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-αΙ εx-
how come theres never any men fails?
Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nI came for the thumbnail \nAnd so did you
The New Zoo 2:51 
When they say most women live longer than men, these are the some that don't.
Baron Red
59 sec pay me later your welcome
Betül K
Meme şov
That brain freeze one can be very painful.
Boba Fett 3000
Wow, the girls on the stripper poles were really hurting themselves.
CakeMan 199
It’s always funnier when girls fail rather than boys
Christian R.
Does anyone know which song plays at minute 2:44?
Colonial Rogue
1:20 Girl looks like Gina Valentina.
Cullen Batsel
Came here to find triggered feminists
Dale McCluskey
What a bunch of heros
Danielle Oshea
2019 anyone \n\n\n\n\n\n\nU to cool
Deeznuttsinyermouth old school
Derek Agengo
I don't mind the ads\nI don't mind the buffer\nBut when the ads buffer\nI suffer
Doctor Turdmidget
If they didn't have vaginas, we'd just let them all die off.
Doug Dimmadome
TITS 3:29 ur welcome ;)
Dr Crodre
In the US, you can buy a shotgun as a teenager and playing Hitman at a public school, but on the other hand you gotta wait unitl you turn 21 to buy your first beer! YES that makes sense!haha\nNo wonder this country is going to the dogs
Dustin Nolen
Well, let's assume they all can use the washing machine and dishwasher properly.
05:40 thanks god ;)
Eric O
The girl at 0:07 that was shooting the Glock still had her finger on the trigger the whole time when she was running around trying to get the brass out of her shirt while she was sweeping the barrel all around putting people in her potential line of fire. Dumbass could have killed herself or someone else.
0:55 - \
Gagandeep Singh
Boobies too fail huh!!
Gaming News
Gursi Singh
3:30 heavy machinery movement
Harkaran Cheema
I can watch this all day
Henri C
0:07 she is so hot 🔥
I don't have a name
1:02 enjoy
Igor Morgunov
Классные сиськи!!!!!
JG Hudson
5:41 best reaction
Jaquelina Spekmann
0:22 Nice Boobs
Girl on the tread mill was top heavy😂 great BOOBS 😍
OMG! A shotgun! OK lets hold it at face height and fire...
Juan Carlos Muñoz Troncoso
Yo pienso que es un problema en los alimentos algo ormonal por que no se pueden controlar los alimentos estan en su mayoria adulterados con una sobredosis de todo y ormonas etc
Julian Agregan
This just makes women look even more stupid that they already are
Karl Vlogs
What happened to the lady at the end :(\nThat one should be taken off..
Konrad Toney
GET OUT MY HOUSE!!! \nthe lols are strong with this one
Kurt McKelvey
1:38 woman or Drag Queen you decide ?!?!? 😕
Thank you for keeping the camera on the girl in the middle of the drinking contest, thank you.
Leroy Harvey
That chick should ride me...
Lucas krioz
3:14 sempre tem um FDP pra passar atras da gente na hora que a gente vai fazer um salto mortal kkk
Shotgun with no stock? I'm not even sure how you're supposed to aim and fire without either smacking yourself in the face or looking like a moron.
M BILAL khanx
3:30 Don't know about the boi but she's definitely carrying 2 bombs
we all need to pitch in and start a fund for that fat lady running so that she can buy a new bra so man EVER has to witness what my eyes witnessed today 
2:15 He tells her the safety is on, but doesn't feel like telling her she's holding it like a spaz?
Octo Squad
1:10 this is in Durban South Africa if I'm right
Orhan Cabarov
2019 Anyone ?
Oscar Wilde
3:35 some things cannot be unseen
5:35 nice sideburns..... GET IT?!\nI'll leave.
Philipp Maier
Das hat die Tussi bei 0.26 auch verdient - man ballert nicht achtlos in der Natur rum!
06:25 Was that filmed in Croatia or Bosnia??\n\nIsuse zas su to stavili u failarmy to nije smjesno pala je zenska u nesvjest 😮😕
R Anderson
The name of this should be \
Recalcitrante Amor
2:24 lo estas haciendo mal :v
Richard Cantin
First of all... not all of them were actually woman. \nAlthough, 100% funny!
Robert Carrera
2018 ????
Robert Torres
0:33 the girl in the drinking contest has an amazing flawless body. Dayum!!
Rohn Jambo
4:50 Justine Bieber Hailey Baldwin
Ry Ry The Science Guy
3:03 savage
Автор первым поставил сиськи на заставку,в 2019 все уже так делают.
Sam Sen
3:23 How could they put Trump in it?
Selim Şen
3:30 LİKE :D
Sujith Kumar G
The last one was not funny.... what happened to her somebody please tell
Sy Xs
I can’t believe they let her shoot that shotgun like that I new that was gonna happen before she pulled the trigger obviously they did to
Titan Bull 05
So, how many boys here😎
Jajaja el mejor para tirar caja
Trust NoOne
Victoria Klaghofer
X Lightcameradeath
I just came here to downvote the click bait thumbnail. Bye.
'\nshe is a lady or woman...\nnot a girl
wat een domme sukkels
why was that guy filming his daughter and her friend in the hot tub?
At 0:57 playback speed should be at lowest setting.
Tanko ei ollut vitun kestävää terästä. (The pole was not pussy strong steel)
kai sanders
5.44 like you've just stepped. Out of the salon
Najvažniji element Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
loco rock
La vainilla le cayo entre las tetas bajo por el ombligo se alojo chocha y le quemo la cresta del gallo que tiene entre las patas...😂😂😂😂😂
mark erwin
Lol girls rock😎
Back in the day: ow ow OMG! \nThese days: ow ow OMG! Did u get that on video?
pls don't publish videos in portrait mode any more. They are noch easy on the eye, shaky and the person behind camara is at least as idiotic as the subject
They forgot to tell that chubby girl at the end not to breathe those chemicals
rex anderson
Yes folks there is still dumb democrats in this world.
The crazy bint in the high-heeled boots was the most awesome pathetic human, followed by the girl who burned her hair👍
sharkrad radscorpion
The woman is so stupid at 2:20 the shotgun should have been held at the shoulder not in front of the face
sheepy blacky
teaching you guys to curl my hair
shubham kadam
sống khỏe
Διονύσης Τσουκαλάς
I don't understand how epilepsy can be considered as a fail. I found it sad and frustrating for that girl.
5:01 a flat tire ,😂😂
Вообще не смешно, так же как тупорылые шутки с бомбой в чемодане в частности. Разбить лицо, этим тупоголовым подросткам, и заставить их матерей и бабушек бегать из всех сил, вдруг сердце откажет у кого нить, вот ведь смеху то будет? После чего назвать их тупыми бабами.
Планета Россия
0-0:20 женщина похожа на снежного человека и склонности дикие- стрелять, убивать - иначе для чего оружие?
еДА тв
try cookies \
пётр новиков
Все дебилы на планете \
نايف لافي
هل هما اصدقاء ماذا يعملون ياترى