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Like some of you, I’m also a rabid history buff, specializing in collecting the most interesting rare historic photos. I only curate the rare ones that have a significant impact on the history of the world.Find out below some of the most fascinating rare historical photos ever captured on camera. Thanks to these great images, we now have before us a rare window to some of the most interesting moments of our world history.PERFECT LIFE

20 centrury comp... go back in time historical photos https past photos past photos compilation perfect life perfect life photos rare historical photos

-_Zxx IamJay_-
Not all German soilders were rude...😢
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all the pictures with gas masks are creepy and sad...
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Emmett till better be here
Your comments on some of these photos are indicative of your young age. Don't get me wrong; it's wonderful to see these old photos presented this way, and many of them are extremely meaningful to a world that tends to forget it's past. Just to broaden your knowledge: \n#54 SPAM was a canned pork product introduced in 1938 by an American meat packing company called Hormel Foods. The processed meat had such a prolonged shelf life that it was shipped to Great Britain by the boat load during World War II as civilian emergency rations and field rations for the British troops. The humor of the Monty Python skit was because SPAM had become a main staple, and for many during the war, and for quite some time afterwards, was the only source of meat cheaply available - which is why everything on the menu was SPAM. More various recipes using SPAM come from Great Britain than any other country.\n#55 The REAL value of this photo is because it is a rare image of Frank Oz at work. A long time friend of Jim Henson, Frank Oz typically shied away from cameras, so to see him working one of his characters is *very rare* . Oz not only was the main operator of Yoda, he was also the voice of Yoda. His list of characters include: Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, (one of) the Yip Yip Martians, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, Sam Eagle, Fozzy Bear, Chamberlain the Skeksis (The Dark Crystal) and a myriad of secondary characters.\n#62 Coca-Cola was first introduced in the U.S. in 1886. International expansion happened in the 1920's and 1930's with several bottling plants located in France. Your date of 1950 is about 30 years too late.\n#70 It's a wonderful thing that your country changed in 1991 to end the economic suppression of your parents. I'm only sorry for your people and culinary customs that McDonald's came as part of that change.\n\nFinally: There are enough striking images suitable to uses as a thumbnail image within this video (dogs in gas-masks for instance) that you don't need to use such a horrendous image as the thumb nail image you used, and then not show it in the body of the video. The high number of \
Adam Dawson
9:15 made me mad for some reason even thought I'm not black (not racist)
Aleksi 64
10:45 i know this face! This is from the game Scary Maze!
Aron Gopal
public executions still happen in some countries...
Bailey Foxo
The Steve jobs one..
Big 'ol Booty Cheeks
Didn't spam come out pre ww2? And not in 1970 lol
Blue Bois
“Last public execution in history” sorry have you see the Middle East at the moment?
Boyujp X
2:31 is the Russian sleep experiment except it was the real one
The man centred in the middle of the titanic picture is my Great Great Uncle. ;)
Bunny The Bear
Burnttoast plays
Watches this video\n\nDies at the end
Caribou Magoo
That boy in the thumbnail with the deteriorating face didn’t turn into a creature his face was like that because his mother got syphilis while pregnant with him.
Chopin Axr
Poor Anne Frank
Clickbait and some false information!
Communist International & Co.
Public Execution still happens in North Korea.
I saw all of this photos.\nNow I am going to Die😭😭😭😭
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Dirk Scholten
8:47 hittler didn't die in that bunker, he fled to Argentina trough Franco's Spain.
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Bait and switch.
Edoardo Bottagisio
Like chi è italiano e ha aperto il video solo dalla copertina
Ertio Zeneli
Did you knew that Mother Theresa is Albanian?
Felix Felicis
10:48\n\n\n\n\n\nGood luck going to sleep tonight...
Geir-Arne Bentsen
I love the fact that people invented gasmasks for animals as well during the world war 2.\nThat really shows how much soldiers actually cared about their four-legged companions. :)
We can see Michael Jackson's socks from the smooth criminal shoes and the shoe you are showing are fake
last public execution in history? I've seen videos from Saudi Arabia or other Muslim countries.
Helaine Newman
No.  That's not how \
Her Paderp
Why the sad music?
weird flex but ok
Human Person
#2, #40, and #65 are my favorite ones cause I LOVE Michael Jackson🕴👈💗
I guess i can die now
In Play
Where is the greatest photograph when Soviet soldiers took Berlin and defeated the Nazis?
The two guys riding a bicycle for two, was the most interested photo. An armless man, and, a man with no lower body. Wow, one peddled, one guided. Amazing!! Fasinating!! Extraordinary!!
Jack Hartford
Thumbnail Clickbait
Jackson wireguy
Halloween in the 1900's are hardcore *sees one kid out side in those clothes : Honey get the shotgun
John Wilkes Booth
I enjoyed the video but... why did my picture watching Lincoln deliver his speech not make the list??!
