Aim Secrets: The DPI to Sensitivity Ratio

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Low Sens, High Sens? How should you adjust your Sensitivity ingame and out of game? The DPI to Sensitivity Ratio might help you get more consistent aim!Make sure to join my Discord! ! Keep in mind that the demand is quite high, so you may have to wait a couple weeks for an open slot!

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So, if I get it right the movement required to go from the left to the right side of my desktop should equal the movement ingame for a 180° turn?\nI am currently playing at 800 DPI and 5.5 in game sensitivity. That means the desktop movement thing takes me about 6cm but I need about 15cm to do a 180° turn in game.\nBut lowering the DPI doesn't feel really comfortable for me on the desktop.\nDoes that mean that I would have to higher my sensitivity in game to match my DPI?\nThat would be a way too high sensitivity, wouldn't it?
Before I was playing at 500 dpi with 5 sensitivity. I now play with 2500 dpi with 1 sensitivity. Is this a drastic change? I thought it doesn’t really matter since the ratios were consistent.
Abraham Wolde
Direkt in der ersten sekunde gemerkt, dass er Deutsch ist. Gutes Video.
Ando Konstantinidi
I wonder though if it makes a difference what kind of DPI to sens ratio you have in game (apart from pixel skipping issue) provided eDPI is the same. Say, I play with 3200 eDPI and my current settings are 1600x2. Would it make any difference if I play 3200x1 or 800x4? \nRegarding your comment on desktop sens - that would be irrelevant in my case since I switch do 200 dpi for desktop use.
Arramis _
Doea anyone know the maths on how to convert cm/360 between games with fixed fovs?
Aryan Singh
ioStux Coaching | Overwatch I saw you reply to someone's comment saying to follow theb321 rule. My 321 is Ana/Zen/Rein, Heal/Tank, Projectile. However, I'm in bronze so to have a good team comp I usually need to flex into other roles, and sometimes those heroes don't work in the situation (ex. I'm playing against a team with a bastion and a really good flanker. Bastion melts Rein sheild, flanker melts Zen and Ana). What should I do in those situations?
Beary Boy
I always had 38 but a lot of pros use 50...
Blazenoise 358
Any tips on how to improve on 30 fps aim with no mousepad? And a 15 dollar honda gaming mouse that I don't know what dpi it has but it had 4 different modes?
I've never experienced aim fatigue; am I doing something wrong or am I just destined for greatness?
Carlos G.
So... He talk about low sens and high sens, but what range would be considered low and high respectively?
Daniel Mitchell
I am really struggling with this, having just come to the PC version from playing console the last two years. At low sensitivity, I feel precise but I can't turn without picking up my mouse and it feels really awkward. I have a DeathAdder mouse which can go up to 3500 DPI, but right now I have it at 1800, which feels good out of game. I'm still struggling with the in game sensitivity
Daniel R
I have found that an eDPI of 800-1000 is the cradle that holds the majority of the most statistically accurate pc fps players. I personally play at 600-800. My recommendation is to use a light mouse with a good cable or a good wireless (Logitech is the best in class at the time of this comment). G305 lightspeed is my choice. this allows me to utilize the full movement of my arm to some extent when aiming which, if you think about it, is what you would be doing if moving and firing a real weapon. I was a high sense player for years, but the change to low improved my performance beyond belief.
fhd is 1920 for 103 degree, lol, not 1080
Epic Youplay
Ich höre doch raus das du ein deutscher bist gibt es das Video auch auf Deutsch?
Falling Hourglass
it's 36 not 38
Fresh Meat
5.5 in game and 800 dpi good yas?
I tried to clean the screen at 1:48...
Very good video although im playing cs
how do you make mouse dpi equal to OW edpi? you started to talk about it at the end but I have no way of knowing how to do it
Igor Ramon
Huh, I got to 38 relative sens as if it felt more comfortable, good to know there's a reason for it!
Insanely detailed video, good job
Jani Spaits
Interesting about the scope stuff. I always used 38 as it was common knowledge to be the best scope sens (mind you, I'm very invested in the dpi-sens-fov stuff, have the best mouse, pad, etc) and then I saw that Gale Adelade uses 45, tried it out and I instantly turned from a shitty bodyshot Widow player to someone who rekts diamond-master widows even though I'm Plat. I even got a play of the game where I hit 5 headshots in a row... 45 just feels so natural. I usually say just stick to a sens and you will get used to it, but this adjustment changed my gameplay so drastically.\n\nOf course it's personal preference as always, but I thought I would add this experience. Thanks for all the great videos
I would’ve headshotted the subscribe button but I was playing Ana
About DPI and mouse sens feeling the same ingame and in 2d is what I tried doing. But heard that i got pixel skipping so I changed that. My current edpi is 4 ingame and 1000 DPI. Before it was 800 dpi and 5 ingame. I watched your video about pixel skipping but you're the only one i've ever heard that doesn't think it's important. What is your opinion on my edpi?
