살면서 한 번 보기도 어려운 신기한 장면들#굳이 왜 저렇게 까지..?

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살면서 한 번 보기도 어려운 신기한 장면들 왜 저렇게 까지..?

짜장면 먹고 싶은데
AR oilve_
새우 뒤집어지는거 뭐야..? 되돌리기 한건가?
Adi Adiani
Wooow !Was changing colors of crab real or fake ?! It was actually most interesting for me .
Amit Bajaj
1.06 No driver in the car
Android G Game
7:10 that's real or not😲😲😲😲😲😱
Babab Boboy
와우 놀라운 형제
Bob Dobalina
I want the dog, he knew the guy was a wrong en the moment he saw him, very intelligent dog there.
Brad Miller
What are those things at 2:48 ????? and why do they arch back like that????
The background noise you added is very annoying.
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Elvis Cobb
Animals working to save another. WOW
1:48 I hope that woman adopted that dog
Franklin Sharp
Love the dog that helped the lady walking..
Guillermo Perez
Hamtatak Mogam tatak
that kid playing in the elevator is lucky to have lost only his umbrella..his hands,worst his head could have gotten stuck between the door.
Helen Burnley
@2:11 what kind of crab is that I had never seen this before?
Hendra Anta Kusuma
HADIR 👍\n I'm from INDONESIA 🇮🇩
Inae Kim
Good for the boy trapped in elevator. He deserved it.
J Holo
Whoa that dog. Is that just a stray dog or someone's pet? It's so smart and a good dog. I don't get how would any wild or stray animal even save humans from being harmed especially when they're not taught. o.o
Jahnabi Upadhyaya
Who else is scrolling through the comments to see if it's strange but difficult to see once in a lifetime video?!😂
Jesus Mario Macias Gonzalez EL ITA
Que éxelentes VIDEOS FABULOSOS EXTRAORDINARIOS, captando y filmando lo imprevisto. Desde la Ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México 🇲🇽 📹📽 saludos del ita. 12/30/18. 🤓 ✌ .
John Schlicker
I think that the Asians here in America are seriously lacking in the \
Kean Nicole Manuel
2:49 Am I the only one who replayed that scene so many times? 😁😁😁
Kuchi Bee
Hero dog 1:50
Laura Metheny
Thank you. I hope she took that badass stray home.....🐾✌
Lia Wensink
6:10 how does a chicken cross the street?!😅
Hero Dog
7:00.. So kungfu panda is real. 🤔
Maha Lingam
4:46 the intelligenz of the raccoons is surprising.
Marcin Rzepa
1:50 a dog hero👍👍
Maurice Marian
There was nobody driving the truck
Minseok Kwon
썸네일 어그로 뭐냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6:47 \n아무것도 없음
Moss Limbayter
The kid on the bike at 9:28 was played in reverse. You can clearly see him speeding up as he nears the end (beginning actually) of the ride. \nSame with the guy sliding up the iron girder at 10:35.
Mr T
Don't know why the Shotover Jet was in this, that wasn't even anything radical compared to some of what they do.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Β/ΕΛΛΑΣ***
Patricia Roysdon
1:47, good dog, good dog!
Patrick Chubey
I couldn't believe it, a woman adjusted another woman's collar, and a guy adjusted her hair. Is such a thing really possible?
Patrick Wentzell
I would love to adjust a girls... uh well ya know.
Paul L
1:48 that dog deserves a gold medal!!
Pete C
That lady should adopt that dog that saved her
Peter Wetzel
Phänomenale Fertigkeiten !
Pinksarjohn307 success2win
Wht s happening at 6:52 and 7:00
Raimundo Nonato Justino da Costa
*_Joyeux Noël!_* 🙌
Raymond Obedoza
because we humans destructive on the environment
Riki Mitchell
most of these scene are in the realm of once in a lifetime except the shotover jet boat doing a 360 that happens at least twice a day just out of Queenstown South Island NZ
That was a good dog at 1:46
Ronit Sarkar
Some of the clips are in reverse...
Rosemary Yang
I want that dog. It's a good dog such a good boy/girl
Sam Jungle
2:49 와 ㅁ와 뭐지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Sanya d
Except for the dog scene who chased the robber proved brave and natural👌 all other scenes ment practising to prove something wonderful and some scenes show greed and selfishness👈
Sheila finn
Amazing people
Shivaprasad Gb
The dog did a great thing
Siberian Tiger
Some street dog - recognizes a purse snatcher instantly and administers justice!
Stage Name
This just proves Asians are ninjas
Tharani Velmurugan
2:06 is that crab really changing it's color??? Or any tricks????
1:23 You can see that every day, several times a day.
Wabbit N Red
The chickens on the wire cracked me up!
엘리베이터 꼬마는 꼬시다
az H.
3:27 와ㅏ..
bts I love
2:08 how is that even possible wth
well, I'm convinced these are all super legit....... XD
j kw
Can we clone that dog and put one on every block. Who needs police?
khan salim
movie phoenix
6:57 wow mantis is so strong
5:25 you deserved it!😬
nnystikai Gakushū
6:49, what gives.
3:29 crazy awesome!
subhanshu malviya
0:50 that's how condom works
https://youtu.be/h6JYdruHkq8?t=431 헐... ㅋㅋ
windell paje
I salute for that dog
love the dog saving the woman
Алина Селиванова
кто из 2019-го ставьте лайк)
Владислав Лобанов
Серик Болатов
Ананасовое, ПОЛЕ!
олег курулев
олег лебедев
게 색깔변하는거 처음봤다ㅜㅜ
3:20 여기 어디인지 아는 분?
가재는 왜 저러는 거야? 신기하네.
라인플레이 모찌벨
1:21 요곤 그~렇게 심하지 않네
5:30 엘베 꼬맹이 초등학생은 된거 같은데 호기심이 많았나보네 다만 조심성과 위험에 대한 상식이 부족했는듯 ㅡㅡ.... 주위 지나가는 어른들 보면 주의좀 주지(애부모:니가뭔다 우리애를 가르쳐!!!)\n학교나 부모는 애들한테 엘베 교육좀 잘시키지 나어릴때는 학교에서 잘가르치다 못해 막타는애들보면서 탈때마다 떨어지는거 아닌가 무서워했는데
영상 올리신분 틱톡커냐? 왜 아래에 거의다 틱톡 로고얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
1:50 초 고양이 개지렸다;;
역시 틱톡 짱개 클라스
14:52 뼈가없음?
ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋ 염소가 강아지껄 왜처먹어
7:14 젖도둑 양아치
7분25초정도 무엇;
7:20 @[email protected]
7:12 졸라 욕나오네
와 솔직히 사마귀는 심했어요...어떻게 그걸 사마귀가 들어요?
1:46 개 데려다 키우고싶겠다
2:48 칼군무 개쩌는데?..\n\n\n\n한국인은 없어요??..