How to Remove Creases from Jordans, Nikes, and other Shoes (AJ 1 Restoration)

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In this video, I teach you how to remove creases from almost any sneaker, mostly Air Jordans.I use an Air Jordan 1 Barons in this video. Not only di I uncrease them, but I also repaint them.THE UNCREASING PROCESS:You will need:-socks/paper (for stuffing the shoes)-an iron/steamer-a damp towelPlace the socks/paper into the sneaker to push the creases out, put the damp towel over the creased part, iron it until desired look(WARNING: too much ironing may damage the sneaker)Follow me on all social medias: @itsthewizerd

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Does the paint and the ironing work on the lady liberty air jordan 10`s
Is there a way to fix the creasing in the back of the 1s?
Abdullah Buttt
Is it necessary to do the paint?\nCuz my air jordan 1 white also has some creases and i want to remove them but after it you painted them. Whats the point of painting?
Abdullah Jawaid
Will it work on my air Jordan 4 Motorsport alternates?
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After put them joints in the freezer
Anissa Hood
Thank yuhh, I finally got the creases out my shos
Anonymous GT
is it safe on my 2018 black cement 3s?
Will this work on retro 3's?
Will this technique work on 6's?
Awesome Kay
Does this work on all air Jordan 1s
will this work on my chancletas?
Baby Walrus
does it work on olympic gold 5s?
Will this work on Jordan 5 alternates
Bart de Graaf
3:53 Here is the link the one of my previous videos, it's called: How to drink bleach properly
so can i do this to my spizikes
Blue Square
does this work on the Olympic ones the silver medal one
Ceezy The Hippie
Good look bro
Cesar Ventura
Can u apply the flat white paint on the side where u washed n cleaned with the cleaner? Can u apply the white paint to any leather that's yellowing?
Chic gguf
Anyone know if it's possible to get creases out of the heel part of the shoe
Christian Fake
Will this work on my twinkle toes
Daniel Guevara
does it work for the adidas superstars
Darren N.
will this work on my rare air 1's?
Desi Preme
Do i need to use the wet cloth or it doesn't matter? and does it work for Jordan 1 Flight 2 low? Thanks.
Dragon Killer
Would this work on City of Flight 1s?
Does this work on Nike Dunk CMFTs?
Edgar Maldonado
Where do i buy angelus paint at???
Eric La
Point of 1's is creasing lol
Eric Mendoza
Will this work on nike Cortez's?
Fayaj Khan
will these work on huaraches?
bruh i click on this and i notice that we share the same name bruh
Frank R
will it work on af1 mid??
the creases in my jordans dont even come out tbh
Green Pill
There still creased???
Gubz On me
I'm a converse sneaker head
This works on Walmart 2006 right 🔥
so like i am going to try this \ni got my shoes two days ago and they already have creases in them
Jacob Grush
So it won't work on elephant print\n
Jaheem Stuart
What if I have creasing on the side of my laser 1s?
Jlove _
omg i didnt have a towel and it messed up my marron 6s
Joss Capelli
in labs 5lab3? what do you recomend? same process or other?
JumpmanTheBanGod tK
will it work on my bacon lettuce tomato 5s?
Kamile Blakely
Will this work on my black Jordan 12s
Kern Joseph
Would this work on my NYC 10's???
Should I risk it on my top 3s
Kidd khamalah
Will these work on my 1s🤔
King Smooth
Thanks bro I've been looking for this kind of video, does this work with Jordan Retro 1s hi Og Lazers? Same thing right (creases)
Will this work on my balls?
cenas such a soilder his face was tryna turn into camo
LameAxsKratoz -
Will it work on aj1 mid?
Llolen Estrada
Does dis work on sum team jordans
Lone Wolf
take your creases like a man, 1';s look better beat
Lourielle Dolera
Will this work on Shattered Backboard 1's?
Mark G
i thought i seen it all.. smh
Mbappe is over rated
will this work on 4's?
I’m scared to try this on my Jordan 11 space jam any advice?
MedO !!
does it work for nike court borough mid ????!
Monk Mode MGTOW
Life saver. Great video bro.
toe box is still creased and shot out son. toe savers might help but idunno.
Patrick Savage32
Wear a joggers with does shoes then that is cool and I'm trying to find an air Jordan 1 to go with my joggers
Waa chance the rapper song is tht
Quincy C
Where do you get your used shoes from?
Rah Kishi
I tried it on my air forces but it keeps making a crease
does this work on flip flops?
Reyes Michael Angelo
Does this work on Jordan 12 and 13? Just \nto be sure
Can I do this with True Flights?
If your scared to ruin your shoes with heat try stuffing it with newspaper and leave it for as long as you can and it should straiten the leather. But if there brand new you should leave the newspaper in longer because the leather is more stiff. I hope it helps. 😃😊
Sonia Medina
how can I remove ankle creases from my Baron 1's ?
Spire __
Does it work on 7 retro GG Hot lava???
Suhail Abdulrahman
will this work on my crocs?
will this ruin the suede of my jordans ?
Thirdcoast Soles
For all the people asking \
Tim Jacques
cool job I want to own those Jordan's one day also where did you get those crow socks from ?
Trill Liz LIZ
will this work on 8s champagne? dont wanna mess them up but they got some ugly creases👎😓
And in another video a guy said you can stuff the end of your shoe with either a sock or paper to make it flat then you put the damp rag on it and iron away.
I only have the problem on the side of the shoe where the Nike logo is if I do it there will it afect the shoe
Wangan Savage
cocaine on your toes lol
Wolfie Reviews
Will this work on lebrons soilder 11?
Xpoint_ Data
Will this work for bugs bunny alternate 8s?
YSL Alex
Will this work on jordan 5s ?
brandon silva
can I do this to the tongue on my Chicago's it's all wrinkly and bent
will this work on pure money 4s ?
will this work on my aqua 8s
emma pratz
I found this is safe and works on nubuck too. obvs u have to watch how hot ur iron is and how long ur leaving it on, but it didn't flatten at all.
Will this work on my air jordan 5 chinese new year ?
gamer 2817
can you do this on aj1 gray
Im scared to try this on my 2001 bred 1s any advice?
jeremy fantago
Yo I have creases all over the side of one of my Chicago 1s around the swoosh, ironing it doesn't work but do you think just filling in the creases with angelus paint would help?
joshua parker
Does this work on baron 13's
kevin james
do you have to paint
one sock!!!!!! I'm dead....
mic azo
Is taxi 12s toebox tumbled leather?\nCuz for some reason i couldnt de crease it
mike boe
I know you've been answering these questions like 1000 times and I'm sorry to ask but will this work on stealth retro 8's?
mr nobody
Will this work on my new hobo 11s
pappagetti 2009
Thank you for making this vid. I'm sure now, that I do not want to attempt any crease removal with Air Jordan 1s. Yours came out good though.
Yo I got those off eBay as well, the same pair I'm trying get the creases off lol crazy
Does his also work if there are creases on the sides
Dope video bro but I noticed that the back of your barons are pretty creased up. Would this method also work on the back heel or is this just for toebox creasing?
wee pap
after u uncreased that, how long would it take to crease again?