The China Concerts (Full Video) - Jean Michel Jarre

Peking: October 21st and 22nd, 1981 & Shangai: October 26th, 27th and 28th, 1981.... After two years of negotiations, the Government of the People's Republic of China agreed for the first time to officially invite a western contemporary musician to give a series of concerts in Peking and Shangai.... On October 12th, a team of sixty musicians and technicians left Paris for Peking with 15 tons of stage gear in the plane's hold. A gigantic stage installation, one of the most sophisticated concert happenings yet seen, and the technical, diplomatic and human accomplishment of five triumphant concerts fired the Chinese public with enthusiasm.... The film of the China Concerts retraces this unique adventure, and, with Jarre's music, illustrates post-Mao China: its sufferings, its beauty, its desire for modernity, its aspiration for liberty ... images captured in 1981, at a historical moment when it seemed China was opening itself to the outside world... Tracklist ====== Oxygene 2 Arpegiator The Overture Equinoxe 4 Equinoxe 5 Equinoxe 7 Night in Shangai Fishing Junks at Sunset Magnetic Fields 1 Magnetic Fields 3 Magnetic Fields 4 Orient Express Magnetic Fields 2 Souvenir of China

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After two years of negotiations!!!
Awesome to be able to see this once again.
Aesthetic Shekel
41:00 *spine chills*
Alexander Shuvalov
Блин... Да это же Original !! :=)
Analogue Cat 3345
Have wanted to see this documentary again for years. \nThanks for posting.
Augusto L Malave
Jarres music is one of my own way to connect to my father since he left
Bernardo Dominguez Gomez
El mejor de sus conciertos..Excelente 1:07:30. Jamás igualado
Björn Persson
The Chinese visitors to these concerts must have thought all western concerts were like this, not realizing what a maveric Jarre was.
Bruno Lala
Merci pour cette vidéo.Que d'émotion merci encore
Dino Benelli
53:00 always hear that song before every race
Jarre is definitely a key figure in electronic music, and in music in general. A master, he's often called, and that's definitely what he is.\n\nI wonder how he is perceived in nowadays' China. Do they still : remember him ? like him ? listen to his music ? I hope they do : he deserves it, as he's unique.
Elia Maria
Ewa Kowalska
Hogne Bø Pettersen
Are there two versions of this? I'm sure that on my old VHS copy, Jarre talks in French and not in English when interviewed in the car in the beginning.
Jarre 17
45:35 Jean Michel Jarre jest artystą i jest słodki! 😘💘😍
Jethro Chan
This is really great to have seen it again here after all these years of missing it!
John Moynihan
Lajos György Mészáros
Can someone explain what is happening at 38:01? Why are the two men dancing, while soldiers are going to war?
Leszek Lechowski
i tak Chińczycy wyprzedzili epokę
Lucas Lima
Magnetics Fields 1 is a genius work, the first part of this song looks like an orchestra of electronic musicians, but all of this amazing sounds is only made by Jean Michel Jarre.\nWhat a genius!!!!.
Luis Miehlich / Woolookologie
Shame I have never watched this in full - some pieces are quite different to the LP, for example Fishing Junks at Sunset differs a lot. Wish they would have shown a little more footage of the concerts, but the film draws an interesting picture of the European's impressions of China at the time.
Luz Marina
Que exótico! ese viaje pero nosotros elegimos Egipto. Verdad? Josee???
Martha Cano
inigualable!! Jean Michel Jarre the best.
Massimiliano Russo
I like these and is a classical concert !
I  was  10  years  old  when  they  show  us  this  in  Greece. Jean  not  only  open  the  gates  of  West  to  them  back  then, but  he  also  brought  them  to  us  too, as  they  were  as  much  \
Noemi Arguelles
Qué puedo decir, este concierto me ha dejado sin palabras es ,\nMuy diferente al lp felices los que nos gusta este tipo de música somos pocos pero seleccionados
Oscar Lozano
Realmente fabuloso!!!! fantastico...nunca habia visto el video....del concierto...pero si lo tenia en vinilo...una verdadera joya grax x compartirlo..
Philippe Marceau
Ce concert est mon premier grand voyage inoubliable... toujours autant d’émotions ... cette cassette reçue à 11 ans contient tant de choses...\n1:03:00
Ribeiro Ribeiro
Brasil isto que é música isto quer som muito bom belíssimo som
Richard Bachynsky - Hoover
the largest outdoor concert one man show ever recorded in China! jarre breaks the barrier by sound mach 10,,rocks China
This concert is like an adventure
Ronald Groen
The Best !!
Thomas Hansson
Hoppe the chanisse get deir act to geter ;-)
Walter Horacio Oliveira Salles Casco
Fantástico, insuperável! Unique!
Wes Osborne
I remember our family holiday was in the South of France that year and we had to drive down. For my birthday I got a Sony Walkman and a copy of Concerts in China (a double cassette) I played it over and over again during my holiday. Memories flood back - the camera shutter especially ;o) Thank you JMJ for making those miles melt away.
Wolfgang Uhlig
Thank you so much for this video (I've only just discovered it). I was a fan of that kind of music in the 80's, but only one song of JMJ has always remained in my heart: \
Zero Yu
1981,I was just 2 years old,this was a begin,made china people can hear electronica music Sync with the world.To great,Now I got a set of vinyl about this concert ,it has big significance in my collection
Zulema Olvelas
Que bueno que pudieron compartir el vídeo completo del concierto tenia tanta curiosidad de como se vería Jarre y se ve muy guapo 😍😘😚
aha we have to thank to: \n9thenazeing\n Thank You.
As a long-time Jarre fan, I bought the LP when it came out in 82. Shame several of the tracks on this video were heavily edited.
documentales ciberguerra cl
Equinoxe 7 and the movement of chinese doing taichi and exercises is the best part of this video, is amazing how human and repectfull is the vision of Jarre electronic music. China concerts is the best music documentary that i saw ever.
hongshing yu
很荣幸能在这里看到这场演出,让我了解到Jean Michel Jarre先生在70s就能做出这么美妙的电子音乐,更棒的是他在1981年来中国演出了,也让我看到了当时祖国的真实场景,真的太棒了!
iron prefect
Jarre and China are both fantastic
johan ferwerda
What i noticed allmost 40 years ago. At first you hear the chinese clapping modestly on the intro, at the end of the first part its gotten a bit louder, piece by piece it got louder and at the end all hell broke loose.
paolo schiaffini
eccellente bravissimoooooo si viaggia forte
Totalmente sem palavras p comentar esse vídeo. Belíssimo
Concerts in China is an unique electronic experience. Never seen the chinese part musicians before, they are incredible skilled. Great too see this video
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