BBC - Eurovision 2007 Final (10 May 2007)

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Commentator: Terry Wogan (BBC One)

BBC - Eurovision Eurovision 2007 Final Eurovision Final Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (Competition) Finland Hard Rock ... Helsinki

Aleksa Kodic
serbiaaa go!
Aleksandra K.
Who watching 2016 ? ;)
Allt med Juankå
Who watching in 2017?
Andrey Melnikov
Verka Serduchka is the best in Eurovision 2007!
Boruto Uzumaki
Serbia \u003c3
BøgdanGamerYT ヅ
i am from Serbia :D :)
Callum Mckenzie
Cece Cheung
As a Brit, I would like to apologise for Terry Wogans commentary. Most of us didn't like him either with this show.
Christos Panayiotou
Terry Wogan was a foul person who ruined the perception of the Brits about the contest. His ignorance, racism, homophobia and anti-european sentiment is apparent in almost every comment he made. I don't understand why he kept doing the commentary for the UK since he hated the contest so much. Almost every other commentator was giving info about the song the artist and the postcards but Wogan was just talking shite! I feel sorry for the Brits that never got to experience the real beauty of this contest because of him. UK viewers were missing out on a lot of things such as what a song really wanted to say i.e Ukraine with Verka that the song was inititally titled Russia Goodbye but EBU forced them to change it because of its political reference. Ukraine was trying to say that they wanted to break the bonds with Russia and become more Western (join the EU for example)
Claudio Zapata
R.I.P Terry Wogan. ♥
Finland should have been top 5 .such a catchy song with great staging
Dragos Savic
Everything amazing but commenter :\\
Ukraine or Turkey should have won.
Edu Martín
Marija (Serbia's singer) wearing glasses during her performance. But... she doesn't during the final song recap. Ok Finland, you cheated!! LoL
Enis Becirovic
2:13:52 \nWell, Terry got that right!
Faded AF
1:40:34 The blonde guy looks like Phillip Lahm. =D
Fahti Özer
Volim te Serbia from turkey ❤️🇹🇷
Faith Thomas
This is in recent memory the only hard rock song ( Lordi \
Foteini Ntinaki
2005 ; Μια φορά κέρδισε ή Ελλάδα να μην το βάλουμε κιόλας;
My top 3 in 2005: 1 Slovenia. 2 latvia. 3 Servië
Hazza White
If I was graham norton I would be regretting what is aid about serbia
Jack Oli
RIP Roger Cicero (Germany)
James Martin
Watching this in retrospect, you really do wonder why the BBC didn't push Terry Wogan sooner. He cleary doesn't want to be there.
Jana Cegar
When you're disappointed with this year's eurovision so you go watch this and be happy like in the good old times.
Jane Soren
Why am I watching it in 2018? :'D
Jo Nyu
Racist grandpa reflected the attitudes of most western europeans in the 00s. A lot of ignorance. As an easterner studying in the west back then i felt it a lot.
Jon Mills
what were Romania smoking to give that Irish rubbish their sole 5 points..?
Julius Caesar
2:53:16 Good evening Mrs. Putin XDDDD
Just a Bloke
Worst editing I’ve seen in many a year???? Terry rip but come on this is why the other countries hate the uk it’s out cockiness. Lordi have been more successful than any uk act in last 20 years
Ken Yamamoto
All you people taking offence to Terry Wogan's commentary just don't get his style of humour. Yes, he can make jokes at the expense of others, but he has no intention to hurt anyone's feelings. He and Graham Norton (and yes, they have completely different styles) really make Eurovision that one bit better.
Kisara K.
Ahahahaha Lordi of the Rings :D
Kristijan Stevanovic
2:16:23\n''And finally 12 points go to''\n(Crowd) Serbia! \nlmao
Kseniia Kyrychenko
Eurovision song contest 2018🇵🇹🇵🇹!Will be in Portugal,Lisbon!
Lana Škrjanec
the commentator is so racist it hurts. what's his deal with eastern Europe?
when u know the results but still cheer on ur favorite act haha
Leah Paringit
You shut up, commentator!
How ignorant is this commentator?
2:03:00 Apocalyptica's performance was the best performance in ESC history, in my honest opinion. They put so much effort into it, it's hyper entertaining and the music is just excellent.
that russian entry was so overhyped. the song isn't really good and the performance was absolutely horrendous.
Marcin Markowski
ARMENIA gets 12 points from Turkey ???? OMG
Maria Tsap
Greece 💙🇬🇷
Marko Smrzlic
You are only making people from UK feel embarassed. Hating everyone because you and Ireland came last ?! Not our fault bro!
Mickele Mosca
Ukraine should have won 💁🏼
Mr. Fantastic
I would like to beat this Terry Wogan until he can speak no more
When the music was starting for molitva and terry was still talking I kept yelling shut up
Nemsi PRO
ovom sto prica iza cu jebati mater razumeli smo konju nije drago sto je srb pobedila al ne mora da prica crko dabogda
Nina Gajic
Wooooow SERBIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Way
that Hungarian song came out of nowhere 😂 And the Swedish song was amazing! so was Ukraine! but Serbia deserved to win the most I mean... it was just amazing!
P.Maria T
Well the commentator didn't do his best job.
Qwer Asdf
BBC has a racist commentator who is hater and I hope world sees this as a negative example of what we as humans should be!
