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With decades gone by after historic events have passed, we often think we’ve seen those events from every angle possible. On occasion though, new images surface long after the photo was snapped that show historical moments in a whole new light.The following images are so rare, it’s incredible we are able to see them today at all. Get ready to take a look at history in a new way that seems almost unbelievable!

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0riginal _Panda_Child
Now the world is littered with effeminate queers who don't want their manicures to get dirty
imagine how demoralizing it was for american soldiers to go over to europe and north africa to fight nazis and find out the engines on some of the tanks and vehicles were made in michigan at the ford motor company. im surprised ford wasnt hung for being a traitor.
the pictures from 1890 to 1960 have almost no quality change...
historical seems to mean 1939-1945
Alexander Goerke
its a shame for me to See all those Pics of Nazis and Hitler and WW2... but im still proud to be german
Ann E
The photos are real. The 'interpretations' are often questionable. Take a neutral photo and make up a story. Example, Goebbels is being photographed. This turns into 'he discovers his photographer is Jewish and so you see eyes of 'hate'. LOL The mother of all fake stories. How would you know this? The National Socialists had Jews in their army!
Anthony Arnaz
The photo that’s interested me wasn’t even in the feed. The thumbnail. WHats the picture in the thumbnail
Anthony Kester
Wow amazing
Benymm Johanson
Fascist pigs
Brandon Cooney
The thumbnail pic isn't in the video.
80 pictures you should see before you die should be some nice pictures that show how far humans have come but 90 percent of these are related to war and bad things.
D ultimate dav24k
3:37 this must be the ballsiest person alive.
Dale Dorsett
Hitler did good for the German people after Mussolini lost WWI. He loved people that loved him and did his best to create the illusion of Germany doing the right thing. Prospering the nation was good, the deutchmark was almost of no value when he started and he industrialized the nation.\n\nHOWEVER, his quest for power and control over the people, taking control of all media and burning most books to conform the minds of the German people to love him and follow the third reich-rule of the aryan race was quite evil. He had meditated on the occult since youth and used the Thule Society, very evil occult, as his base to strategize and carry out his plan for not only ruling Germany but Germany ruling the world eventually. Almost all focus was not on medicine or normal living but on the military industrial complex and the quest for the aryan/Atlantan descendant master race to rule the world. Abortion had already been a practice in Germany, he just expanded it to eliminate the German race. His hypocrisy was some of his generals and his doctor and select others who were Jews were excluded from genecide. Hitler viewed the black race as genetically inferior and hate blacks. When Jesse Owens won at the Olympics he was furious that a black man won and left the grounds.\n\nDo not put Hitler as a hero apart from recovering the economy of Germany and gaining the love of the German people. Do not condemn the German people as a whole, most did not know of the evils of Hitler. The ones who opposed Hitler or disagreed with him were turned over to the Gestapho by their children who were indoctrinated and mindwashed to love the Feuher more than their own parents. The evils go on and on.
Dan August
Many of these so called rare photos are well known and were available in many fine books years ago. They are \
Daniel Louzada
What music is in this?
Dennis Wicker
Just more proof humans should not be at the top of the food chain.
Edmundo Dante
This makes me feel so insignificant.We are all so self centered while there were millions of people who suffered terrible life.
Geoff Stamp
What is the background music, especially the first piece?
Ha Tran
3:57 Wait.....in Vietnamese class book 4 part 2 there is a story time about this.\n12:18 AWWWWW!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I know, but,
The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history
I_NoSc0pEd_Jfk _
The 2800 year old kissers really got to my head. Just imagine them making eye contact knowing there gonna die but they just kiss each other and close their eyes.
Very sad indeed the faces of war! You know what really got to me? The picture of the Scumbag Turkish Devil holding a piece of bread to starving little children in the Armenian Genocide! Completely broke my heart that evil people that call themselves \
Jeff Daniels
Pretty one sided, the allies were abusive as well, those photographs are truly the ones to see before you die. Now before you label me a\
All these Wars, All These Deaths, FOR WHAT ????
1:04 That isn't a Soviet soldier he isn't raping someone.
Clickbait..thumbnail is not to be seen anywhere..thumbs down
Lalo Landa
I have a more honest title for your video, \
Lance Foss
Thank you for doing this work, and thank you for not watermarking or otherwise selfishly ruining history by possessing it - \
Leszek Seifert
For some reason not a single picture of Soviet cruelty...
Liam Brennan
What's up with the thumbnail!!!
Louis Defaux
You uploaded precious pictures.I was born in 1951 !!!!!
M.J. Leger
See \
testimony of human stupidity in doing wars to make few people rich. stop being used Soldiers do not go to war for money.
Max Max
The problem, guys, is that we don’t control our elites, not even in “democratic countries” :( These elites can do anything they like, they keep us busy by sending us to wars to die for the elites’ interests, elites’ money. They brainwash us constantly, they make fools out of good people. They lie, lie, and lie to make us hate other nations to distract us from finding the real sources of problems.