Jonathan Darkmaple
A couple of inaccuracies: That's not the last photo of Anne Frank and Monty Python was not the origin of SPAM
Joy Baldacchino
That's not the last picture of Anne Frank. That picture was taken in 1938 (9 years old) and her last picture was taken in 1942 (13 years old)
Julio Iraheta
#31 isnt true
Keith plays
regardless of what some people are saying . I loved this vid.
LF Customs
That one pic of the soldier helping the kid was heart warming
Lucky7club Vll
“God is gay”
Luke Graham
A good one in three of these are outright lies or at best, gross misrepresentations.\nThe scratch marks on the walls of the Auschwitz shower room are admitted to be post war tourist vandalism, it has snowed in the Sahara several times in the last decade alone.\nThis rubbish should be taken down.
Nice clickbait
Matthias Pope
Mila Tose
really amazing find. just I am confused how could I watch that before I living? 😕
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Welp guess I can die now
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5:52 I feel bad.why did he do this.He is going straight to hell
Mr. CatNoLegs
This is so cool.The desert has snow and those titanic guys.
Nicoletta Ciccone
How to compare Justin Bieber and Beethoven, Beethoven was a genius the other one should be deported for a long time very useless guy.
Onee - Sama
(AFTER WATCHING)\n\n\n\n\n\nNow I can die...
This is literally one of your other videos but the pictures are in a different order
Patricia A.
Great !!. The best channel for me. From Guatemala city.
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Here today, gone tomorrow!!! Take a pitcher, and immortalize the moment.!!!!
Can you please stop using the same rare photos in everyvideo? Thanx.
Raymond Humpage
13:37 Best policeman EVER
Razor Blade
That is all fine & dandy but what about the Thumbnail, or should I say, \
The man taking the bag of corn off the poor emaciated soul broke my heart 😢
Rescuer 41
Last one I believe is WW1.
Robbie B.
Roko Katavić
Roses are red,\nViolets are blue,\nI came for the pictures in the thumbnail\nAnd so did you
Ruth McGhie
My eye sight must be REALLY BAD as I found it impossible to read due to the writing so small and with each clip the words were moving so quick.
SSGSS Gogeta
Too bad i'm already dead
Sabile Hetemi
I was heartbroken by the photo of the man stealing corn from the hungry child 😭
Samved Vyas
5:55 The height of cruelty
Clickbait bitch
Shilodog Smith
#20:  It has snowed three times in the Sahara Desert.  And WHY does Perfect Life always use clickbait thumbnails?
Sir HorsesAround
How did you get a picture of me during 3 AM on the right side of the thumbnail
Starfire Farms
Another clickbait compilation not showing the cover photo
2:34 it is just sad and scary
Th eo
Guys the picture on the right of the thumbnail isn't even a real picture it was a myth from the real story
Toda moon
So.e of photos are complete shit just screenshots of worthless videos to make this video longer
Tommy Ryan
Beethoven vs. Justin Beiber slayed me🤣🤣🤣
Tornad !
1:05 last?
Tu te Kohe
Not one of those photos were necessary to see before I die.
Ty Nguyen
2:02 Bruce Lee\n4:37 Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris
Willum James
Terrible spelling and fake pics
That Beethoven v beiber was kinda funny
Yumiko Sawara
0:32 I'm Vietnamese
Zorana Hodges
2:01 .....*I had to laugh*
bernhard knabl
Well, Hitler is definiteley dead now. sorry i had to repeat myself
branden8045 theultramangofighter
But it s snowed in 2018 in the sahara desert
3:35 There have been 3 recorded incidents of snow in the Sahara Desert, 1979, 2016 so that's 2 before this was uploaded and January of this year (2018)\n4:00 Ted Bundy turned down his last meal, the one he was given was Florida's death row standard and he didn't touch it.\n7:31 There are plenty of pictures that people claim could be the last picture of Anne Frank, nobody is sure, but the one shown here isn't one of them.
kat i am
Some of These captions are straight up lies
Steve Jobs \
lil neko
0:44 i think that Mickey mouse gas mask was for kids, so they didn't get scared of actual gas masks
mister duister
0:49 they had drones back in the day haha
mr man
Cool photos
9:17 no way dude
nunuyee jc
Soooo....where's the thumbnail of the video😒😒😒
san mumg
The African Americans healing the kkk member had me shook
skull films
This is a Perfect Lie, i wanted to see the thumbnail, clickbaiter!.
tobias wildenhoff
Song at 6:24: Mantovani by Canon Pachelbel
trump lover
Γκρο Πλαν
The image showing the African-Americans to cure the kkk member was created from an advertising magazine named \