Rachel Clarke
I can't believe we can watch this with Wogan commentary as well...thank you SO much, I'm crying real tears :D
Ready to die
I'm so glad this commentator is dead, so annyoing because speaks all the time :/
Rose Lapilato
только посмотрела евро-2017 ,и резко захотелось посмотреть 2007 года) Привет от 14.05.2017 :)
Sasa Gazdic
Terry was a rude disrespectful bastard! Talking when song starts and still talking before it ends!
Serbian Warrior
good old times\n....
Siiri Lehtonen
Sini Myllyniemi
UK should've definately won
How he cannot be quiet during the opening? -.- but I liked his remark about Tolkien. But seriously, I'm happy I didn't have to listen to him while watching this live.
The commentator is hilarious! 😂
Sonja Ponjevic
svaka cast Marija
Super Game Show Majster 2 i cała reszta
Polish commentator Artur Orzech is 100% better than Wogan. Why? Because he don't talk in time of Lordi's opening performance.
I find the commentator so amusing. The salt is real
Tarou Romano
1:48:32 'Will somebody leave her alone' xD
Tatijana Obradinovic
Sećam se da sam bila na ekskurziji kada je bila ta davna 2007 toliko sam plakala kada je Marija postigla uspeh i pobedila.
Terry Baker
Terry Wogan's attitude as commentator absolutely stank
The Svastarija RS
Who watching 2017 ? ;)
TheAncient Tribalia
rly??? balkan frendship???\n\nAlbania...biggest enemyes\nRomania...ok\nBosnia...ewwww we hate them \nCroatia...fuckimg liers\nMacedonia...ok frends\nGreece...biggest frends ever\nTurkey...still hate couse of history\nMontenegro...ok.. we are same ppl\nBulgaria...meny wars and hates but now we are ok\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nso much love in balcan....\n(from Serbia)
Back then still a lot of countries use to sing in their language, it's sad it isn't much the case anymore. I think every one singing in english kill the charm of the eurovision.
Therese Gustafsson
Complaining about the woman in pink? Sweden did the same in 2013. Everybody cheered.
Velja Samardzic
MOLITVA beautiful song beautiful memories
Vesna Komanovic
good old times when eurovision was actually about songs
Vule Atevanovic
Eurovision 2018 anyone?
Xenia Sea
Е боли ме к*рац што је овај коментатор умро мисли да ми не разумемо шта говори пичка му материна
Начало жесткое :D
UK entry was so freakishly bad, what the hell they were thinking ?
Completely merited winner Serbia!!! We are the best!!! Best song along with Turkey 2003. ,,Everyway than l can,,.
a dea
Remember, political voting is ok as long the nordic countries do it
1. Bosnia & Herzegovina 8:31\n2. Spain 12:19\n3. Belarus 16:13\n4. Ireland 20:06\n5. Finland 23:59\n6. F.Y.R. Macedonia 29:10\n7. Slovenia 32:57\n8. Hungary 36:35\n9. Lithuania 40:43\n10. Greece 44:32\n11. Georgia 48:16\n12. Sweden 52:04\n13. France 58:10\n14. Latvia 1:01:59\n15. Russia 1:05:47\n16. Germany 1:09:33\n17. Serbia 1:13:24\n18. Ukraine 1:17:16 \u003c- (This is what you are looking for)\n19. United Kingdom 1:21:39\n20. Romania 1:25:37\n21. Bulgaria 1:29:27\n22. Turkey 1:33:16\n23. Armenia 1:37:07\n24. Moldova 1:40:56
eurovision 2007 is the best more than eurovision before and after
This is my favourite ever Eurovision :D And as much as I like Graham Norton, he's not a patch on Terry Wogan's commentary xD
This UK commentator is hilarious ;D
elena 58823
hanna kosonen
oh that comentor is so rude... he is just dissing everything and not shutting up even during performancess, and i quess that he does not fancy metal either, by commenting after lordi's opening ...hahaha they seem to like that. no respect to anyone at all, performers or audience.
Look at the results of that year:\nNone of the western or middle European countries was able to get place in top ten.\nThat's why EBU would change the voting rules in 2009 final. But would the unjust valuations and scorings end ? \nNo !!!
j a n a
I love how half the comments are about Terry Wogan's commentary XD
ja ck
by this point the uk commentator had become bitter and it was time for him to leave... however, a lot of his jokes were just sarcasm - brits watch to take the piss & technically nobody but brits should have heard the commentary... prob why the bbc doesnt upload finals on to youtube anymore (music rights aside)
jose cervantes ochoa
Magnificent show, all very well postcards, presenters and the winning song some of the best in the history of eurovision. Molitva (plegaria) hermosa canción😍.
lillian mode
I can't believe it's gonna be 10 years since one of my favorite contests! time sure flies by.
narlo the narly narwhal
Is that a 69 on Ukraine's back?
rachel fleming
As a representative of the uk I would like to officially apologize for sending a song that deserved 0 points. This was the main reason the uk public was not allowed for a while after this fiasco to pick the song. (and anyway I Didn't vote for it)
Apocalyptica are the real winners here
Александра Романова
как надоело это \
Анастасия Лазоренко
понравилась Верка Сердючка из Украины, Мария из Сербии, ребята из Румынии, Финляндия тоже представила интересную песню.
Милош Петковић
Dogodine opet! Srbija bratac! :)
Я плевала на ваше мнение
Я здесь чтоли одна по русски разговариваю??