Melenkurion Abatha
Communism is pure evil!!!!!
Michael Mabajhac
Very ordinary crap
Mike West
History of nasa in pictures would be cool. ;-)
So am I supposed to die after seeing these 80 pictures?
Moey M
Isnt it sad that the only thing these photos have in common is human pain and misery
Molly Tate
I don't care about the politics mentioned by other commenters. Everyone has their own particular bias and their right to assert it. I saw some very moving pictures showing humanity at its best and worst. Very interesting, thanks.
Mossad Hunter
I wonder how much more advanced the human race would be if Hitler won WW2?
Napoleon Bonaparte
Number 12 Marshall Rommel is one of the only generals that had both a brain and a soul.
Neal Scroggs
Regarding No. 72 (13:08) captioned as \
Nelson H
War only promotes War, generation after generation war seems to be the only answer. Until we read, discuss, evaluate, the root causes. READ, then read more, next generation will ask the question that we need answer, if we can. Assuming we haven't destroyed ourselves. Do we have a choice yes, question can YOU handle the truth. Read!
Otto Potto racer Satire Channel
Nagasaki, Hiroshima,Vietnam , Nord Korea,???
OvO Pro
R.I.P for every soldier that give his soul for his country
Paul FE63
All propaganda. Wars are for business, be they communist or fascist or socialist or capitalists...left or right wing...elites makes the wars happen for $$$$ & power. Democrats and their liberal left fascists are trying to divide the west. They'll use classic propaganda tactics used by Goebbels. Wake up people!!!
Piotr Str
It's funny how Polish, who were first to fight against Germans and Soviet Union and suffered the greatest loss during II WW vanished from the cards of history...
Prairie Pride
Sikh world
Randy Douglas
Clickbait! You never showed or explained the thumbnail! Rather disappointing to go through the entire video and find it absent! Thumbs down just for that!
Real Punisher
Wrong guys won WW2
Regina Disbrow
Almost feel sorry for Rommel for all these years, plus the eons of time without end, of his judgement of eternal hell and damnation for the unspeakable acts of treachery beyond human utterances he participated in/ordered commencement of toward innocent Jews, God's most beloved people.
Robertito Lewandowsky
Adolf, we miss you!
Ron Wylie
My Granddad was captured almost as soon as they landed in WW2 and was a prisoner of war for 4 years, My Grandma didnt receive any news about him, he was just missing, \nMy Dad was playing in the street when a boy shouted \
Selektive Wahrnehmung
Why is history so rich in war?
Slum Lord
There are important images captured here, but unfortunately, the creator must have swallowed the socialist blue pill, because the entire video shows nothing of the atrocities committed by the Communist/Socialists. \nLet's remember, Lenin said a true Communist state is not achievable. Our universities seem to forget that Socialism is the pretty step-sister of fascism. A single party government controlling all industries versus a single party oligarchy with a tightly controlled free market economy, both bent on control and a singular world view. It's sad that a one dimensional perspective is represented here and reflected by the peanut gallery.
Sonnen Krieger
Dieses Bild mit der roten Fahne ist eine nachgestellte Foto!!!
Sphinx Money
& at 7:13 if anybody cares, the can the emaciated guy is holding that says 'Lactogen' is a baby formula created by Henri Nestle, a Swiss man who started the Nestle Company. Apparently it was used a lot for getting those who have been starved back up in weight without traumatizing the body.
Ted Toads
#22 is BS a well known staged photo.
The Philosopher of Culture
Photo 35, the nine kings, was taken in London on the occasion of the funeral of King Edward VII, which was to be held on Friday, May 20, 1911. As they were in full ceremonial regalia, it must have been the day of the 20th itself that the photo was taken. Standing, from left to right: King Haakon VII of Norway, Tsar Ferdinand of the Bulgarians, King Manuel II of Portugal and the Algarve, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Prussia, King George I of the Hellenes and King Albert I of the Belgians. Seated, from left to right: King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King George V of the United Kingdom (his coronation would be a month later, on June 22, 1911) and King Frederick VIII of Denmark.
Thomas Watvedt
Yes, the Nazis were baaaaaad! I know it, everybody knows it. It's been 70 years but for some reason people still need to have it hammered in. I don't get it. Is it because the nazis were white?
Tobby Terence Stamp
1940 - population on planet 2 billion.\n2020 - population on planet 8 billion.\nWar? Just because.
Unterhosen Jack
@Perfect Li(f)e\nSooo ERWIN ROMMEL was the biggest VIP ever alive or whut?!?!?! He got more pics here than on his wikipedia page probably. Lmao!
Viliyan Velikov
This is Russian propaganda!
