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Rare Historical Photographs Vol. 1 (39 photos):Human history is truly a swinging pendulum of ups and downs. The centuries have been sprinkled with both terrible, bleak events, and beautiful hopeful moments.Since the invention of the photograph, those events and moments have been recorded for us, allowing us a window into a time that we never actually got to see for ourselves.

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Adolfof Ponce De Leon
a lot of leftist photos brain washing. God bless
Analog Defector
Don't you dare like this comment!!
Anna Luisa Rossini
Never heard about the no smiling day 😁 nice video thanks
Beth Turner
Touching photos. But you can lose the Clinton photos.
Bill Huber
#3 HILLARY in 1969 . where are the sharks when you need them ?
Half those photos aren’t historical. They’re just old...
Brian Crane
I see you included H along with the Nazis sitting on the ground...Ha! ha!...I get it!
Cadillac Deville
Love the music
Chris Maher
Huh, Hillary Clinton was always a troll, go figure. Heard she was related to Hitler by blood.
Christian Brin
These are great pictures, thank you.
Christopher Clarke
Excellent as always. Some of the shots are very touching. Thanks.
Cockney John
Manzanar is a BLOT on aammuurriiccaas history, rather like the concentration camps at the same time in Germany...
Dark Joker
Number 40 photo of opressed christians in american -2017
Denis Kostic
Dennis Whiter
I always like your videos. Thank you for posting them.
Dun Truckin
Donald Duck is probably still in therapy after posing with America's 1st family of crime !!!
4:46 thats alot of fedoras
G Howard
Please post The photo of Hillary when she was being fired from the watergate commission.
Gabe Jersey
What’s the name of the song at 5:27
Gernot Bindet
The t(h)ree loggers and number 31 (Bristol) are my favorites.
Graladin _
Stop with Clinton please
Greg Dagg
excellent job, love the not computer narration..
Howard Manley
Clinton’s need to go!
I'm UR Boss
Hitler smile's the best picture.
Id Ignacio Domingo Nova De Los Santos
Jack Wenger
You can see at 6:58 that the lady in the middle is looking at the Beatles help! Album
Jiffy Jim
Awesome and intriguing collection.. Outstanding! Good choice of music collaboration goes very well with the photo displays... Keep it up..📷😉👍
Jimmy Graham
Even in 1969 Hillary was evil and corrupt.
Joseph Nardone
What is that music? Great music. Love it.
Larry Dalrymple
I hope Donald Duck was safe around slick willy.
Lenwood Van Natter
Che takes time out from the mass murders of homosexuals, free-thinkers, and other non-conformists for a quick chess game.
Louis P.
Two planes flying? A group of people protesting? Definitely not powerful photos at all
Martin chapman
Why are the greatest criminals of history being portrayed as “Human”?
Masyn McCulloch
Yeah that’s Oregon
Ya, not really sure how the clintons are in the realm of historical
Michael Kessler
Thank you.
Michael Scott
4:48 whoever makes those hats is a trillionaire
Mike Miller
Love these pics.
Mike Wareham
Stunning photos x
Mr. Guideon
Had only some forward thinking type assassinated Hillary back in '69 or even '84! Imagine the trouble it would have saved the USA.
Nas eazye
When the song came on In thinking Shook ones sample.
Oliver Walker
Was interested until i saw bill and hillary clinton. Real America doesn't want to be reminded of these people.
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I like 27, the 3 lumberjacks. They're OK.
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Pietro Rossi
Fa schifo questo sito
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Wow, you out did yourself my dear.Thank you.
Ray Giordano
Ugh! How dare you not warn me that Killery was going to be on this video! Last time I ever watch one of your videos.
Rich Cundiff
Stopped watching after the Hillary 1969 picture.
Rich Doh54
Everytime they show Hillary, they show a picture of Hitler right after.🤣
Rihan Al Biruni
Grands moments avec des bonnes choses et des pires. Ce n'était pas mieux avant!
Rodrigo Escobar
Poor trees 😭😭
RomaiN Light
1:02 des français ici ?
