Eurovision Song Contest 1997

The Eurovision Song Contest 1997, was the 42nd Eurovision Song Contest and it was held at the Point Theatre Dublin, Ireland, on 3 May 1997. Boyzone member Ronan Keating and Carrie Crowley were the presenters of the show.Katrina and the Waves, representing the United Kingdom, were the winners of the contest with the song "Love Shine a Light", written by that band's lead guitarist Kimberley Rew, and Marc Roberts from Ireland came second with "Mysterious Woman". Despite being the runner-up, it remarkably received only one 12-point score, which came from the United Kingdom. The UK spokesman Colin Berry remarked: "You're going to like this one: Ireland, twelve points!" causing Terry Wogan to reply: "Well, tit for tat!" The winning song scored an unprecedented 227 points; it received points from all participating countries, including five sets of 10 points and a record-breaking ten sets of the maximum 12 points. "Love Shine a Light" is still regarded as one of the most successful Eurovision winners, and was the closing song in the medleys that opened the 50th anniversary show "Congratulations" in Copenhagen in 2005, and the ESC 2006 semi-final in Athens. With this victory, the United Kingdom has five Eurovision wins and it is to date the country's last win in the Contest.After the controversy over the pre-selection in 1996, the European Broadcasting Union introduced a new system for 1997: countries with the lowest average scores over the previous four years would be excluded from the 1997 contest, and those with the lowest averages over the previous five years would be excluded from future contests (save that every country so excluded for one year would automatically be allowed to participate the following year), with so many countries being omitted as would reduce the number of participants each year to 25.Israel declined to participate, as the Contest was held on its Holocaust Remembrance Day, granting a reprieve to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would otherwise have been excluded owing to its low point average over the previous four years.RTÉ once again produced a highly spectacular show, with a stage that had a smaller performance space for the artists than in previous years. This was the third Eurovision set to be designed by Paula Farrell, who had previously been involved with the 1988 and 1994 contests.There was a wide array of different styles this year. Denmark brought a rap song, Croatia came with their version of the Spice Girls and Sweden brought a mid '1980s style boy band. The music was in general more modern than before, and for the first time in six years, an up-tempo song won.This year, televoting was tested in five countries: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The results of the televoting countries were, in some cases, different from those that used a jury. Iceland received 16 of its 18 points from these five countries.Also, for the first time in Eurovision history, there was a country where not one, but two spokespeople gave votes- France. Television reporter Frédéric Ferrer and 1977 Eurovision winner Marie Myriam each took turns at giving results from that country.Long-time Irish conductor Noel Kelehan was not the host conductor this year, the duty being fulfilled by Frank McNamara. However, from this year entrants were allowed to use playback, and in 1999, the orchestra was completely abolished. The very first use of playback in the Eurovision came much earlier in 1973 when Cliff Richard performed for his second time with the Shadows; "Power to All Our Friends"Full contest in German Commentary