Walker Smith
Photo with soviet soldiers is fake. It was recaptured on 2nd day, because original was with Kyrgyz soldier on top and asian face would not be accepted by ethnic russians. So they did a second take with \
Wayne Kiefer
9:37 THE ROCK!!!
Why so Serious
😬COURAGE of that boy at 4:00 is incomparable, standing with folded arms against the guns like they're just going to go for a fist fight with him. he totally didn't give a damn. Salute to you 👍 my boy. whatever wrong or right he was against he had balls to face them. and the cruelty of those basturds who didn't feel the stubborn kid in him. something went in my eyes. take care 👍
Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth
4:01 I hope when I meet my end I will do so with such bravery and defiance.
You Jin
Who know, what a music in the video?
can ege
13:43 In 2005, Turkey proposed to Armenia the establishment of a Joint History Commission, which will be composed of historians and experts from both sides and third parties in order to study the events of 1915 in their historical context and share the findings with the international public. The fact that this proposal is yet to receive a positive answer from the Armenian authorities, when considered together with their rejection to open all the relevant archives to the historians, gives a clear idea about their confidence in what they claim. On the contrary, Turkey has no reason to be afraid of its past and is ready to accept whatever the findings of this proposed commission will be
we will never die,take your photos back!
don emerson
Franz Ferdinand seemed like a good man. I wonder, if he was?
glenn surgest
man's history is built on death, from the beginning of time mans quest has always been violence, even today shows him at a last stage of destruction.
Lots of very interesting photos of NAZI's - as well as a photo of the V1 - ' Buzzbomb ' \nfalling on London. I thought surely the creator of the V1 and V2 Nazi rockets - \nMajor Wernher von Braun would have been included - but NO .\nAlthough he was a leading member of the SS , a personal friend of Himmler and met with Adolf Hitler five times , to get funding for his rocket programme at Peenemunde on the German Coast . Although his V1 and V2 rockets murdered more than 1,000 Londoners and destroyed huge areas of the London docklands -- Not one PHOTOGRAPH . \nJust like the rest of the NAZI MONSTERS who were secreted into the USA after the end of WW2\n- NOT ONE PHOTOGRAPH. ' Operation Paperclip ' brought the leading NAZI Rocket Engineers , the Germ Warfare specialists , the top Psychologists and ANYONE ELSE who could help the \nAMERICANS develop their ARMAMENTS PROGRAMMES. Nearly 1,600 of these NAZI monsters , many of whom were guilty of the most disgusting WAR CRIMES were washed clean by the USA authorities and brought to the USA as revered humans and placed on PEDESTALS .
jorge souza
thanks for grand recordations . by
Government.... The most destructive organization created on planet Earth......
laszlo vandor
Anti German propaganda as usual.
So the “80 historical photos we had to see before we die” were all from WW2 and a handfull from WW1? \nIs that all of history mankind has or something? What about historical moments that were not war-related? What about peaceful historical moments? \nWhat about the shitloads of other wars that followed WW2 until this day? \nPlease explain why these 80 you just presented go above everything else and need to be “seen before we die.”\nThank you.
No photos of the genocide of the Russians at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks.
milltown hayes
Glory and honor for ever
monollo gonzalez
Hey you superior and dignified creation of God why you trying so hard to hate and cause organised caos when so easily u can spread love and celebrate life and spread peace to those humans leave your sorrows behind spread the love of Allah
There is still problems in this world, but still better than past.
Nr. 9 is fake. It shows only a part of the full picture. The full picture reveals that the German soldiers are providing cover fire to the civilians seeking cover.
ok Snake99
What's your problem with Germany?\nAnd did you asked your self who's started the war ? It was from Josh and you don't asked your self who's made the big bomb ? \nViva Germany forever
ortodox geto-dac
Is this an ,,HISTORICAL jewish PHOTO YOU MUST SEE BEFORE because they try to fool us,, ?? :-)))\nOf course, NO body believe Jewish people !...no matter they try desperately to fool us.
pj dooner
these photos are jew propaganda
Another disappointing video essay, and another cancerous comment section.
shiny penny
All wars are banker wars.
Photo n° 26 of Hitler is not in april 1945 but the attempt of July 20, 1944 in Rastenburg !
İrem Bektaş
The picture title from 13:42 time is not true. It is deceiving and telling the lies. The man from the picture can be anyone. There should be some references in order to make it real. For example; I can find a picture online and put any title on it. This does not make it real. Any claims that is related so called genocide has to be depend upon the historical facts, not the lies. Historians must work together to shed light on the true information about what had happened in the past. I can easily tell that the man in the picture is not Turkish!!!\nPlease read the true information about the propaganda picture.\n\nhttps://rarehistoricalphotos.com/turkish-official-taunting-starved-armenians-1915/
Станислав Роман
In Vinnica judes bolsheviks cilled 10 000 ukrainer. German solger dont killed ukrainer and jevish.