Best Action Movies - Chinese Historical War Movies ( 狩猎者 / Hunter 2005 )

Best Action Movies 2018 Chinese Historical War Movies ( 狩猎者 / Hunter 2005 ) 动作电影

Best Action Movies Chinese Historical War Movies chinese movies 动作电影

Puta galing
Abigeal Sean
Nice movie watching from dagupan city pangasinan
Adao e francieli Moreira
como e o nome desse filme em portugues alguem sabe por favor
Adilet Razakov
Привет кыргызтан...
Ah Ah
بغينا افلام مترجمة
Alex Gonzalez
Very beautiful movie hello from belize central America
Alexander Guevara
Un rambo asiático
Ali Saif
فلم جميل لكن لو فيه ترجمة عربي راح يكون رائع
Altoman Japan
now i'm watching unknown new history by communist ,insteaed of running away history.\neveryone have to think deeply why or who made this film
Alung Riamroi
what a brave boy...
Ambrose Kharmawshun
Nice apreciate it
Andy Wilan
I learn from this movie how humble the captain is to the kid. Humanity first. In India our army will beat us to death/torture if we approach them or take a things like this. This is just a movie but I respect Chinese army. Salute. Love from India.
Astromuon Kuki
Most of the comment says good movie...Let me get started it..😊
Aung khaing
Balhouan Karim
فيلم رائع لكن لم أفهم شيئ
Bee Cy
The English sub title needs a lot of improvement. Its giving me head ache, hard to comprehend.
Benito Mpango
nice movie, I am watching......... from Tanzania
Bảo Quỳnh
Phim quá hay
Carmen Alfonso
Chapiz Alvarez
Pretty movie Thank you by upload it 👍
Chingjem Nyiem
Nice movie from India Ching.
Dog Paw
Translation is poor, but its a good movie after all..
Don Azzlle
From +255 TANZANIA
Eghi saputro
Ethan Basti
i was searching for this for many days, i finally found it..i think i should celebrate. 😂
Fernando tuis
Un sondado nunca se rinde
Francis Chege
i like it
Godwin Ojukwu
130 Japanese disliked this movie
Hồn Của Đá
Chiến binh đơn độc
Imagesh iyyadurai
Jasim Uddin
Jawung Jazz
Nice movie\nIndonesia
This is one of the best movie I’ve ever seen.Thank you and Pls upload more. And this kid Im sure Hes now a family man.😘❤️👍🏻 May I know Hes real name? This 16 year old kid?
Jonah Twetwe Omashola
Watching from Nigeria 🇳🇬
Juan Cerna
Las peliculas estam buenas lo unico que no estan conpletas mmmmm
Juan Pablo Lopez
La puta madre ,mi película favorita y solo esta en vietnamita !!
Jury Jury
wow!! I said wow!! my goodness! I really like these movie !! I like the story ,its great boy!! your a brave little big boy!! good luck!!!
Kamal Nasir
oh wow what a great movie i will recomend to everyone watch this movie
Leilani Dapiaoen
nice movie
Leonhard Kamonga
It's a good movie I want it in english
Maricar Ocana
Nice movie
Mehady Hasan
awsome muvi
Nadine Porras
This my bad habit to read the comment first before watch 😂😂😂
Nikeisha Richardson
Nice watching from Grenada
Noman Labid
From bangladesh
Noor shalbak
The Japanese have shameless history...
Philip oliver Osorio
La aguada de las buenas señales
Phương Nguyễn
Lâu lâu mới xem được phim hay như thế này
Phạm Quỳnh
Phim hay đấy
Rayi Keyho
Nice movie but really hate the wrong translation!
Rolly Soriano
watching from new york,...............................cubao, quezon city, philippines!
Ronald Andoy
watching from mati davao oriental
Soumen Bag
Taufique Shaikh
I am Indian Muslim, I Dnt Now Chinese Language, But I Offzer That Translation Is Not Correct 😉
Thang Tran
Thi Dinh
Solo squad.k98 head shot😂😂😂
Thánh nữ Thích săm soi
Toto Ardy
Best actor n beautiful movie...
Trang XuKa
Phim hay quá
Wang Go
watching from mexico pampanga
Wangong konyak
One man army.
Well Datu
In war, all are loosers.
Wheng Zamogee
Woww so nice movie I've ever watch what a brave boy.😍😍
Y tá Nhung
Yah Love
Greetings from Guyana South American
Zada Zada
Что за фильм переводом нету что-ли
abner pawa
I’ve been looking for this movie for a long I found it..\nThank you so much for uploading this movie..
ali irfani
به زبان فارسی دوبله نشده؟
amood stanimali
Its good movies..
Subtitulos en español por favor
chhunga hmar
nice movie.... Brave Boy
coleen mith
Watching from here 🙋
dlorah72 filosopo
watching from Cebu, Philippines
emmanuel adebayo
Nice movie
forc military leopard 2
فيلم رائع نريدها بالترجمة اللغة العربية وشكرا. لي متفقين معايا لايك
goo turner
Palestinians must train as soldiers and fight for their land or lose all of it.
james JM
No spanish
maria angel
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osas Ben Comedy
#osasBenComedy Wow nice one love ly you video
phils philo
let me read comments before I watching
pulo chophi
Good movie
ren manoso
Grabe ang ganda ng palabas
rosalyn bantan
Ganda panalo na sa lotto👏👏
Đường Tam Tạng
k bit hay k mà nhìn comment toàn girl khen k 😂
Авазбек Баатыров
Как этот фильм называеться по русскому
Гул Зина
Как называется фильм?
Ерсин Дуишебаев
Переводы барма
Жак Жак
Фильм на русском как называется ?
Зайырбек Ажыгул уулу
Как название это фильме
Керим Таирбеков
кто узнают как называется кино русском языке
Нурлан Абдрасулов
жакшы кино экен👍
ابـن هادي العبيدي
نبية مترجم وين احصلة?
ضاعت سنين احلامي
هل يوجد عربي هنة
طط ظظ
I'M from Northern Nigeria nice one
محمد محمد
الحين مين اليباني ومين الصيني 😶
مصطفي حميد
حد عندو الفيلم مترجم بالعربي