Pros Play New Hero Hammond! - Overwatch Montage

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Pros play New Hero Hammond! - ft seagull, XQC and More!$100 BATTLENET GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY - • If you wish for your artwork not to be used. Please contact me via email.

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This character looks so fun but I also feel like he's going to be really op and blizzard is going to do a lot of rework on him
Aayla Secura
Looking at that ugly Chinese guy makes me angry like if you agree
Alec Munro
So Bluzzard is just gonna add back to back OP characters? Because why not. Not only is Brigitte a tough support char, but not a wrecking ball who can only be stopped by sombra...yeah, seems great
Allison Fox
Andrew Khokhlov
I hope blizzard will remove all new heros from OW. Game is unplayable right now.
Andrew Thomas
Anybody else smell a nerf?
Anton Borissenko
5:11 \
This character will be great. We need a OP objective master character. It will make players like Sombra stand out even more. maybe roadhog if you can hook him while he spins.
Baba Syonk
I think this remind me to pangolier dota 2
I don't see how this new hero is balanced
Blaze Walter
Despite people saying how OP he is(just like every new hero we get lol), he does have quite a number of counters: Mei's freezing, Sombra hacks, Brigitte Shield bash, Bastion being Bastion, McCree's stun, and if you have crazy good aim with him moving a round like a wrecking ball(bc thats what his job is tbh hence the name) Ana's sleep darts will finish his spinning rampages.
Busy Losing
Hammond\u003ewrecking ball
I'm old enough to remember \
Colin Kirby
Just wait for an Ana boosted Hammond grappled onto payload with extra help from like a Brigitte rally or a Lucio speed boost with a Hanzo using his ult and Reinhardt protecting everyone and widowmaker doing widowmaker things
Commander Zavala
Crimson Voices
Hammond is perfect for stalling point
DS_ DeadL - Fortnite
Daddy A.A
Just watch someone be rolling around the map, trolling the entire game with this hero :)
Daniel Martínez
Danny Rijks
i have given up on this game
Hammond isn't OP he's just an incredible INCREDIBLY stupid character. Other then his spin death trap he's a horrible character. Huge hit box, stun meta kills him (and nearly half the cast has some sort of stunning ability now), really pointless ult. Hammond is only good for grappling and using his ball form. Outside of that he's trash. \n\nNow the fact that he's only viable as a giant rolling ball is really REALLY stupid. It's not fun to play with and not fun to play against. It's only entertaining at first when you figure out the death spin but after only doing the death spin you get bored. That's when you usually get fucked up because outside his death spin he'll get focused down very easily. His hitbox is a HUGE circle after all.\n\nHis story doesn't even really line up at all. It was a rushed development with no real thought on the character. All the new additions other then Hammond felt like they belonged to the overwatch universe. They felt like they made sense with the story. \nOrisa was supposed to help counter doomfist. Doom fist is well one of the main antagonists. Moria is the blackwatch healer who made reapers kit possible. Baguette is torbs daughter but most importantly Reinharts partner in battle. Ana is pharahs mother. Sombra is this sly double agent spy working for and against blackwatch.\n\n\nHammond? Hammond is a genetically modified hamster who after hitching a ride on Winston's pod, became some sort of mech gladiator for the junk queen? \n\nIt's just very lazy writing and a bit \
Darakkuu Nobelu
I was away from Overwatch for a long time... DA FAQ IS DIS HERO?!\nKudos to developers for creating yet another character with unique gameplay feel.
Dark Mugetsu
They should add a duration to the grapple line where you can only grapple for a limited time so you cant go spinning around all the time
Dea noid
I just realised he's like one of those robots from the incredibles
Really sucks when you don't play a game, have understanding of the base mechanics, and can list off counters to something that some are saying are OP. When someone is moving in a pattern they are a joke, you can land any attack, any stun, anything to counter them. This is basic logic in any game. Right now he is new and people are learning, they need time to adapt before you can say OP from clips of PRO PLAYERS using them.
Egor Nikolaev
Yes, ofc it's fresh and all. But... It's going to become annoying real fast, or so I think at the moment :\\
Eric Hawk
Symmetra's turrets might be nice in those situation where he's doing a sit and spin....they'd stay locked on and doing damage through the full swing if they're positioned above, not to mention slowing down the ball of death...
Erz Sebastian
Wowww haha
this hero is so busted, a TANK is the most mobile hero in the game as well as the one with the most HP potential. Not to mention the balls wire clips through everything so u can just spin around things with out it breaking. whos idea was this....
Freezie Pop
Just watching this I can just think they're going to nerf the shit out of this guy
Hammond: exists\neveryone hates him ( except me)\nAshe: exists\neveryone loves (except me)\n\n\n*this is fine*
Wow..... that grapple will need a big nerf..... and he just doesnt fit with overwatch......
