Yulia Lipnitskayas Phenomenal Free Program - Team Figure Skating | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Relive the amazing free program of Russia's 15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya from the Team Figure Skating event at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games as she scores an incredible 141.51Subscribe to the Olympic YouTube channel:

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When I read the news of her retirement I started crying. I can't believe that skating has just lost his brightest star. She is so unique and I always looked up to her as my role model. Zagitova and Medvedeva are obviously great, but Lipnitskaya had that \
Adam Pamungkas
I'm not even Russian but I feel so proud of her haha
Alena Lovina
Великая программа Великой спортсменки, это с Юлии началась эпоха женского фигурного катания, уже столько лет прошло , а мурашки от Нее снова
Anais Persephone
I don't know anything about figure skating but I was captivated by her....I couldn't stop watching!
Analucia Vera Arias
The best russian figure skater for me, so sad that she is retired
Anastasia Summer
Один раз и на всю жизнь. Навсегда.Я люблю тебя, Юля❤
Arius T.
10 000 000!!!!! 4 years after Sochi still in Top!!
Army Ива
Юленька. Эх, жаль, что больше не катается.
Ayse Nur Keles
What a beauty is this? The cutest girl in the world. Her beatiful face and very meaningful eyes fascinated me. Like a butterfly in the ice, an exceptional butterfly. Her dance, figures, artistic talents...really amazing. There is no ice skater like you and there will be never. I love Julia and Russia because of her. I hope she lives a very happy life.
Blue Heron Guidance
One of the most beautiful ice skating performances I've ever seen.
Caitlin Handshoe
How sad that she retired...she obviously had so much promise at such a young age and no doubt could have won more gold medals
Charlie Arnissall
The commentators should be quiet during the performance
Christine Luise
My favourite performance of all time. Her spins and positions are unbeatable. Such a flexibility, it is admiring. And the speed going to jumps is incredible.
Corinne Agor-Doyle
Gee Adelina Sotnikova's wining score in the ladies event was over 149 points and her performance didn't hold a candle to what Yulia Lipnitskaya did in the team event and she only scored 141 points.  Clearly Adelina's scores were super inflated in the ladies event.  So very sad to hear Yulia  has retired at such a young age.
I never get sick of watching her performance here. It has brought me to tears many times. She is unbelievable. A real star! I will definitely miss you and wishing you the best. You are the best skater I have ever seen.
Dakukishvilli Marina
Дуже душевно, вітання з України!) Ти молодчинка, перша для мене, просто ідеальна) Чудо таке росіяночка)
Daria Gates
На это шедевральное катание можно смотреть БЕСКОНЕЧНО!!!!
Who’s watching this before Pyeongchang's Winter Olympics?
Who's still here in 2018?
Elena Ipatova
Настолько все динамично , пластично , элегантно , руки , чувство музыки , она танцует на льду - не катается , она наслаждается - не соревнуется . Очень нравится пересматривать её выступления . Юля вместе с Этери возвели одиночное женское фигурное катание в ранг искусства .
Haowei Shi
This makes me thinks \
You look at her, and it feels as if she is lost in the dance. As if she does't even care there is ice, she just moves like someone not from this world. Her emotions and body are one and you can feel it in her dance. There is a story she is telling with her entire essence. If you did't know what Russian soul is- THIS is it.
*aggressively searching anything up on ice skating because of yuri on ice*
Irina-Kalina Goudeva
The most amazing performance I have ever seen!!!Bravissima!!!!
Jae Bum
Am I the only one that thinks that Russia has always the best figure skater? I mean I've watched a lot of Russian figure skaters here in YouTube and they have beautiful performances.
Jay Shirling
I hate to compare, but with the ladies individual event coming up in PC 2018 I just had to come back and watch this program. Yes, Evgenia is beautiful and graceful, with consistent jumps and spins, etc. She's an actress on ice, and that's very endearing. Yes, Alina is an amazing athlete with phenomenal star power, artistry, incredibly tight, rotated jumps, and style. Both girls are young, hardworking, and talented. \n\nYet neither of them, or any of the Russian girls that have come and gone, for that matter, compare to Yulia. Yulia just has this amazing fluidity, this incredible feeling for the music, this unparalleled grace that can not be taught or replicated. I've replayed that entry into the triple lutz triple toe countless times, watched the transition out of the triple loop wordlessly. She made me forget that this was a competition, that she was just skating for points - because she wasn't. Her eyes reached into the souls of all her viewers, and her flexibility took our breaths away. Her jumps were timed beautifully with the music. All the stories she told were not as trivial as Evgenia's and Alina's can sometimes feel. Yulia was so sincere in her skating that the story wasn't just \
Jn Zorin
Да Юлия прекрасна в этой программе,все что ставили позже,даже Зуева,все ничто,только этот номер,на все времена!