Justin A
This series should've been #1 on Reddit, but iostux shit on muh overwatch. That's a true feelsbadman, thank you anyway for being a try hard and making these on your busy schedule.
Great video! I moved from a 4,000 eDPI to 1,000 and it makes gaming on CSGO 100% better for me. More headshots and aiming is effortless. I can’t believe I’ve been using that high of a eDPI for years.
aim fatigue? do people get tired of moving around your hand that much? i never i get tired because its not even tiring
Kasparas Bajorunas
Music pls ???
i play on 62 feelsbadman
Mediocre PC Gaming
I probably should calibrate my sensitivities between games now...
Mitchell Vinyard
i wiped my screen
Long one bois
Red Ring of Death
I do not understand why you suggested 180, 270, or 360 degrees for your desktop movement. Wouldn't you want to match 103 degrees in order for your desktop to be one to one with in game movements?
What if You use high dpi and low sense because you use a medium-sized mouse pad?
Samuel Hoffmann
Hardest german accent i've ever heard, but good video
What ya guys think bout 30cm360\n4500 edpi 500dpi 9 ingame sens 500 dpi desktop in diamond but i wanna get better aim, i used to struggle between using 4500 edpi or 4000/4200 help :c i think 4500 is too high altho is good for me i wanna be more precise im an arm aimer and i wanna develope muscle memory but i cant decide which sens to keep and changing sens screws ur muscle memory so idk what to do ;w; btw sry derpy english
Someone needs to make a program that you can easily figure out your sens from one game to the next or get it as close as possible. I would pay for something like that.
Can you make a vid on fov? Overwatch has such low fov compared to other games.
I've heard about 38 a long time ago but that seems to be just for Widowmaker. Doesn't Ana have a different scoped FOV and zoom tho? Never done some solid testing myself but it looks like Ana's scope has a lower zoom strength compared to Widowmaker's. I play neither of those heroes competitively, I'm just curious because I play a lot of Mystery Heroes.\n\nOverwatch Central BTW
Man, I have such a big problem with sensitivity.... I started at 3200 dpi with 12.5 ingamesens and since that was insanely high i have been gradualy decreasing it. Problem is, I cant really stop. Its so bad now that I use 800 dpi with 1.4 ingamesens. Im buing a razer speed extended because of my low sens and im essencially hoping that one day something will click in my head and it will be good and i will be able to get some muscle memory.....I used to use strickly wrist aim with a big mouse and now i use a hybrid of wrist and arm aim with a small mouse. Idk if I should go back up to something resonable like 1600 dpi with 4 sens and have shit aim for 2 weeks or if i should keep going...halp
Me: is supposed to be studying to memorize the unit circle for tomorrows test\nThis Video: has the Unit Circle in it\nMe: Illuminati confirmed
can you comment how to hold mouse, i'm ok at shooting at front, but i use my palm to anchor my hand.\n\nand it is so hard to move around say 180deg as i feel like someone is holding my arm, friction of palm and arm...\ni've to effectively lift my arm up. if i do that, im able to move large distances, but then my aim which was perfect because palm goes bad.
Trout Mask
Aim fatigue is actually more common with higher sens than lower from the research that I have done.
38 fov??\nI use 90.\nQuake player.\n38 seams terrible
William Lord
I tried the PSA method u mentioned in your video and after about 2 weeks of using the Sens I got from it I realized it was just too low. \n\nIt doesn't work if ur doing it in the practice range because the bots are too slow and their hit boxes are too large. \n\nI use 1600 dpi, Sens before the PSA was 2.65, PSA gave 2.3, didn't feel comfortable in game until I raised it to 2.5\n\nThe PSA method is only helpful for new or bad players who have barely ever experimented with their sensitivities.\n\n All it does is help you figure out what is way too high and way too low, but the consensus between myself and players I have met around my rank (master) who tried it as well is that PSA is overhyped.
Why play many pros higher than 40 zoom sens? for example 45 or 50 when 38 is the magic number?
love the soundtrack
[AIE] Helga
if you want the best of both world aka ultra low sensitivity for super steam y tracking and long range aim and high send for close range flickshots and 180s the you should Google povohat mouse accel and learn about good mouse acceleration and its used in high level competitive fps
fell away
Who knows the fov degree for csgo
For me it was somewhat hard to find out how to match my desktop sens to my in game sens. And having to do this on multiple games made it even more difficult
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phillip eulee
38 what? 38 procent of the max sensitivity number? What about my dpi compared to 38? And why 38? not all games have the same sensitivity scale? And 38 in what game? in overwatch my sensitivity is 4! and dpi 800? so if i was to turn up my sensitivity to 38! an inch moved, would result in like 10, 360's! obviously overrating, i think... but you get my point
Why should the Desktop match a 180 degree turn in-game? Mine matches 103 degrees in-game, my fov... because that's what I view in both... Is 180 better?
ronaldo shimizu
good thing the dpi/sens ratio is a minor thing. \nOW 1080p,\ndesktop 4k(dif. screen)\nand at work in absolute positioning lmao
I don't know why but I just love it when you say \
How many Ana main's are here?