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A Rem
Nope, completely wrong about being rare and powerful. You lie.
Barbara Chase
Great..thank you...
Bill Claussen
Makes one wonder how many of those servicemen returned to their honeys!!! Thanks...Peace!!!\nBill
Brad Vicious
Lost me at spice girls
Clark Gable
#8 & that girl can \nmake 'em HOT too......\n#14 i don't recognize Marilyn\nIn the face around her mouth looks different...
Fix Number 11, he is not just a veteran but a Medal of Honor winner. Here are the words from his citation:\n\nHe was leader of a machinegun squad defending an approach to the village of Birgel, Germany, on 14 December 1944, when an enemy tank, supported by 20 infantrymen, counterattacked. He held his fire until the Germans were within 100 yards and then raked the foot soldiers beside the tank killing several of them. The enemy armor continued to press forward and, at the pointblank range of 30 yards, fired a high-velocity shell into the American emplacement, wounding the entire squad. Sgt. Neppel, blown 10 yards from his gun, had 1 leg severed below the knee and suffered other wounds. Despite his injuries and the danger from the onrushing tank and infantry, he dragged himself back to his position on his elbows, remounted his gun and killed the remaining enemy riflemen. Stripped of its infantry protection, the tank was forced to withdraw. By his superb courage and indomitable fighting spirit, Sgt. Neppel inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and broke a determined counterattack.
Dave H
Correction - in #3, the New Hope train station is in New Hope, Pennsylvania, not Connecticut. It still stands there today.
And not a negro in sight. Those were simpler times.
Goretti- Canterburg-Rainforest
Stunning video 👍
Jack Arrows
Jeaninne Jones
Loved this!
Jim B
Thank you. I wish there was a photo of every soldier who ever went to war for his country, that did not come back. Millions dead due to the decisions of relatively few.
Jorrma Ollila
Not rare at all, found em all on google and even bing!
Joyce Kellner
Why such funereal music? The photos are great, but the music inappropriate and repetitious
You forgot to post the photos of the Japanese women the servicemen left pregnant and behind, too.
Kevin Guy
The Russian McDonalds looked like Pizza Hut, ahh I miss the old Pizza Hut
Lar M
100th anniversary of the hot dog. This is most incredible !
#3 - Hubba Hubba!
Micheal Powell
At 12:43 we see the precise moment the baby boom was started!
Mordechai Housman
Very nice! What was that music? It reminds me of Chopin.
8:10 - RMS Titanic leaving Belfast for sea trials. Its only voyage started in Southampton with a stop in Queenstown (now Cobh) in southern Ireland
can i use your background music in my videos
Paula Zemeckis
had to quit watching seeing that poor monkey STRAPPED INTO HIS CATACOMB.
Rickarama Trama
The 20 dislikes must be a sorry lot indeed~!!!!
Robin Hood
Yeah the spice girls wasn't a fit.
TruthB Told
5:05 YES!!!!!!!!!
When show business promoters met Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) she was respectable,Hollywood people turned her out and slutted her up, all for Fame and the rest was on her Choices.So I can say the good she was and kindness,believed in marriage,her street wear before her last days was decent, is still admired,sluts today think they know her. Give honor to who honor is due.
bob dylan
Spice girls? .... Really? ....
bob mccann
Somehow beautiful and sad!
3.12 that koala drinking from a spoon is totally cool. ps earth is not a ball. here in australia we def aren't hangin upside down and spinning @ 666 mph
Lot's of pictures of the greatest generation. thank you
got me
ron Jessie
Most powerful collection.