Overwatch: Hammond Main TANK! - Wrecking Ball Advanced Guide

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Wrecking Ball aka Hammond is a hilariously fun tank hero to play but most players don't know how to play as him or play with him, this video explains. Playing Main Tank Hammond is about crowd controlling the enemy front line to let your team walk up or get angles towards their team without having a big shield in their way. Beyond that, Hammond allows for a super dive, and can draw out far more lethal cooldowns with a good adaptive shield than even a Winston bubble can withstand, so when you combine with frontline control, big engages that absorb key abilities AND key knockups with piledriver you make a ton of space for your team and effectively main tank Hamster. If you enjoyed the video and found it useful, be sure to leave the video a like!Hammond Tuxedo Fan Art:

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When he ults instead of throwing out mines it should be floating candles or candy.
Not sure if this was in another hammond video, but you can also jump off the payload to pile driver from that height, really useful since you can hook on to it and spin after or before to stall.
Allah O'ahu
man overwatch in such a good state right now. the hero pool has never been more healthy I'd say and the only real troll pick right now is torb who's getting a re-work. \nI feel bad for those who gave up on the game cause I feel like it's never been more fun than it is now.
Amber Valkerie
Hammond is just really weird hybrid main and off tank. At least he is cute. Where's the plushie?
Ant Khan
This is right on time for me and awesome tips. I just started really liking Hammond this weekend. I think he's better than a lot of people are giving him credit for.
So a i am a tank/healer player and i am thinking about playing dps, but i am not sure which hero i should learn
Arnaud Lobut
You didn't mention you can recharge your guns in ball form (there is no sound or animation for that)
BB Hoody
I disagree. Hammond excells at creating space. But he can't maintain that space and secure positioning like a actual main tank. He still needs a main tank backing up his plays. Other wise he'll just get swarmed and forced to back off and the space he created just gets taken back.
Beach Looking Guy
been putting some hours into wrecking ball myself, and the mobility is so fun! swinging in and out of combat to get hp and distract is my favorite also slamming down on everyone is awesome as well. some good tips here, though! thanks
Ben Palomino
Benji Richmond
I love you and hate you I play rein and Hammond
Berend Kuiper
I main rein and i died from the inside
Brad Rose
I wonder if I'm the only one who got low key triggered when he said \
Brandon Kocher
Hammond is just so much fun once you get the hang of him. Once you can flow through the maps with his speed and grapples easily you end up doing so much dpsing as well as making space with the CC.
Bryn Irons
Hi youroverwatch i just like to say i love this channel especially the guides theyre so helpful. Keep it up and best content out there
CaKe Chocolate
hammond main tank gang
Calvin Coyle
Telling people that Hammond is a main tank will take a while I still find people who think Winston’s an off tank
Collin Lyons
What about general hero combos with dps and Hammond like Hammond genji or tracer and should they engage with the Hammond or after he has disrupted the team
Crazy Killjoy 2.0
My gosh this inspired me to learn to play him! Great gameplay
Dark PePe
Just in time for pumpkin skin
Sorry boi, I beat Hammond into submission every time with Rein. No hamsters allowed on the big boy playground.
Darren Harvey
And what I’ve grabbed from this video xD be a really big obnoxious lucio
David PT
One thing you didn't mention and that I'm not surprised because this is something a lot of people don't think about and don't use enough is the fact that just like Brig and Rein when they put up their shields, also Hammond can see in 3rd person when he's in ball mode and that always you to scout past walls without being seen, we all know how annoying Brigitte is at doing this, Rein can't really do it because his shield his massive but Hammond can, and although you can't Shield Bash you can use that information to think your engage while the enemy doesnt even know you're there
David Teachout
Here's a great tip: As Hog if you have a Wrecking Ball teammate use that hook to pull tanks into the minefield.
Donny McIvor
Great vid. Love to see more about enemy comps he is weak against. Sure he can smack Rein around, but add Mei to the mix and he could have a hard time escaping. What other way can you think of to stop the hamster in his tracks? Orisa is actually a decent pick. Fortify prevents any CC, while a well placed Halt can help to focus him down.
That was a great guide, I’m a masters tank main and I’ve always wanted to play Hammond, and I feel I really got a lot of insight off this video, thank you
Dylan Grebe
am i the only one who finds it a little more difficult to aim as hammond than as other heros somehow
Large German man in full body armor gets bullied by a hamster... Classic
Evan Purser
Thanks for this, this was really helpful. I’ve been having problems with my hamster main so this really helped. I know what I’m doing wrong and what to do better.
Allo children. Hammond is weird. No one plays him right.
