Overwatch | Top 5 Mistakes Hammond Players Make! (ft Eviltoaster)

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Today we go over some of the most common mistakes a new Wrecking Ball player will make when learning the new hero. Eviltoaster tells us how and why you should avoid these problemsEviltoaster Twitch -

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Abraham Corona
That sexy voice are u the new bob ross
Amber Valkerie
To the Hammond players pls don't just charge in without a plan and pls be aware when Lucio speedboosts you, your basically faster than any other character in the game no one can keep up with you.
They REALLY gotta change his name in the game to Hammond, no one says wrecking ball haha
Andy Brinegar
I hate how shield makes you de-ball. I find the second I press it, I need to go right back into ball form.
Brandon Kocher
Bucky Barnes
It is so hard to heal Hammond or is it just me?
Carl Fletcher Junior
Evil toaster sounds a lot like hammonds bot tbh its coo
Played against this guy when Hammond was on PTR. He made one of the people on my team rage quit xD
Daniel Mendoza
Don’t jump into enemies at the beginning of the match, wait for your teammates first even though they feel slow.
Derek Ocean
I learned more from watching than listening.
Playing hammond is a mistake
For Hammond there is a reload animation cancel if you start your reload out of ball form and enter ball form once the first bullet in the bullet rail enters your gun. This allows you to dive in, do damage, reload animation cancel into ball form, reposition, and start firing again right away! Try it in the training range it’s much faster than waiting for your reload in ball form.
New drinking game, Take a shot every time EvilToaster say Like! 😂😂😂
Dylan Ortiz
Damn that voice hit me like a truck. I wasn’t ready for it
Elijah Avers
Eric Trayorous
Welp I guess I play him just right because I main him ;)
Gentleman Kaiju
Clickbait me daddy.
Golden Star
Grant Haseloff
My worst mistake that I constantly make is over extending
I only know how to feed.
He sounds like the robot voice in Hammond's mech lmao
Gunner Hauer
I like hammond but I feel bad for someone playing them because everyone just switches off to something that counters him. It’s so hard to practice him when everyone tries to murder the wrecking ball
HSA Peteer
Im a Tank Main and still havent figured out How to play him
HanzBo w
Hamster's piledriver ability feels like it takes forever in an extended fight, with the bugfixes coming maybe they could adjust it so he can get more use out of it without the double-damage - full damage to everyone current version
Honestly, the given advice are good, but the gameplay is really not impressive... Yeatle is far more \u003e Eviltoaster :P
Ibby 7
Tip abuse the hammond bugs before new ptr update releases on live :)
Jack Mass
80 is not enough, what is he talking about
Jason Lengson
This man sounds to be lacking a soul.
Jordan Naish
Why is this guy sound masking when you can see his face?!? 🤔🤔
Jzeke 420
Step one: choose another character.
Kael Molo
i jumped out of my seat when he started talking. what a deep ass voice man
how is he jumping so high?
King James
He has a sexy voice 😩😩😩😩
Lawrence Lawine
Soo, let's see if I play him correctly or not with all the wins I have with Hammond
Lord Kek
Lost Sylveon
top mistakes when playing hammond. picking him when you have no time on him and are in silver. some people these days don't even know they are throwing xDDD
Nice vid, I'm gonna try this tips after this. For some reason, I always thought Hammond will demech like D.Va. But nah you hear that squeal instead. 😅
Mateo Ortega
He sounds like he would be a good doctor lol just talking to people in a deep and calm voice
Matthew Tolocka
#1 mistake hammond players make\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPlaying the character in the first place. He's a tank that can't tank and he does little damage execpt for his ult. He is considered a throw tank in comp and is one of the least played characters in comp. Sorry not sorry.
Maxi L
Hey let's play some Wrecking Ball!!! :D Top Speed, Going Do *HACKED* *STUNNED* *FROZEN* *Dying hamster screeches*
Meant to Fall
One big mistake is playing hammond when they have a mei and sombra
Mikael Brenner
Nice video. If the teams learned that Hammond is a main tank, and didn't picked other main tanks it would also help a lot with the resource management within the team.
Minter Daly
That Yakuza 2 ad was on point.
MlgNightmare420 N8MR
Chosing hammond is a big mistake i tend to avoid
Biggest mistake imo is not switching off Hammond when there is a Sombra or Brigitte, they hard counter Hammond very easy, Mei is almost hard counter
Nullus Armageddon
Seeing the battle field in two dimension
My top tip for Hammond would be “Always be ready to retreat to your healer.”
Evil Toaster´ voice \u003c3
Piña Colada
0:44 Holy shit it’s Darth Vader
Hammond needs an aura that only he can see, like Lucio's, for his shield. I think that would be a lot better than the numbers at the bottom left that no one looks at
Rares Tincu
the problem is that it takes forever to reaload when you go in ball mode and then you go out and dont have any bullets thats just BS you have to reload forever
SuperiorBeing 1
Dropping my ult AFTER using piledriver. Gotta stop that. And the ult placement.
T Antonio
Playing Hammond.
The Astrobiologist
What Toaster’s saying about managing bullets is true, but it doesn’t change the fact that his damage potential is too low to justify picking him over Winston or D.va 95% of the time
Thomas Speliers
That voice !
Timothys Fraud!
William Knight
My biggest mistake is calling him \
I one tricked Hammond from 2650 to 3890 so he's a good hero, would recommend.
jake iz JCS
make 1 called top 5 mistakes people make when they have a hammond on their team like not engaging after i bump there whole team out of position. hopefully hammond stays how he is , feels good getting 4 golds with what most people consider is a throw pick, just like the old doomfist days
So it is actually meta to yell \
salt therapy
If Hammond’s dance isn’t the crb rave, I’m uninstalling
Had no idea that rein and orisa's shield blocks hammond's E
warcrab cyber
Hammond needs a 100 bullet clip size. His bullets run out to quickly. Or reduce reload time for his mech to reload the gun. That's his biggest issue. \n\nHis mine field also needs a buff. It takes too long to activate after dropping it. It gives enemies too much time to escape. It's easy to say you are using him wrong but it does not change the fact that these issues are flaws that need addressing.