Brian "Slash" Hansen Day in the Life

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Active's day in the Life with Altamont Pro Brian "Slash" Hansen. Shop Altamont here

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He seems like the raddest dude!
A Large Yellow Lemon
“i’m gonna feed my dog a hotdog because i haven’t fed him today”
ATG Beatz
u can put slash in a mouldy borito and a top hat and he would still look rad!!!!!
Adrian Gonzales
this fool should be on the set of SONS of ANARCHY 
Alex Ferus
i love that huge ollie you landed 2nd try that was awesome !
Andrew Stampfly
he say he was gunna do some crack at the beginning?
He's out there gettin it!
Bones of Gold Skateboarding
this vídeo was some true shit and made me smile xD skate or die
whats the song\n
slash kills \\m/ \\m/
Chris montgomery
Chris Haslam called\n\n\n\n\nhe wants his beard back.
Ciaran Costello
That's dogibalism
Copper Head SevenPointThree
really wish they would not have mando-commercials about socialist- save the earth krap as intros to cool vids....
Cory Derzon-Supplee
rip fallen
Devin F
Shirt 🙌
Drew Juen
when i first saw him in an altamont ad, i thought he was just some hobo because it was a picture of him with his dog on a leash while the dog was taking a crap on the sidewalk
Dylan Michelotti
I love his shoes they feel so sick to skate in
El Capitan
his dog eats better than he does
does anyone know where to get that shirt?\n
such a sympathic guy
Garner Simpson
lol his new Deathwish pro deck is SLASH spelt out in Baker letters\n
George Bon
this song is on tony hawks p8
Jacob Kuny$z
r.i.p. fuel tv
James .Crawley
does anyone know where i can get those orange fallen shoes he has got on, they look so DOPE\n
Jan Schleritzko
Jimi Hendrixx
what was he doing with Mastodon?
John Lewis
fuckin clean caveman 50-50
John Toth
Joshua Hancock
i think my hometown looks just as good to skate as LA. i think i'll just go around the block and keep it local. stl the rad one
Joshua Lamdin
Best 'day in the life' video I've seen. Normally I find most of these videos a little forced but this one was just raw skate footy skating anything on the way and chilling. Keeping it fun
He has the heat on way too high while coming those eggs. They shouldn't be sizzling like that.
Kevin Miller
this dude kinda looks and sounds like chris haslam
Key Alex
Love it, Sk8 Erything
Lance Buttercream
Hey slash if you're ever on youtube reading comments I remember meeting you Springfield Mo Baker Deathwish demo. I think I was a freshman or some shit. anyway I'm some random skater you said what's up to once. One Love Slash!!
Lyn Dyrdek
Mark Magruder
nice clark real nice\n
Maxie Pattie
Dude rolls me
Mc Lovin
I love how he like actually cooks for his dog lol
McGregor Man
I envy his beard and hair.
what an honor lol
I love his skating style
Shares a hotdog with regular dog. Classicly chill.
Nicolás Burgos
what race is the dog?
Pedro sanchez
thats a real skater
Philip Coats
Slash is so fucking cool.
2:50 pause hahahah
Sipp Succ
His mom is super chill she would give us loads of stickers and clothing
Stevesk8s Allday
@4:00 lol
Superbased Taskforceagent
The Stig
I want a dog like that..that will hang with you everywhere and follow you and be like another homie!
the... im not falling im pushing routine... nice touch slashy lol killin it
Tony Roberts
he was tweaking
Victor C.
I wish I had this lifestyle. Skating, chilling with my dog and homies. You can tell he loves his dog
I didn't realize how old this vid was i shocked when i seen him rockin fallenss haha.
This is my favourite video :-)
3:25 beautiful sw 360flip
How old is Brian??
Slash is the best
where's nuge's wife?
bone ism
when fuel was actually worth watching..
cameron snegosky
chill dude, nothing to be ashamed of
carly M
my homie pedro\n
great skater. couldnt share food with a dog tho they smell doggy doo doo.
deadline caparasd
chills not skills hahaha
He teaches us how to MOUNT our boards, in the MANLIEST of ways, you beast Slash, YOU FUCKING BEAST.
g fry
is it forced cannibalism if you feed your dog a hot dog
gavin lumbreras
He treats his dog likes its his son, love this dude
herp derp
slash is sucha cutie lol
hugh willie
what shoes is he wearing ?\n
fallen slashes there his pro model shoe
jacky whipet
This guy got a rob Zombie film leading role written all over him.
jake schleifer
Holy crap. I remember watching this video when it came out back when I was in 9th grade. Oh the nostalgia!
got that shit the day it came out. its tight. i think hes in bake and destroy as much or more than andrew reynolds
Never heard of him, but I dig his style. Hitting everything and just straight up skating till he pukes. Great video.
slash was sick when he was on pig wood
keonni reeves
Brian Hansen pushes LA
slash peed on the back of my chair in a movie theater in vegas lol
awsome vid
that cruising random line stuff is wicked, i love watching that!
nathan moore
7 people are not cruzin with the homies
such a chill dude and its like hes always frying lol always happy even when launchin chunks
tyrants - black mountain
Camera guy too close to the kid at 2:28. I'd be pissed.
qwert yuiop
D I V A 5 2
rohan rossouw
Why did he throw up ? :S
That Pabst beanie is so tight!
shane mella
fuck man. you cant help but just love everything about slash! his style his personality. hes just an all around chilled dude.
slash would look sick with some dreads
 self conscious bastard, not a thing to be ashamed of slash. You da man!
Ferrari at 1:55
I discovered how they manage to do this! They simply insert a gyroscope into their abdomens!