Eurovision Song Contest 1997 Katrina & The Waves Love Shine a Light

Aidan Francis Boland-Lynch
Wow what a unique opening for 1997
Aidan Meyler
Fantastic opening sequence...way ahead of it's time
Aline Van Rossem
Who's watching this in 20017?? :D
the last time Ireland hosted the contest, 15 years and still waiting for it to return here
Why she actually didn't take a prize before song?
Christian Fischer
Der erste Auftritt von Peter Urban, und da hat er sich noch recht zurückgehalten. Inzwischen ist er ganz anders drauf, inzwischen ist er richtig verbittert und bösartig geworden. Vielleicht wird es langsam für ihn Zeit, sich zurückzuziehen.
Daniel Moore
United Kingdom and Italy were outstanding. Italy should've been 2nd. I really hope the UK picks an anthemic song for Kiev on Jan 27th
Dawid Agostini
For me\n\n1. ITALY\n2. UK\n3. TURKEY\n\nIf Italy had won then it would never left the Eurovision :))
Denis Grintsevich
My Top10 of the best songs \
Digital Movies
RTE Cannot Appeared
Was the jury from Malta actually listening to the UK entry by Katrina and the Waves ? !\nThey were the only country to give it 1 point !\nMaltese jury, did you have a problem with the song or did you not understand the lyrics ?\nOther countries appreciated the song, why not the Maltese jury ?\nVery disappointing that the Maltese jury did not recognise a good song jumping out at them :-( \nI'm totally stunned that you thought it was only worth 1 point.\nA bad decision made by Malta with this one :-(
It's like \
Hakan lazımdeğil
yıl 2018 türkler burdamı ? ses verin :D
Hey Datura
this is my favourite esc, so many good songs. uk, iceland, italy, poland, russia, estonia, turkey, ireland, greece... :)
when UK gets 12 points from IRE and FRA you know it's a good year.
Ismail Uzunoglu
TURKEY should have won! Turkey was robbed big time!!!!
John Schroots God what a lovely men!!!!
Love this year! One of my favorites!\n\nMy top 10:\n1. Italy\n2. Turkey\n3. United Kingdom\n4. Greece\n5. Cyprus\n6. Iceland\n7. France\n8. Denmark\n9. Poland\n10. Spain
Kote Semenov
1) Cyprus (wow, cool! Catch in my smartphone)\n2) Italy\n3) Turkey\n4) Greece\n5) UK (too much simple song)\n6) Russia (russian Superstar doing well theatre in just 3 min)\n7) Estonia\n8) Bosnia & H.\n9) Slovenia\n10) Iceland.\ufeff
Kutluhan Bayraktar
Awesome opening
Wait, Dafuq, Iceland was literally the best. I'm from UK and love that we won, but, Iceland. Oof
To all you watching this for the first time. On behalf of all of Denmark I sincerely apologize for our contribution to the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest.
Marry Christmas
Who would've thought that Switzerland would sing a song about Milton's 'Paradise Lost'? Sometimes Eurovision can be too bloody intellectual.
Merav Ahroni
Cyprus was Good this year also
Mustafa Arab Sikenoğlu
Mutlucona 222
Best sound Turkey
Paulie A Wakefield
One of my fav years , loved Italy, Turkey, Slovenia , Estonia , and also Russia and Sweden , don't think Portugal deserved nil poi !!!, x
Sarah Rudman
Will never forget Terry Wogan's comments during and after Iceland \
Saruman The White
Poland \u003c3
Swanskog Jsson
Russia 12 pts\nGreece 10 pts\nUK 8 pts\nIceland 7 pts\nIreland 6 pts\nHungary 5 pts\nMalta 4 pts\nNetherlands 3 pts \nDenmark 2 pts \nSweden 1 pt
Tomos Burton
I got a Boyzone Easter egg in 1999.
Velet Dinozor
Turkey shld win god damn its awesome
Thanks so much for this!\nTurkey should have won that year! They were the BEST!
abdurrahman kurt
Turkey should have won  wonderfull song performance and act
Turkey 13:00 ;)
Royaume Uni!
mal dalby
Don Airey now with deep purple, musical director!!!
0:00 Opening\n7:56 Cyprus\n13:01 Turkey\n17:19 Norway\n21:54 Austria\n26:21 Ireland\n31:16 Slovenia\n35:48 Switzerland\n40:56 Netherlands\n45:18 Italy\n49:47 Spain\n54:21 Germany\n58:55 Poland\n1:03:21 Estonia\n1:08:19 Bosnia & Herzegovina\n1:12:45 Portugal\n1:17:07 Sweden\n1:22:05 Greece\n1:26:41 Malta\n1:32:00 Hungary\n1:36:29 Russia\n1:41:41 Denmark\n1:46:12 France\n1:50:57 Croatia\n1:55:25 United Kingdom\n1:59:57 Iceland\n2:05:30 Recap\n2:09:32 Interval act\n2:19:00 Voting\n3:03:34 Winner
I've always considered Love Shine a Light one of the more boring ESC winners, but after having seen this whole show I can see how it stands out. I liked Turkey the best though, and I love Iceland as well. :)
ozcan yildiz
Dont be greedy, you had all your turns at once
xopocho xopocho
Spain, Turkey, Iceland, United Kingdom, France. Great artists and great songs that year.
Oh yeah sing it UK :)
TURKEY 13:05