Brian "Slash" Hansen Tony Hawk! Weekend Buzz ep. 71 pt. 1

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-Weekend Buzz: Every Friday on Ride Channel-This week, in part 1 of 2, Slash and Riley returned to question Brink's sexuality, talk about bartending for Saint Archer, Shep Dawgs 4, crashing cars in front of the police and using the Tony Hawk card & Antwuan Dixon!Studio Artwork By:Connor [email protected]@cgetzlaffFollow us on Instagram: @volcanicsunrise @rileyhawk @ericayary @robertbrink @ridechannelShare a drink and a few laughs with Rob Brink and Erica Yary as they interrogate your favorite pros for their opinions on the latest skate industry news, gossip and high jinx.Send your questions for Rob & Erica to [email protected] to RIDE:

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love dylan fuck this slash geeza rippin him lurk hairy pussy
ATG Beatz
andy roy and duane peters
Aidan Ghazvini
Get the Trunk Boyz up in here!!!
Ben Kwiatek
I like how much slash loves Riley. You can just see slash admiring Riley when he talks
Rest In Peace, Dylan \u003c3
Is it f'n up for anyone else at around 10:30?
Branson Howard
jon dickson
Here's another one for Gravette, Rob and Erica, get on it.
Cameron C
Reason why everyones hating on slash is cause he chose to keep it real and say how he felt. Why does everyone think being pro means you cant be entitled to your OWN opinions?
Carlos Alarcon
dylan rieder and austyn gillette!
sheckler and t puds\n
Rip Dylan 😢
austyn and dylan \n
Demian Russo
he's already in jail man\n
EarthWorm Jim
David Gravette and Sam Hitz or Darren Navarette
ll the antwuan show lol
Fred Head
David Gravette please
Graylen Cameron
Where's the Figgy episode ? There's barely any video interviews with him.
James Gaidano
jacob nunez and riley hawk
Jeremiah Wilson
this slash hansen dude is fake as hell. what a douche
Jim Dor
god this slaSH cvunt is annoying,
Joe Shea
I don't under stand why u have some non skater girl and a guy hasn't skated sense he was 16!!!!!!!! get Jeff grosso amd some one else
Johnny .Lusardi
Mike V and Jason Adams
Kwl Gamer
8:35 What ta!? O.o
antwaun dixon and furby
Luke bonczek
they should get figgy and jon dickson on the show!
weed card?????? damn, need me one of those. . . .
Marc Santos
Jason dill and Ave? or Jason Dill and Dylan rieder?
Maxie Pattie
8:02 \
Mighty Boosh
have you seen tpuds front side flip over a 17 set like first try?
Slash and Riley are Dope! check out my channel if you skate, thanks for the support
Fuck antwuan
N Bee
So many haters lol
Nick Allison
Riley was so baked ha
Slash is awesome. Chill dude, doesn't give a shit.
Oscar paguada
slash is such a sick dude, i met him yesterday while he was on the east coast tour
Oskar Malone
i hate riley hawk
Patrick B
Prince Leija
Fucken slash fucken fucken
RIDE Channel
Riley Hawk and Slash on \u202a#\u200eWeekendBuzz\u202c. Does Riley drop Tony Hawk's name? Does Slash leave tours? Did Riley get arrested on a Thrasher Magazine tour? Baker Skateboards, Lakai Limited Footwear, Shep Dawgs... how many parts is Riley filming for? Watch Part 1 to find out.
Rakeeb Kahn
Dont tell me I'm not the only one who heard Erica moan at 5:39
Get Dylan Rieder on here
Salvador Ordaz
Get Dylan Reider on
Brian \
Skate Lurker
As much as everyone has a right to give there two cents unless you know them shut the fuck up skating is not meant for shittalking kooks who have no spines I bet any amount of money if you saw one of these guys you wouldn't say a damn thing
Get Figgy and Bryan Herman!!!
Stanislaw Zielinski
Fuckin'....fuckin'...fuckin'...fuckin'...fuckin' ...
The Crazy Color
Erica Yary is the hottest that thing that has happened to youtube
The Quartz Bullet
Gotta love how Riley's face is like :v the whole time so innocently
TheX MahDi•47
I swear on god Riley and his dad smoke they have the same chill relaxed voice and persona
Theodore Nguyen
Slash is a douche bag who is really into himself
Tice films
Get brandon westgate!
Tim Brap
Why is slash wearin shades?
Tom Kennard
Even when they ask riley a question slash still 'fukin' talks
that greasy dude sounds hateful
Willllliam Spencer\n
Usman Iqbal
get jason dill on the show\n
Val Filmer
Brian is so fucking down to earth it's awesome.
Victor C.
Is Brian drunk? His face looks like blush red
Will Morrison
i dont even smoke anymore... nah i do every day
Young Scottie Pippen
well now the guy in the beamer knows what you look like
Rip Dylan
get Reynolds and TK on the show
I wonder if Slash is ever kidding
gimmie all your luvin, all your hugs an kisses tooo
dan le
Man so many insecure skaters, playing cool and tough lol. Really a pain to watch.
Sheckler and tpuds
Wanna catch my fade, bro?!
ferg ferguson
 \nI still think both Braydon and Sammy Baca would've fit better on the Deathwish squad.
foohk yah
i'm pretty sure he'll kick your ass bro.
Riley is so chill about everything it just seems like he doesnt give a fuck, its awesome
fuck that saint archer bullshit.
lass den los du sollst los lassen hab ich gesagt
jason and dylan!
matt thomas
this shit is dumb
miles vanderleek
wtf hardflip back noseblunt...
not kim
shred in paradise Dylan ♤
rocky balboa Balboa
dude, slash is the man !
ryan lewis
since when?
sa m
Austyn and Dylan
skater girl
I don't get what the conversation is about, but the guy has one ugly beard...
the other side
riley is boring as fuck
trevor carlson
tpuds can get down, sheckler is a bitch
tyler edwards
riley is the fucking man I like him a lot hes a realy good skater and I think its cool as hell he rides for baker I love baker I def getting one bakers the the shit