Full Video Jean Michel Jarre HD 2004 at Forbidden City and Tian-anmen Square, Beijing, China ปักกิ่ง

Jarre performed two back-to-back concerts in Beijing, China, first in the Forbidden City and then in Tian'anmen Square, on 10th October 2004.แสดงสด 2004 北京 ปักกิ่ง ที่ พระราชวังต้องห้าม HDJarre in China is the first THX certified concert filmed in High Definition. The concert represents the beginning of China's "Year of France". Jean-Michel Jarre returns to China after his 1981 concerts in China, where he was the first Western musician to perform since the revolution, and his Hong Kong concert in March 1994.The concert was performed live in 5.1 Surround Sound and broadcast live to over 1 Billion Chinese viewers. Jean Michel Jarre was accompanied by 260 musicians, including The Beijing Symphony Orchestra, The Chinese National Orchestra, The Beijing Opera Chorus, and notable Chinese rock musicians.The DVD contains audio commentaries in French and in English by Jean Michel Jarre, 52 minute documentaryJean Michel Jarre in the Footsteps of the Last Emperor, 9 minute documentary Freedom of Speech featuring Cui Jian, photo gallery, and Jean Michel Jarre biography.Tracklist======.Forbidden CityAeroOxygene 2Oxygene 4Geometry of LoveBand in the RainEquinoxe 4Voyage à PékinChronologie 6ZoolookologieAerozoneAerologyChronologie 3Vivaldi "Winter"Fishing Junks at SunsetRendez-Vous 4Souvenir of ChinaRendez-Vous 2.

Forbidden City Forbidden City Full Jean Michel Jarre พระราชวังต้องห้าม

Ant Maysnake
The best creator of electronic music.
Fabián Dávila
Excelente concierto! !!
Jarre 17
1:26:43 Jean Michel Jarre is so cute eye and smiles!
Luca Facchetti FS Italiane
But in this video, which author is the first song played by the \
Marcelo Gutiérrez
Excelente concierto
Massimiliano C
Speechless. The creator of orchestrated electronic music with a real orchestra, all played live... This is the beauty.
Stuart Williams
Who’s the woman in pink on the fiddle, she is awesome.
boy superboy
Tracklist\n======\n.\nForbidden City\nAero\nOxygene 2\nOxygene 4\nGeometry of Love\nBand in the Rain\nEquinoxe 4\nVoyage à Pékin\nChronologie 6\nZoolookologie\nAerozone\nAerology\nChronologie 3\nVivaldi \
edwin tito ramos ramos
Llagada de los dioses al mundo ......
19:40 korg microkorg :)
Jarre isn't a master... Jarre is The Master by itself, he created the electronic music, using the reconciliation of the world sounds. In ever diferent country, Jarre makes the perfect combination between his perfect and original style, and the local culture. The Master, for ever, nothing less..
Best of the best electronic musician in this world.
Это восхитительно,непередаваемо.Жалко,что у нас в стране нет,таких музыкантов в области электронной музыки.