Finn Christman
Really needed this.\n\nI've been playing him for a while and I've got a decent idea of how to Play him but this should make it a lot easier\n\nAfter finishing the vid what i got was how I played not my mechanical plays.\n\nWhat I mean by this is using things like grapple to sperate the enemy's and looking for boops as this can make it easier for my team. Thanks alot
Thanks for the tips on the hero I'm currently playing most! I definitely love these hit-n-run type characters the most. Gotta get the most value out of displacing the enemy team, that's for sure.
Forest Skilbred
What a complete video, ncie job.
Freddy Frazber
Very well done that was a well detailed video thank you 💙👍
General Grievous
Where can I get that tuxedo hamster in the thumbnail?
Gergelim RE
Yup, it's official. I'm gonna turn into rat main
Godzilla Gamer
halloween terror hasn't started yet it's 9th why didn't it already
Guy Guy
I've been finding he works really good with a side tank rein. As soon as rein puts out his firestrike you can time your grapplehook and piledriver combo to get a few easy picks
HJB Thunder
Its Zinx
Little Hammy in a tuxedo is pretty adorable
J Morris the Review Guy
Thank you!!!!!!!! Iv been saying hammond is a main tank all this time and no one believes me in fact somone kicked me from the group just for saying i was gunna play hammond as main tank -.-
Jacob Dammons
do note symmetra's turrets are a v good answer to hammond's mines
James Bernadette
There's actually one quite easy way for Orisa to escape the minefield. Start moving to the edge of the field right away when you hear Ham pop the ult. Then, just for a second, do a little crabwalk so you can place your shield to eat as many mines from the center of the field to the edge to make a mine-free \
James Vann
So would it be accurate to summarise your definitions of off and main tank as: off tanks synergize, while main tanks are synergized with?
Jeff Wang
I wish Hammond has a larger clip of bullets, regardless, fun character
John O'Brien
I saw a video mentioning you can jump off walls as Hammond then pile drive saving you grapple,you should make a video on that because I’ve been struggling to do it
Joseph Guerriero
One thing, you didn’t mention jumping off a ledge and then pile driving back onto it without the need for grapple
Julian Slonim
I was busy and the video started playing and I didn't even listen, your voice just is good for environment sound for some reason.
Kirby Brown
You explaining how hamster works makes him sound more difficult to play
Kristopher Luna
I agree with a lot of points in this video but there’s something really interesting that I found through playing him. I’ve had extreme success on solo tanking with him on KOTH in my mid-high plat area while the rest of my team play dps/supp. At one point my win % doing that was 88%, any reason why it worked so well on so many occasions? It also works pretty good on certain maps other than KOTH but mostly just on the KOTH maps
Kuchi Kopi
6:51 YO! That was YUGE!!!!!!
Lonnie Harris
Playing non competitive as Hammond, I can really peel off attention from choke points just by heading straight to a cap point with a big move. People love focusing me down. If I communicate that at start and the team has the initiative to attack the choke after, I find on a lot of maps that the initial cap is very quick. I still suck at fine control of swings, though. :(
Marlboro Redox
skip to 12:13 for the mandatory Brig complaining
Has anyone noticed that Mei absolutely kicks hammonds arse? A slow hammond is a dead hammond. Mei does just that, slowing you down with the smallest freeze spray. It completely combats your dives sometimes. Sure you come in with the piledriver, but then frozen in the middle of the enemy comp? Your dead in seconds.
Max x
There was perfect chance to make a joke about peanut butter for hammond
I like the video, but I feel like there's a technique you didn't cover very well. You mentioned needing to be above jump height to use pile drive and you sort of grazed by the cheats you can do with it. But the much more effective method of pile drive is not to swing up to a ledge, it's to fall off a ledge and piledrive. As long as you're on a high ledge you can instantly piledrive when you fall off, and the forward momentum of piledrive will put you right back on the ledge. It works with any high ledge and if the ledge is too short, you can just jump off the ledge backwards, and piledrive forward. It also works really well on cart, just get to the top part of any cart, jump off and piledrive; be careful trying to do this against a Rein, he WILL constantly hammer you off the top part of a cart and you'll just waste time trying to get up there to pile drive.
Michael C
Wrecking Ball is not a main tank at all, just a DPS. Having CC and a lot of health doesn't make you a tank. Wrecking Ball is kind of like Doomfist in a way.