Roni Bose
[email protected] WTF!! 😳 Very powerful pic and sad 😞
Ruttigorn Logsdon
1925 Klu Klux Klan march around D.C. was also known as the \
Sagaycps Policestation
Did he just Touch it\n???!!
Just out of curiosity how is a picture of a young Hillary Clinton powerful?
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I love the comment section which is full of hate for Hillary Clinton... totally justifiable....hang her high brothers...
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Why u add rommel so often?
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4:36 I’m sorry but 😂😂😂
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I feel like hitler should’ve been brought back to life so some of the living holocaust survivors could torture him and some nazis too
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Ayyeeee moonlight sonata
Steven Lawton
@ 1:40 The women has just swam and is tired and that boy tries to cop a feel lol.
Susan Jenssen
I am pretty sure the Japanese American internees were only allowed to play like that for the rare photo. I have seen their drawings of the fields as off limits, right there but still they stayed hemmed in much of the time.
Susta Sando
top pic's keep up the good work 👍
Very good...love the sound...
United Divisions
The last colorized video with that girl was Misleading
Merci beaucoup pour ces photos rare
Vera Wroe
6:43 How could that picture have been taken with such a wide panarama and from a height? all children should see this historical stuff.
Vishwas Tiwari
Please upload some Indian historical photographs also, like that of Mr M.K. Gandhi,
Will Smit
Liked the gathering in NY just to hear the outcome of a boxing match, real community spirit. Now the only gathering you see is some protest group complaining about how mean life is!!
Wolf Pak
The nazis, communists and Clintons, right on target
Yuri Lakhtionov
Monument was cool ! 👍
Zombie Con
I love observing historical photos. Thanks for this channel.
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Great pics as usual sweetheart.thank you
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Young Hillary Clinton was beautiful. Nerdy beautiful girl.\nEdit: love the reactions from whinny right wing trumptards here. And to think PC brigade were the worst when it comes to moaning. 😂😂😂
beach side
Notice at about 6:55 the lady in the middle is holding a Beatles album. Looks like its Help
billy kidd
I thought that hash tag said history 'o fart... Iol I am kinda dumb apparently
carida bubbles
I'm addicted to your pictures. Ugh... Those people eating next to dead bodies. I'm so grateful that although my life hasn't been perfect, I never had to experience anything like that. I thought eating at McDonald's was bad. I suck
curos Jam
The women with Prosthetic leg she cover her face probably those days having the prosthetic leg it was embarrassing
6. Jacques Chirac, prime minister arrive at Mata-Utu covered of a flower necklace, August 31 1986.
I saw Hillary and stopped watching.
The photo of John and Jackie Kennedy was actually taken when he was campaigning not Dallas 1963.
Love the pics, but always check facts. The ticker tape photo of Jack and Jackie Kennedy was taken in NEW YORK, Nov 1960, it was a last push on the campaign trail. Jackie is very pregnant in the photo as well. Your videos are great. but thought you would want to know as I caught other errors in some of the others.I guess not that important, as the pics themselves are awesome.
karson smith
So clinton is historical
no 3 should have been taken care of then, so her evil would not have hurt so many
The Hillary Clinton picture gives me a \
Your not supposed to put up pics of dead pple
hillary might be the devil incarnate but she was a little hottie back then
It's such a sad fact that no matter how famous , rich , evil , brilliant or just an ordinary person we are - that in the end , we shall all pass into history like so many before us.\nWhat a trip life is.
can't you people commenting leave politics out, er imean divide and conquer does it need to invade everything???\nare your minds not capable of anything but fear and hate?
lose the Clinton photos and this would be grand
Actually many cities had legal red light districts until WWI
valerie Good
Amazing pics, could look at these for hours if it wasn't for my limited data..
warren rubin
Very nice. Thanks
Морозов Олег
После 2-ой фото Клинтонов дальше смотреть не стал. Кто это вообще для истории.
Серегй Смирнов
какое, блядь, 8 мая 1945 с двумя пиздюшками неспящими, когда уже затемно подписали капитуляцию, дб. В час ночи по Москве. поэтому у нас и 9 мая День победы.