G.P. Climbing
xqc is such an arsehole
wow so op and ridiculous hero
sinatraa - \
does it go threw ice wall as well , because that seems a great counter if it doesnt
Hannes Lundin
Wait you actually made a video of my comment? You’re such a great you tuber \u003c3
I don't get the hero's logic, where is the force that gives him the ability to just swing around things?
Go figure, xqc whining about something.
I'm glad blizzard is going for fun hero designs. I mean while brig isn't too generic, paladin theme isn't really ground breaking either.
1:54 was the most insane. I would've fallen to my death
Jacob King
I think nerfing hammond so he cant take points while in ball mode would fix the ball meta slightly so its not OP to camp the points the whole time
Jamal Khurshid
That guy screaming \
Jurassic World
XQC is such a terrible human being
J3sus is the craziest Hammond player so far ! He's amazing !
idk why people are calling this design so creative, if you don't look at abilities it's just the base idea of winston (intelligent critter) mixed with dva (little person in a mech)
This might bring back bastion
Lapsem Weaver
Hmmm... yeah, Hammond might be a LITTLE bit overpowered at this moment in time...
Lonely Lemon
I think making Hammond lose momentum when hitting an enemy is a fair nerf
Seem like high skill cap hero... I mean Attach to a point, start playing You spin me round like record and pray that there is no Sombra around or any person with two eyes who do can see what is in front of him... xD
Maiya Martinez
Such a broken character. Overwatch is going downhill and recycling ideas.
Michał Denis
50% of \
Miggle Señorito
Extremely easy to put a Mei wall and stop that whole contesting nonsense. Just because a team can't communicate and focus on a certain enemy doesn't make that hero OP. Rarely ever saw any hacks and the only Mei wall I saw was put into a far corner of the point which did nothing at all. Hope they don't nerf..people just gotta learn.
Miguel Monteiro
did overwatch steal this character from block N load?
This hero looks really annoying to deal with lol
Not A Lemon
I wish they would balance the heroes the already have before adding new ones
Overwatch Pro Spotlight
Seems like everyone is having a lot of fun with the new Hero!
Omg that was the best one lol 1:52
Ray Links
Cant wait to play Hammond on ps4😍😭
Geez only XqC is the sour one on this whole video.
its gonna be fun seeing him played in tournaments.
Rob Valley
Why is this character even a thing?
Robert Drake
2CP maps are gonna be hell
Robert Mihai
This D.Va rework is amazing
Roman RIANN Pausch
Add new a new hero, rework 3 old heroes..
SMHoschi _
new lucio incoming!
SSJ Lucario
This hero is insanely fun to play..also calling a nerf on him he does way too much for a tank, it basically can contest a point all on it's own.
Save Me
00:22 the guy rage quit
Shrek's Cringe Compilation
remove him seems dumb
Slippery SpapS
Am i the only person here who doesn’t like the new hero?\nI’m very dissatisfied that they decided not to make this character into a tanky droideka with a shield that has thrusters that can crush enemy players and turns him into a pinball that can bounce off walls\nI also don’t like his abilities i feel as if his entire moveset is nothing more than a gag/gimmick when they could have just slapped on a missle launcher or something else...\nI personally don’t like the way this character plays\nI will admit though the new hero is creative\nInb4 I’m toxic \nI’m not I just don’t care for the new hero
Is this what you call a tank? It needs a total new classification :o
Theo Mansoori
He is so. BRUH
I want a magic 8 ball skin, planet Earth skin, other planet skins, Sports ball skins baseball, football, basketball, tennis ball, beach ball, Sun and Moon skins.
Travis P
Sinatraa looks like a frog with a permanent surprised expression
This is why I stopped playing overwatch this hero is cheesy as fuuuuuuuuck👀👀👀👀👀
Turki al Qahtani -
Mei wall is a counter to that :D
There should really be a time limit for the grapple and increase its cool down time
Yuanyuan Xi
Yusuf A
Who else thought 0:42 was Ninja😂
back number
cristi nel
wth, i dont have it. its on PC too?
flOWkO z3
Pros???? hahahahaha \nthey always do the same
Am I the only one that can't play with Hammond???
This hero is cancer to comp.
there gonna nerf how long you can use the grapple line.
This would be awesome if you had \
lasham jr
When is this out for console?
nathan diviné
Almost all your \
damn hammond is what doomfist should have been
wanted to watch but then some squeeking pig started laughing...
Reminds me of those whack bakugans back in my childhood
squid man
Bruh wtf this guy has only been out for a little while and there are pros already
william craig
Is anyone else dizzy?
zergling 2018
Hamster ball :) old memories