John Doe
Where is THIS Eteri? She's smiling here and genuinely happy for her student... Now days she's a bitter unhappy person, just look at the way she looks at Alina, and even though she smiles at Evgenia she's rarely this excited for her.
Joyce Wong
She's wearing bright red with grey details because there's a little girl wearing a red coat in Schindler's List (the movie) and everything else in the movie is black and white... the feels are hitting me so hard.
Jules F
Imagine being one of her friends and asking\n\
Julian Morales
Honestly way better than anything Evgenia has ever put out
Keep an open mind
I can't even speak. The beauty, the perfection, the focus. She's amazing
Kyky Si
Лучшей фигуристки не видела - чистая душа и техника воедино 🙄
LIa Makmur
And *i’m here again* .....\n\n\n*Nov, 2018*\n❤️❤️❤️❤️
Laura Legends
When I was 15.... I learned how to tie my shoelaces...
Leonid Golovashchenko
Олимпиада в Сочи была лучшая в истории спорта
Liubov Cherry
Фигурное катание идет вперед. Элементы могут устареть, но Юлино катание так и останется за границей соревнований. Это не просто прокат, это - искусство.
I'm fifteen....haha..... \n\n*gross sobbing*
who came here from watching Yuri on ice? xD
Martí Alías
That moment when you are 21 and you can barely wake up from the sofa to get a glass of water... 15 years old and a gold medal at the Olympics... this is insane
Maya Rinoa
Why am I crying? 😭😭😭\nShe's so good and beautiful ❤❤❤
Nadia Dima
I miss Yulia. She wasn't faking it.
Wishing Yulia all the best in her retirement from professional figure skating! We'll miss you!
15 years old? What am I doing with my life.
I'm 15 and can't open water bottles :c\n\nI'm alive tho\n\n;_;\n\n...
This little girll in red will be in my heart forever..
Sabina Sagitova
Still cannot get enough of her, I can watch this brilliant performance day and night. Love you Yulia, all the best in your life!!!
Missing her at the 2018 olympics. What an amazing athlete.
Scott Sacala
Omg! I remember her! (I know.. how can someone forget this talent?) After seeing the comments on her retirement and the reasons why, it’s sad. I wish her the best. I remember being mesmerized with this routine. She just looked very natural and fluid on the ice. I mean look at the ending! I’ve always been a fan of the Russian skating style. Here’s to Evgenia and Alina continuing the incredible talent on the ice!
15 years old.. wow, what am I doing with my life lol
There may never be a spin as beautiful as what Yulia did.
Skyla Vega
People say she was just a child but they have no idea how much discipline is required to perform like that. How much pain you go through to be that flexible. I studied classical ballet in Russia as well as rhythmic gymnastics and I have the upmost respect and admiration for these Russian athletes.
Stephanie Joyce
I’m looking, looking and looking for someone who could ever portray the elegance and fluidity that Yulia portrayed on the ice. I’m afraid we’ll never see a talent like her skate again. She would have been a BRILLIANT ice dancer. I wish she wouldn’t be so hard on herself.... She came in Last in the last competition because her heart wasn’t in it, yet in Sochi she brought her heart and soul to the ice... \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Svetlana Muhamedinova
Скейт Канада-постоянно просматриваю выступление Юли, и не устаю смотреть!!! Лучшее из лучших за всю историю женского фигурного катания!!! Эталон!!! Добра, здоровья и успеха Юленьке!!! А главное-при любых обстоятельствах БУДЬ СЧАСТЛИВА!!!
Ugh, this is so beautiful. She stays perfectly in sync with the music through everything and every movement is completely fluid.
Vindigo Black
15 year old skating at the olympics, and I'm sat on youtube
Yeng Lor
Miss Yulia :(. Wish she would come back.
Zana Budzan
Этери-гениальный тренер
This child deserves the gold....and not the other russian girl....
The legend Plyushchenko cheering the legend Lipnitskaya along with all the people.
Yulia was and always will be one of the most spellbinding figure skaters I have ever watched. I was truly sad the day she retired, but her health is much more important. Recover and stay blessed Yulia. You are sincerely missed!!!
hungyang sui
this video makes me feel like i am a trash in the earth...
husky musky
Is this the most viewed figure skating video on youtube? Well i'm not suprised 😏
all i can say is WOW
One of the most memorable ice-skating event of all time. Beautiful and breathtaking.
lana Shen
Oh my God! She is INCREDIBLE! That is what we want from women skating. She is floating over the ice, she' s unbelievable flexible and she feels the music with all her body. I can compare her only with Hanyu Yuzuru! BRAVO YULIA! YOU ARE THE BEST!
marina klimkin
Вот она -настоящая российская олимпийская чемпионка.Программа-шедевр!!!!
