sole widowmaker kill was so skillful
Heseems v arrogant
Lonnie Harris
/tries playing Hammond\n/feels good about it\n/watches video\n/deletes account
Lucas Knudsen
this is the ow version of Tobias Fate lmao
M.Scotty. P
Hammond is my least favorite character yo play but seeing stuff like this makes me think that I can at least try him
What about Trill??
Marco Lapel
this has to be emongg smurfing
Mathhew Smith
This guy has the mechanics on Hammond down to a T\nThe game knowledge on top of that\nAnd you got yourself a God\nStill hate this hero\nBut he’s really good on it so gotta respect it
Matteo Longuet
At 1:53 the Guy kill XQC lolll
Mohammed Alahmed
I’m main wrecking ball 😍👏👏👏
Had to stop watching because of the music, I'm sorry.
Mr Hard Apple
Never seen a Hammond montage
'' i actually lived that '' \n5 SECOUNDS LATER\n\nFK ORISA.....\nlol ;P
4:31 WHAT
Nagato Uzumaki
2:51 \nDid anyone else noticed Ana dabbing 😂
Nicholas Gean
&hhhhhhhaaaahahahhhaha funny joke he not
Nick Kelly
I get that he's going to be putting mine multis on the Montage but as a ball main in masters I can tell you that these plays are almost purely comp/map dependent ( Eg. Low mobility rein comps) and can be pulled off without a ton of hours played if you're lucky, mines aren't reliable a reliable damage source but don't have to be when you're getting 5 ults a round. I'm not saying it doesn't take skill but if you've drop 5000 mine fields some of them are going to be against a comp with Zen, Ana, Lucio, Rein, Zarya, Mccree, Soldier Hanzo etc. The environmental frags are really great, should be a majority of the clips though.
Alright boys I got it if you wanna become famous, wait for a new OW character to come out, get really good at them and try and make it into a montage
Overwatch Pro Spotlight
That's one scary hamster
Overwatch Things
So someone is the best rolling in the iron ball hamster in the world huh ?
If ur not a pro hammond ur useless i swear
BRB actually going to attempt to play Hammond now
Puffis _Senpai
Literally the only hamster ik which is this sick! :D\nNice Montage dude :3
Schnozistan Czar
Once you master the wrecking ball tether then there is no more skill involved, many players can be considered the number one, this does not impress me as much as a number one zenyatta or even pre patch symmetra
Shosho p
9:22 how did Ana get up there
Siro Dena
more hammond less identical genji montages
Snappy -san
All the micro-movements he does are planned, It makes the plays he's doing look easy, But what he's doing is some serious planning and attention to detail, I LOVE THIS HERO
Spawn and Batman
Well theres nothing too op about this character now is there. Lol
How to become the #1 player for a new hero:\n\nSteps:\n1: Main the hero from the literal second they go live\n2: Thats it.
i think eviltoaster is better tbh
thanks for the ideas!!!!
That moment when console players counter hammond better than PC players lmao....sad.....half those minefields wouldn't kill shit on console
The Bardock
Mmmm I still think hes the worse tank
As someone who peaked at #99 hammond and usually sits in low hundreds. Even I am blown away by his mastery of the hero
Tomas Sandschafer
Notifications squad
Tzzamover _
2:34 wow
Vast kraftt
It's Yeatle PogU
W for Wawa
Never seen a Hammond montage but this is sick
Wesley Wuu
wtf i watch the whole video with my mouth open,like,wtf dude
WhiteFire 121
8:53 The Long necks
Don’t let this distract you from the fact eviltoaster was putting #1 hamster on his streams title for some odd reason
I've never seen a Hammond thats better than me until today.
_Classifiedz _
6:16 I thought Hammond clapped his little paws together lmao
ali raid
Harbleu's hammond is better IMO
banana fengas
chaotically wholesome
yet he's in masters, proof hammond needs a fat buff
dat meme boi
Spoopy hamster
1:56 the ultimate shout syncs with the drop
francwatch -
Dear all my companions in Gold, *DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME*
This is why I love hammond so much \u003c3 so much fun to play \u003c3 Specially when you smash to the ground and kill a tracer or genji like smashing a cockcoarch
lolitsadrian 67
This guy does not have a 2 star silver portrait and gold account
Hey not to throw shade, because this is really impressive, but at 5:53 Yeatle's aim looked a little suspicious. Snapped very quickly between close range targets and then tracked them perfectly.\n\nEdit: To clarify, I'm a 3940 ranked player, so I know what decent tracking looks like. I just thought that bit in particular looked a bit fishy, the rest of it was fine.
the tracer
Man this guys game knowledge is actually on point - he knows exactly what he can latch onto and what he can't. He's also very good at taking out supports with combos.
thekawaiicat :3
get a fire axtinguisher people! this hamster on fire!
xris k
our hamster: melts , enemy hamster: like this one
Look mom, I'm on TV!
yee yee ass haircut
Usually these character montages are kinda mediocre and nothing special but this guy is nut-E.
2:33 fckin' amazing
한국인 모여라!!