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20 Cool Photographs of Celebrities' Life in the 1970s and early '80s:Brad Elterman was at the centre of Los Angeles Rock and Punk scene in the late 1970s and early 80s. He was there at the craziest of parties and backstage at the most legendary concerts. Among the stars Brad circulated with are Joan Jett, Bob Dylan, Duran Duran, The Dead Boys, Blondie, and the Ramones. Other stars from that era that crossed his lens include Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, and John Travolta. Here, some of his interesting images of celebrities from the 1970s and 1980s.1. Cherie Currie, right, lead singer of the Runaways, and her twin sister, Marie, flank Vicki Razor Blade from Venus & the Razor Blades in 1977.2. Michael Jackson's record company held a gold record party inside a bank vault in Beverly Hills in 1982.3. Leif Garrett in Tokyo, 1979.4. Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Ringo Starr at On The Rox club in 1976. Post-breakup photos of members of the Beatles together in the 1970s were rare.5. Farrah Fawcett with Ryan O' Neal hanging out backstage at a Rolling Stones concert, 1980.6. Gene Simmons of KISS with Brooke Shields, then 13, at a Blondie party in 1979.7. The Ramones pose at the corner of Alta Loma Road and Sunset Boulevard in 1978.8. Joan Jett in Tropicana Motel in 1978.9. Bob Dylan and Robert De Niro backstage at the Roxy in 1976.10. Actor Matt Dillon poses for Elterman in a 1980 photo session.11. Michael Jackson outside Chasen's restaurant in 1978.12. David Bowie in his off-stage personal, 1975.13. Debbie Harry at Blondie's first Whisky a Go Go concert in 1977.14. Muhammad Ali and his wife Veronica Porsche Ali, Dr. Jerry Buss, Dr. Buss's date, Mayor Thomas Bradley and his wife Ethel Bradley at a charity concert at the The 'Fabulous' Forum in Los Angeles, California, 1970.15. Duran Duran sit in a car on the Sunset Strip in 1982.16. A young Brad Elterman poses for a photo with Joan Jett in 1978, at the Tropicana Motel in West Hollywood.17. Madonna greets a pack of photographers at the American Music Awards in 1982.18. Jackie Fox and Joan Jett fool around at a studio in Hollywood, 1977.19. Gene Simmons being Gene Simmons backstage at a KISS gig, 1978.20. Cherie Currie shows off her tattoo at her home in 1978.Labels: 1970s, 1980s, culture, famous people, life, portraits.

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Allen Murray
In number #5, that is Tatum O'Neal on the far right.
Andrew Howden
Yes she is still annoying.
Andrew Patrick
The 70's were pretty cool.
Barbara Chase
Thank you so much for your delicate work, always done so respectful and delivered to us with much care. Very enjoyable...
Beep beep bitch Your gay
Cherie currie love her and the runaways byee
Blanca Miranda
this music an old photographs makes me sad for some reason😕😯😞
Blue Lady
Name of the song anyone please??
I'm glad it was just then. I want to remember them the way they were.
Caroline Lally
What is that song? \nI recognize it....\n?
Ahh, Comment #100. Why do I feel you are picking on me with these pics? The oldest ones here are of Joan Jett, in '77, the year I graduated high school. Which means, if I were where they were, instead of the little town in Oklahoma, I may have fit in just right. I was the right age, just not as talented. Thanks for making me feel bad, lol. Cool pics. Love u❤🥀
this video s title should be *TRANNY FESTIVAL*
D Dingus
wow, young Micheal Jackson....he was dark skinned
Somebody's a Joan Nett fan! Saw her in 81 with Cheap Trick in Greenville NC (ECU)
Dave De Bruin
Great pics,great music. I love your channel ❤ compliments for it. Please keep up the good work 🤗
Denis Kostic
Forrest Gump
Heavy on the Runaways. Funny, in the 70's they were not popular at all in America. Now they have a cult status.
Heru- deshet
The 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s were the best decades of our country's recent history. It's all been going to shit since the 1980s.
Life was better back then...............
Holly Winslett
I literally LOVE ❤️ you’re channel and have been watching it for like 4 days straight since I found it. But I really wish you would play some happier music with certain videos. Thanks
Hunter Elite
More bideos ?
Iván Nakouzi Silva
Who is Cherie Courie?
James Fitz
Love the video photo’s
Jeff Montville
Wow m.jackson before he went white...
Jiffy Jim
Good collection,PL....The music is a bit melancholic,but I love all your work...I'm hooked...📷👌😊
Jim Whitted
This old guy wants to take a little longer to look and read, but thanks for the wonderful pictures, as always. When I stop to watch, the U tube covers the printing.
Joe Smith
Just a comment.\n\nWriting a book was not necessary
Joey P
Loved this one...'candid' shots of musicians from back in the day. When magazines and rare TV appearances was the only time you got a glimpse of them other than going to the concerts... they were larger than life and it was special to go to a show or buy an album to study the covers and the record sleeve, or hear them on the radio or the AT top 40 on weekends... i feel sorry for kids today, listening to mainstream computer generated music with fabricated performers who's only requirement is to look good...
