Brian "Slash" Hansen picks the Tie Dye Tee contest winner

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Brian "Slash" Hansen stops by Active Ride Shop headquarters and picks the winner of the Altamont D.Y.I. Tie Dye T-Shirt contest! Thanks for all the entries! Shop Altamont here

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@willoughby1220 \r\nozzy is annoying
These shirts are so awesome!!! I want them!!!!!
Adrian Jimenez
just a sun hat i believe altamont makes the ones he wears tho
Ardie Reitsma
anyone know what song plays in the background?\n
Fuckin perfect song
Brian Chang
tie dye for the fucking win sonn
Casey Miller
Are you kidding me?\n
Cedric Adajar
He looks like he doesn't want to be there, haha. Slash fucking rocks.
Cesar Coria
Wow slash got a bunch of free shirts
Christian Reynolds
Tomorrows dream by sabbath in this niiice
Cory Tate
Dayton Jones
Damn, the 1 at 1:04 and 1:29 are both so sick! I wish I had them.
Dustin Dunbar
he sounded syked nottttttttttt lmao.
he's baked as FUUUUUUCK
lol his phone call. so monotonous
Gob Nobbler
Jav The Ripper
Dangit, I want one of those. Where can I get a shirt like trapasso has?
Jesus Alvarez
slash that mofo knows wat music\nSABBATH
Kai Leeper
@willoughby1220 welcome to the club
Kimberley Gregory
The kid who won goes to my school [:
Leroy Jenkem
i love tie dye and Hansen\n
haha if slash called me... oh man xD
yeah the half sleeve ti dyes were fuckin sick
Micha Huigen
@fallenkid222with bleach you can. i tried it , its sick, you get a black tshirt with a brown spiral or whatever you want!
Hes my favourite skater
Whats the song name ?
Nestor Gabriel Escobedo Mora
the winner is \
Qais ' Zix
I want them alll!!!!!!\n
Robert Gilbert
@eliskatesthuglifedym the song with the hermonica is wizard by black sabbath and the other song is of black sabbaths album volume 4 and i think its called tomorrows dream\n
Samuel Klauninger
@willoughby1220 wot song? :) its sick!
he look like leonardo da vinci a bit.
The 88 Cool Kid
@Obituary1306 yeah man 1:04 is tight!!!
Tom Hanks
i want brian hansan to call my phone
Tyrantor Bane
i want brian hansen to call my house and leave a message
black sabbath-the wizzard
lousy choice, awesome dog.
not the best pick,but whatever
lol why everytime i watch a vid with him he always wear dat shirt lol wtf is goin on xD slash u rox !!
coty borst
Lol, he's fucked uo
what song is this?? plz comment back! lol
Where do people get those Tees i see skaters with them in the uk none rides with them here and i want one! theyre not being sold at my local skate shop\n
hes chill cuz hes straight up
haha hangs the shirt on his dog instead of carrying it\n thats why i want a dog hahaha
shit! all these tie dies are bomb.
the hipster!
why use a fisheye