Slash - Cut From A Different Cloth

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12.7mm Channel
sick hope the last owners don't see this video.
ATG Beatz
what shoes has he got? there not the easy cuz the ones he is wearing r slipons?\r\n
Alberto Estrada
im that dog
Andrew Wong
i wish i could grow a beard like slash
Astro Man
Hes a hippie. Not a hipster.
Avis Nious Strong
where do you live, \
Ben Harrison
I want to roll a j and leave the house cruising and smoking like that haha
Brett Jones
You are the real hipster, pretentiously spiting him for doing what he likes, there is a difference between being different and being hipster
Bronson Wildman
but he isnt a douche
I want the hat.. haha but seriously
David Herman
Dam I used to b jus like that wen I was 17 miss thos days
Gonz Wouldgo
Sounds like Patrick O'Dell
Ian Thompson
Keepers life is better than mine
Is this a bad thing?
Jack McDonald
who the fuck rolls a joint like that
James Dunn
i want to punch you so hard
Jdogg Da Rula
That dog is fucking awesome
Jeremy Biggs
Joe Shavargo
What kind of board does he use?
John Lewis
just using the word Hipster is pretty gay
Johnathan Dotson
@Nathan Manies baker and deathwish are like the same thing
Lautaro Ciancio
2:16 I want these longboard
Lazey Deciple
it wasnt even a spliff u fool and u get the perfect cone shape by actually being able to roll well not by funneling it in
Lou Welch
thats not how being pro works
Louie -
living the dream...
McGregor Man
Slash's dog\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
noooooooooo, why do you have to label him a hipster! can't he just be a cool dude?
if you didnt notice..he was packing the excess but that might fall out of the ends of the joint ..i also do that when i dont want to take my time packing all the grinded up bud but thats after you already rolled up\n
your so dumb
Black Sabbath isn't Indie Bro
Nathan Manies
Slash should be on Baker.
chris hansen is his brother?
6 years? ,That dog was fam by year 3...of coarse he took'em back.
Sanad Wir
its pretty fucked up what he did to the previous owners hahahaha
Sunnie Rae Smith
2:12 Jimi Hendrix deck \\m/
Sway B
Not possible.
Taj Newsome
I'm not a hipster I'm just poor
how is he a hipster?
Tony Roberts
I love a good dog story
Seems like a dick. And if he cared so much bout \
Weed an Beer
yeah you can get a perfect cone shape with a spliff... the fuck u talkin about
there is a difference between a hipster and a hippe you know...
Zach Hutchcroft
he was also rolling a joint in while sitting on the couch, what you expect?\n
love the dog.
brett weir
slash has the coolest dog in the world
I will never get big stoners who cant roll good looking joints, fucking tampons.
He listens to way more shit than just Indie bands. I heard an interview with him saying he was listening to a bunch of country music for a while. When is the last time a hipster listened to country??
jagger johnson
1:15 bong!
hipsters have stole that type of fashion from skateboarders and hippies, wearing different clothes and liking good music doesn't make you a hipster.
Isn't California supposed to be warm?
luke howe
anyone tell me where I can get that hat??????
sam evenlord
fam i hav been a hipster since 2010 so dont talk shit
scott davies
keeper is a G!!
skammer skumbag
the ultimate hipster
Роберт Росомаха
What was that at 1:23? They never learned how to roll a joint or something? Real skaters? That seems weird.
Jesus Christ chill the fuck put fagboy