John Boslet
Great shot of Dylan!
Johnny Davis
Nice 👍... I'm a terribly HUGE... Joan Jett fan 🤙🤙🤙
Johnny Rotten
Loved these photos.......brilliant and brings back heaps of memories - particularly Brooke Shields with Gene Simmons at the Blondie gig.......classic.
Johnny Wadd
@heru- deshet, depends on context, childhood, location, wealth, etc, if generalises.\nstatements like life was better.....don't offer much, as it is as valid or invalid as the respondee remembers/believes.\n\n\nthere are positives and negatives (again, in general) about these decades, but comparing 'life' from 1930-1970s is too broad a range. imho.
Kali Southpaw
Cool photos. The girl who says thanks at the end is very cute. 😘
Kathy Lucas
Yay 😁. Lots of Runaways, Joan Jett, Blondie. But I still am not a fan of MJ’s.
Kevin Ball
I think she winked at me.
Kim Albright
Loren Kolb
I absolutely LOVE your channel!!!!!
Matt Butler
Getting old should not make you sad . It is the alternative that makes me sad.
Mike 369
I'm a 70s teenager or was I miss them time's 😐
Moni love
Love the pictures the music
Your little wink at the end is annoying.
Nina C
SO cool!
Nothing interesting to me! I'm the same age as ROCK&ROLL!\nHere only the usa persons ( some Europe I did not count)! Split! The author forgot THE ABBA - rules in the World in the 74-82! The BEST FOREVER!\nminus! -100!
Bellissime foto, grazie!
Percival Nunes
I liked that only cherie currie appears I wanna more photos of her
Ralph Averill
Is that Johnny Cochran in front of Mayor Bradley in the Muhammad Ali pic at 2:27?
Sandy K
This is the FIRST TIME I've seen EVERY ONE of the pictures!!! My brother (Black Randy (and his Metrosquad) lived with the Ramones in New York in the 70's and got me their autographs!!! BTW: You can watch any of my brother's music videos here on YouTube but remember to click on his by selecting the ones tied to his Metrosquad. He has a large following despite passing in 1988. Thank you for bringing these AWESOME pics!!!
Sarah Solomonova
Хочется вернуться в прошлое 👍
Sheila Torres
the runaways :o
Steven Ashe
The one of Muhammad Ali was dated incorrectly. Should be around 1979 or 1980 not 1970. He was married to Veronica until the late 70's.
oh, memories of being a kid in the seventies, these photos are too cool for school...
Tamara Bossler
Love ❤️ it
Tenori Huttunen
everytime i watch these, i feel getting older, it is sad :(
The Joker
Michael Jackson was black? WTF.
clicked off when i saw the first picture
Tom Slak
Must have listened to different music when young. Who the heck is Cherie Currie and what is she famous for (song titles?)?
Viking Power
Michael Jackson, born poor and black , died Rich and white. Damn.
Wagner27 William
I remember when celebrities were just normal people. \nI was born in 1970 so some of this stuff I remember. \nIn 1988 I got wasted with gene Simmons and kiss.
Wolf Pak
Gag me
Where is Mary???
adara cuevas
somebody build me a time machine
bobowrath sovine
the dramatic music hardly fits
david banner
first photo - HOT!!!
espectadora fiel
The West got too commercial from the mid-70's on. Don't wanna see no photos of copy-cat performers (all those after 1974). [except maybe the cutting-edge dudes like Blondie, Talking Heads, Devo, and all the similar Brits who came soon after]
gayle petroski
Your videos are the best. i always look for them first! ps. Brings back my era in most of them!
greentea momma73
oh to been around back then, oh wait I WAS!!
the HELL was wrong with Gene's eyes in last photo?
....amazing how cool a candid photo of someone famous can be ... these are fantastic photos.
geez can the song be anymore depressing?...
olddogg eleventy2
Enjoy your videos immensely...the music is wonderfully selected and not that techno shit. It's tasteful and the photos are excellent...thank you for your work and.... c'mon' give us a little kiss girl. You're a dear.
Why a funeral music?
press play
Man I really miss the late 70's and the odd wierdo 80's!!!!! Loved It!!!!!! When music was REAL and was always a suprise to hear a new album or single....ROCK ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tODAYS MUSIC mostly S U X! tHEN IT WAS ABOUT lOUD BLASTING ARENA MUSIC, SMOKIN ALOT OF POT, AND scoring with the chic next door, and on occasion a fist fight without knives or guns to KICK-ASS and party another day. Today (starting in the mid 90's music is all about whining, complaining, narcissism, violence, woe is me hypocrisy.....um....yeah. Dont get me wrong some good artists out there but few far and between. I know all of this like many others because I was THERE! Joan Jett was my !st concert at fourteen years old in houston TEXAS at Astroworld(6flags), She opened up for HEART! fUCKING LOUD in the tenth row! Damn.....I'm olde skool AND LOVE IT!