What I've noticed is that alot of the upcoming Russian Junior Skaters under Eteri's care is mimicking Yulia's Skating style. Wherein Yulia flourishes in artistry the others are a mere copy without any soul.
nina capila
So beautiful! Goosebumps! Love her.
sara Alaaa
She is literally dancing like there is no no ice under her ;-;
So elegant. Russia at its best.
4 years ago today❤️❤️forever will be my favourite program
это была лучшая зимняя олимпиада!!! горите в аду МОК и ВАДА
I Always come back to this video. I'll Will never forget the first time i saw this on Tv at the very end of the program skating program. I had missed all the other performances and made it just in time for this one. I'm glad it was the first and last performance i saw because i was completely blown away and touched. I'm so sad that she has retired but i feel like this performance was so spectacular i'm just glad i can come back and just enjoy this iconic and beautiful program. Love you Yulia, best of luck in whatever you do ♥
Айгерим Алимбекова
Две программы Сочинской олимпиады : Список Шиндлера от Липницкой и Второй концерт Рахманинова от Мао Асада пересматриваю несколько раз в день, Пхенчхане такого шедевра не было...
Акжара Вгжмшиа
Супер!!! Нет слов!!! С таким же успехом она могла бы стать балериной или же гимнасткой! Юлечка, счастья тебе!
Анастасия Булгакова
Девочка в красном, коньками скребя, \nЧувственным взглядом стреляет. \nКак не хотел уберечь я себя, \nЧто-то за сердце цепляет. \n\nЧто-то, что тянет сознание ввысь, \nТворческим драйвом играя. \nВсе идеалы в единый слились, \nНет в этом облике края. \n\nТы вдохновляешь на новый рубеж, \nМузу в девчонке открыл я. \nИ поднимают меня из невежд \nХрупкие ангела крылья. \n\nНе отрекайся ты и не покинь \nСветлый свой образ искристый. \nСтала Богиней, святая святынь, \nХоть и была фигуристкой.
Ангелина Старкова
Это просто нереально. Когда она танцует, возникает ощущение, что льда нет и она просто летает. Такого нет ни у Медведевой, ни тем более у Загитовой
Анна Брагинская
Как символично...в списке Шиндлера был эпизод с девочкой в красном пальто😢Прекрасное исполнение,10 раз пересматриваю.Очень жаль,что ушла из фигурного катания(Такой талант пропал,эх...
Антония Голден
Эта программа лучшее, что есть у нас в ФК на сегодня. тАк сливаться с музыкой, невероятная гибкость Юлии, руки какие красивые, все совершенно в этом прокате!
Борщ с чесноком
Ох Юлечка , ох милая, как жалко что не катается больше. Такая магия была 💓💓💖💗💗💖💖💖💗
Вишнёвое Недоразумение
А ведь прошло уже 4 года... Сейчас засияла новая звёздочка- Алина Загитова, но девочку в красном пальто не забыть никогда
Дмитрий Бурлачков
До какой степени нужно быть мразью чтобы за это выступление поставить дизлайк,.. \nМне бы очень хотелось взглянуть в лица этих мерзких ,.. Слов даже не нахожу как назвать!
Игорь Политрук
Самое шикарное, для меня, выступление Юли! Спасибо тебе! Жаль, что ушла. Мы тебя любим!!!
Инга Гадаршина
Пересматриваю вечно. Круче этого проката еще не было. Жаль, что все так получилось. И кто эти 3,6 тыс идиотов, которые смогли поставить дизлайк этому шедевру на льду?
Ирина Иванова
а Сотникову берегли на потом.Девчонка Юля выложилась для команды а на себя сил не осталось.
Это шедевр!!!!!!!!!!
Есть 10 млн у легендарного проката.
Ксения Иванова
Очень ярко вспыхнула эта звёздочка и погасла! Но вспышка была очень яркой и поэтому она войдёт в историю мирового фигурного катания навсегда!
Ксения Овчинникова
Она просто необыкновенная....
Мария Иванова
Юленька,ты лучшая!!!!!!начинай опять кататься!!!!!!
Нурания Качанова
Крутейшие врачения!!!
Олег Волохов
Юлечка лучше всех, насмотреться невозможно
Олег Олегович
Юлька, надеюсь у тебя все получится, в новой жизни вне спорта
лайк кто смотрит 2018
Татьяна Макунина
Есть красота, которая останется в памяти навсегда. Неважно, что было до и что было после - этот момент записан на страницы фигурного катания удивительной, прекрасной историей, рассказанной на льду.
Шинара Арлан
Она самая самая -лучшая!!! Порвала бы всех на олимпиаде.
Юлия Скрынникова
Сейчас олимпийская чемптонка алина загитова. Нет я за нее болела и переживала только ни женя ни алина ни маша ни дена ни аня ни алена близко не встанут к девочке в красном пальто
Юрий Утеев
Гениально, что тут ещё скажешь...