Michael Munro
Had a primal rage Winston push 4 people into them today :)
Michael Oxendine
I dont know why I bother to even watch guides for heros like this. I get excited and want to understand how Hammond plays but then realize I'm in gold. My teammates wont run a normal comp and I can get to XQC's level of toxic
Nolan Barker
Do you think Hammond should have something like a headshot hit box in his ball mode? I feel like many Hammond players are way too far out of position and can always get away with silly plays. Winston needs great positioning so he can get impact but Hammond is way to lax on positioning while still getting that impact
Noob Slayer
There is no point knocking rein back in my rank nobody stands behind it
Nudah Not Verified
Nice video but...\n\n\n\n\n*We need that tuxedo skin*
Hopefully he gets nerfed
Paladins Rage
*Fix rein thanks.*
Qasim The Dream
YES THAT THUMBNAIL MAKES ME HAPPY! Please Jeff bring out tux Hammond soon
Rafael Calmon
I wouldn't call a main tank because I feel like that would just fall into old sym designation as a support hero kind of thing. He can't do what Rein and Orisa do, which is giving the dps a place to fall back to and be safe, which is basically a must have when your team doesn't really know how to avoid damage or stay out of a Widow's line of sight. Winston can do that as well, by Hammond is even less than Zarya at that.\n\n\nNow what he CAN do, and oh boy, he does like nobody else can, is deny. Rein wants to swing? Denied. Bunker wants to stay bunkered? Denied. Want to coordinately get in that objective? Good luck o/\nHe denies so much stuff that you might as well not need a tank dedicated to protecting the backline, of course if the backline can capitalize on it. Too many times I've knocked a Rein back only to see that my team didn't get any value off of it, and wondering what went wrong there.\nTurns out that much like Sombra, although a very powerful tool, it can't get value unless your team gets it themselves.
Ricardo Sdoya
How cool would it be if Hammond popped out his mech when it dies? Like Dva. That would be so funny.. give him 50hp and let him be an ankle biter!
Rowan Fink
Great Hammond play. The worst part about playing him is that mistakes are super obvious. How do you recover from a swing through the choke to pass through the rein and get hidden behind them that just gets stuffed and loses your team the fight? Tell them to back out or poke for picks or try to follow up since enemy cool downs are used? Basically, how much should we expect our teams to work around us and how much should we as Hamsters work around our team?
I learned something today.
Sam Jam
That tuxedo Hammond can be a new skin: Mond, Ham Mond...
CC should be based by the weight of the character hog orisa rein should be the most difficult to move, being that they dont move far. A tracer shouldnt get booped as far as a dva.
Sartre OW
Triple tank dive is the next meta, I'm calling it now
Seismic Savage
Pro tip, if your high in the air you can fire then pile drive so you can get some crit shots off the tanks and stuff. It works but it's kinda hard to pull off so you need to practice. But I'm a Hammond Main so you guys should try it. Fire down before you use pile drive while in the air.
I prefer my peanut butter and jelly well separated on 2 different baguette
If Hammond use Piledrive it means the lack of good Ana players. \nYou can sleep Hammond mid air most of the time.
Siew Seng
Meanwhile in gold elo, dps are expecting all tanks should be just blocking damage for them while they only know how to stand there and deal dps.
So according to freedo from my overwatch Hammond is the tip of the aggression causing him to become a main tank, so does sombra emping to start a fight make her a main tank
Timothy Beach
The biggest thing I took from this is to simply learn the hook. I rarely use it on the horizontal plane, mostly because I dont know the timing of it yet. Good stuff!
Please play quick play or scrim before you do comp as Wrecking Ball, Hamster responsibly
I really enjoy these types of videos. They really show how each hero has their own potential to make critical impacts on the game.
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that doomfist isn’t overpowered, he’s just the only hero that can go toe to to with brig and goats?
Your Overwatch
Absolutely love playing this hero! Can't wait for Jack-o-Hammond tomorrow :)
Zavoc Ashen
Good video
crazy 2.5
I hate you for doing that to rein I'm a rein main I feel offended *joke*
Stop helping people bully me as Rein :'c
This is the first advanced guide I've been able to instantly put in to my gameplay, thanks!
Thanks for the great vid. I have been avoiding Hammond because his guns feel so weak, but now that I see how powerful his CC and piledriver can be I think I will give him some practice time in FFA.
need healing
i had a huge debate with a friend on how i thougth that hammond can be used as a main tank because he can render the enemy main tank useless and draw like 60% of all fire on him, but he said that a main tank has to have a barrier or some kind of protection for your team. glad to see that im not the only one thinking like this
skylar jensen
for that wrecking ball play, YOU DISGRACE THE CRUSADERS!
Hammond, the tilter of widowmakers
תומר רוזן
Im gonna like my own comment and you cant do anything about it