Max Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko (2008 Exhibition)

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America's Ballroom Challenge 2008 (Season 3) - Episode 5Ohio Star Ball 2007Music / Artist: Hip Hip Chin Chin (Yaziko Club Mix) / Club des Belugas

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Alfonso A
Que vídeo de baile tan espectacular, lo habré visto unas 40 veces y lo vuelvo a poner de vez  en tiene asombrado..vaya clase que tienen los dos en este Show. ...una preciosidad. Alicante España
Alvin Vigil
One of the best dance routines I've ever seen. I never get tired of this video.
Amamra Said
Casey Bush
I want those pants!\n
You can't beat this couple. They don't dance, they explode.
Dominique Ivory
hip hip chin chin
Evgeny Voronov
Fayanna Rena
Fulga Grabovski
The best dance ever! Just can''t get enough of it.
Funka Doodle
None of them .... anna kuzminskaya\n
Georg Five
ахуенно! какие то мудаки дизлайки поставили..))) хуею!
the best show ever!
Hayley Loves to Dance
I love how to dress accentuates the rhythm of the music! Fabulous.
then why did Anna say Yulia is the best....just saying. Besides why compare, all three are aewsome dancers.
Jan Kubny
what is the name of samba step performed at 0:37? Any idea?
Janelle Fleury
Franchement j'en ai vu des danseuses qui dansent super bien mais Yulia m'impressionne ! Sa façon de bouger, elle a un super beau corps, elle est super belle, elle danse super bien, elle a tout pour elle j'ai jamais vu une danseuse danser aussi bien que Yulia ! Je ne me lasserais jamais de ses danses et de la regarder danser ! 
Javier Chacon
this routine NEVER gets old
Johanna Tobar
Que elegancia para bailar
Juthika Juthi
I liked the idea of rhythm changing :D loved the samba part , totally outstanding performance ^_^ (y)
Karin-Snježa Binder
Jaaaaako lijepo⚘⚘⚘ Sehr schööön😍
Keith Purdue
Awesome dancing! The Best! Putrid babbling announcers!
Hip Hip Chin Chin (Yaziko Club Mix) Club Des Bellugas , Amazon has it on mp3.\n
Laura Garcia
This performance is just as riveting and awesome now as it was the year I first saw it!!! I was SO happy to find this ballroom challenge one year when I was home on medical leave. I was completely hooked after one show!!!!
Nothing like her. If only the anouncers would shut up!!!
They are professionals even compared to professionals... Hope they earn some serious bux!!!
I love this couple!! Really, i am not biased whoever Julia dances's perfection.. She has all the elements of showcase dancing..precision, agility and showmanship.. not to mention the woman is fast on her feet!! She is my dance IDOL...i am a ballroom dancer and she so inspires me to remember it's all about the dance..\n
Massimo Pantoni
siete bravissimi
Meryl Stav
Does anyone know where there's this version of the song? I can't seem to find the version with the rhythm change in the middle.
Michael J.E. Slavick III
I love the way you move Yulia. I would love to dance with Yulia for at least one day or more or more. The moves that we would create together would be....worth looking forward to. How about tomorrow ? Again, I have never seen anyone come even close to Yulia. Yulia...thank you for adding your beauty, grace, talent and charm to my life. YES....I want to dance with you! Watching you is incredible....creating and dancing with you would be nothing short of mind blowing. Again...thank you! Michael
Michael Müller
Fantastisch ich muss es immer wieder sehen.
Milan Deutsch
what a comment.. now samba rythm, very quick rythm by the way.. comment for the deaf people?????
Miranda Peters
I love her outfit!
Mm Arlin
The happyness is.. Dancing like that!!! 
Mzia Davitaia
Yvelaze magrad momwons ( Elene davitaia)\n
She's got two times more passion than her partner. What a lady!
Qas N
People who talk during the dance are so annoying
Rachel Leong
Rd Castillo22
i love it so much!!! I never have seen any cha cha like this ever in my life yet!!!
Richard Barrera
Love it, just watching and learning !!
Robert Ronayne
Rose Palomata
bomb Wowww they are good to execute routine... :-) Sharp
Saam Esfandiari
Max cheated on Yulia. What a jerk.
Schitz Angrins
Someone danced??? All I saw was on of the finest women I've ever seen. DDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNN!! She fine.
Shahid Rafiq
That IS dance!
Shen Zhao
At some part woman dancer showed herself more and at some point the man dancer shined. They divided the routine into equal two parts
Sladjana Cvejic
These legs can do about anything!
Sonya Reznikova
He taught our master class on hip movement in Atl today. Incredible, and very funny, charismatic guy.
Steffie Trinh
I can watch this routine forever,...and I have multiple times!! THE BESTEST of the beST!!
Sunny Sweetness
Suzi TK
Ммм, КРУТО!!!!! ^_^ :333 \n
Sylwia Giza
I will watch and watch … Love it !
Tim M
Nice move at 2:41.
Undine Dinsberga
@Tatianarusita they split because max wanted to retire from competitive dancing but yulia felt she still had it in her... so she continued to dance with riccardo, because she probably wanted to become the worlds best :)
Veronica Byrd
They are to hot !!!
WakeMeUp JoJo
I watch this every day... never get tired of it .. outstanding
Wanda Pareja
I can't get enough. I luv them.
William Skelton
after this no one else should ever dance to this song...because they will never compare. the effortless speed and fluid motion, down to the last little detail...this was fire
This is classic!!!!
wao j'en ai vu des couples super en dance mais ce numéro est unique par sa beauté perfection et une choré qui va aussi bien avec la musique c'est magique
Amazing!! I donť have enough words for this... Yulia is soo great and eventhough it is not Riccardo, they are awesome together♥
Yulia is an amazing dancer in comparison Max is average, he was never on her level!
carla juana
DWTS brought me here, this was incredible!!!!
cheryl m.
Yulia or Beata , whos the better dancer
clara babo
Ela mexe-se bem ......e o fato ajuda a marcar os movimentos .....bonito !
1:19 so nice
drakkar fov
This will always be my favourite routine!
Very great . I like the song . Looooovvceee the dancing
It's not the pants that make it look so's the dancer.
ladythaidi thaidi
Where can I order a costume like that?! Beautiful
Nobody like her
to be honest i think the cuts in the video take away from it. i prefer the original blackpool video.
mark john gamis
can i know the title of the music??\n
Max era perfecto para ella, Ricardo es extraordinario, pero Max tenía esa hombría que me encanta en los bailarines!!!!!! ademas su tecnica es maravillosa!!!!! extraño verlos juntos!!!!!!
@IX19UT8O What interview are you referring to? Thanks
incredible wonderfull
ohh commentators please shut up
this outfit does her justice... she's rocking it so bad!! \nawesome performance!!! \ndoes anybody know why did they split?
I can't believe they retired they were so amazing together :(
Саша Petrova
хороши до головокружения