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Brian Hansen, better known as Slash, has been on the grind for some time now and is known for getting gnarly. Whether it be tech on a ledge or just going for a big rail, Slash rips it. Although he is usually riding a Deathwish, today he is on a baked Baker Blue. Find out everything that comes together to make up Slash's skate in this Setup.Subscribe to Alli Sports on Youtube for new videos daily:Instagram: @allisportsMusic: Dirty Fences - "East Gun Hill"

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they're soft wheels. they're going to flatspot. lol
Aaron Matheson
what are you talking about hes wearing his newest shoe the easy
Ardie Reitsma
Eh you know that getting flat spots can be prevented with skill?\nwhen powersliding put your front foot a little diagonal, and you slide will follow your foot's line, and you wont get flatspots
Why does it seem like every skater on either Baker, Deathwish or Shake Junt or whatever right huge ass boards?
Baker PE
whats the difference with 139 and 149\n
Blake LaFollette
Deathwish and baker boards are the same thing dumbass
Para esa tabla lo suyo son unos ejes 159...
Casper Jantzen
This dudes savage as fuck!\n
Connor Alleman
I clicked above, it didnt do anything.
D. Mann
Daniel Locatelli
Ride with the same measures that I
Don't know how he skates rails with this board, I already lost 50-50s using a 139/8.25.
Darryl Donohue,Jr.
he said \
Deven Dang
Just got his shoes and they are so comfy and sleek looking. The insoles suck but i replaced them with my own and now I wear them all the time. Definitely not the most durable shoe though.
Dilapidated Love
What's up with his bearings? It looks like he either took off the rubber shield or has them backwards...
Dylan Haratoonian
i would kill myself if my trucks were that color cause of a rail
Eden Wells
Spitfire's that don't flatspot... HAHAA\n
there called \
George Sarafianos
i think he's got those formula four doohikies
Gustav Folcker
dude your trucks are gross! nice setup beardo..\n
Hannah Torrance
lol, whats with the paint.
Hugo Long
Why is ther paint on yor truck and who are you sponsored by.
I'd watch the shit out of that
Jasper Harris
what spit fires r those?\n
Joe Suhomlie
Hello! I'm Daniel.I did -10 lbs past 30 days.Open\\#XVDyT\nD60GLfEyu1awKLS\n
Jose gomes mayer
8.5 and a half
Because they have a DEATHWISH
Not even wearing his own shoe lmao
Kyle Ruerat
in the new baker vid he is with baker more and rides there boards than he rides deathwish boards .
Nice beard
hes looks like the offspring of chris haslam and lizard king
Manuel Joseph Walker
I really don't mind the flatspots, they slide better than Bones.
Marvin vMo
@galibtheskater : Shane Oneills : Skate Mental 8.12, Thunder 147, Spitfirte 50, FKD bearings, grizzly grip
Matt Drew
they nevereverever clarify low standard or high trucks, which im most interested in
Matthew .Thomas-Wright
hes 26???
Mavs Seasoned
Mike Lawruk
wuss he can't skate 149s
nasty set up but fuck it it works for him
Nathan Manies
I wish he was on Baker
why does he ride with no shields? just fills them with dirt and dust and ruin them...
Nicholas Rivas
r. I. p. fallen
No Scvped
149 are 8.25 Marcos Villa
Noah Williams
not man enough?? With that beard !?
OutLandish OtherWorldSwank
Baker/Deathwish, Independent, Spitfire, Fallen And Shake Junt. Seriously, my favorite companies.
Perry Holmes
Then why don't they have the same last name?
Philip Daniels
I love his beard.
Quique Landa
right above of your finger it's the youtube searching bar LOL
Raul Ruiz
hey guy, we DON'T care
Rusty Shackleford
At what spitfire he got
S Jochim
I bet when slash watches the video, that he is going to feel like an idiot pointing at the sky.\n
Samuel Hatton
I have got literally the same setup as him except for the shoes
Sean Ferguson
i threw out the only set i ever had. awful
How about the shut the fuck up?
Damn Slash! 8.5 with 139mm is crazy! weirdest setup out! your trucks would look mini underneath the board lol.
your telling slash hes a dumb ass he could kick your ass any day
Tuti Di Fru
Wil Jenkem
What's up with his trucks?
brian hansen what are you talking about normal skaters ride their wheels for months you ride your spitfires for about 2 weeks how do you know they dont flat spot?
fallen easy
moose setup!
cheap propaganda
his trucks look dirty
chris villa
donovon Piscopo setup! please.
dominic spey
HAHA! there super amazing i love brian hansen
double J
spitfire is gay go bones nigga
frame banging
you guys should do a shane o'neill setup video\n
giovinn hf
bbd's guy
@insanity specifics won't matter when you're starting out. Just buy what you think looks cool. You'll develop preferences over time.
i skate4deathwish
indy and independent are the same thing. people just say indy because its the short version of ibdependent
Why is everyone on deathwish a crackhead
jagger johnson
@kryptoTheatre ye the paint from the rails cos its a newly build park
lord regan
their made by the same manufacure dumbass
So whats the problem then?
matt williams
I guess bearing shields are for quitters
mike smith
what kind of fallens are those anyone?
nathan moore
first of all nice name bro haha... and there pretty much the same thing
dude someone tell me what fallens are those thanxz
I just saw the Thrasher First Look with Slash and Nuge. It's from August 1st, and slash has almost no beard. Saw this vid, August 4th, ...full fuckin' beard dude...
what shirt is he wearing
149 = 8.5   139 = 8
they have the new formula four and theyre just like stf's\n
I think those are prototype Formula Fours, which are awesome.
tyler raffle
149's are wider durr
i think there called the ease or something like that
Hes only 27 ..