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everything good is underground? The Beatles arent, 13th floor elevators arent, the Ventures arent, Black Sabbath isnt, so you're a jewpacabra
Aaron Rainbolt
I don't get at all what he's tryna say about antwuon
I love slash aha! \
Alain Lopez
Funny thing about \
Angel Of Death
This dude is so fuckin funny haha
Aur-Hell Morrison
His eyes are so cool.
Billy Boy
he's prolly 50% trolling
Blake J
Yeah Antwuan came to my local skatepark and I was kinda stoked but all he did was get really drunk and look sketchy he didn't even skate smh
Breanna Sky
Brian Jahns
Spot on about the vista park. That shit was a joke.
2:21 GANDALF!!!
Country is pointless
Guy on his shirt looks like Chris cole
Chan Park
frank hirata? haha haven't heard that name in a while.....
CisCo BuDz
that's a real alternative group you know that right ?
Cistian Rios
I was in San Marcos with a friend, and we got to meet Slash's mom and she gave up a damn basket of stickers and let us check out some decks in her trunk.
Guys check out my new company butthole surfers!
Daniel Kohler
slash looks like that guy in the beginning eating a sandwich :D
Your mom
David Davis
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David Williams
''Butthole surfers''
Deven Dang
I have an obsession with stance socks, I would totally but his socks.
Disappointed that he's actually kind of a simpleton. The heshscene uniform of his belies the fact that yes he really does give a fuck but cluelessly. Drew jocks his look so he hooked him up cuz Drew's a geek like that despite being best skater ever.
Fear The Normal
One of his eyes r blue and the other is brown
Front Rock
... or whatever
George Prewitt
ok somebody tell me what hat is slash is wearing because i want it
Glenn Danzig
+NoodlesKillPeople hahahahaha
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
he looks like chris haslam. hehe
Jaco Bester
Now the homie rowan's certified pro
Slash is real
Jacob Norwood
I bet Antwuan is Bipolar or something. That dude acts too crazy even for a skater.
The sickest dude, respect
Jay Mazella
I hope at least one person here knows that Butthole Surfers were a skate-punk band from the 80s
Jimmie Bonilla
Are his eyes different colors?
Juice Foster
anybody hear mumford and sons \
Kolby Long
dont care for hansen anymore, last time i did was pig slaughterhouse
Max Bouvrie
this goddamn intro is disgusting i have to look away every time
Nick Golden
Hahahahaha 5:45 
Nick O
Antwuan Dixon blew it
Lol \
Patrick B
these rich gnar tech-gnar people haha
either he is really fucked up on drugs or that ambiea just kicked in because i dont know what the fuck is goin on
RIDE Channel
Deathwish Skateboards Slash tells it like it is! Find out how Andrew Reynolds got him on Deathwish, what's up with Baker's Riley Hawk and Figgy, his new psychedelic sock company, and a lot more on the new Free Lunch.
RichCara Youl
mighty mighty boss tones in the background
Robert Clark
what type of hat is he wearing?
Dude from the intro doing an interview... that's tight.
Satis Mentibus Obvia
''Butt-hole Surfers'' xD Good company name
Sendijs Klevinskis
slash has different eye colour in both eyes. wtf.
I have gotten skate stuff from slashes mom. I was just skating down the streets of vista and she rolled up and gave me stuff. I have one of his shirts too.
rapping about pop corn xD
Rich Gnar Tech Gnar dudes
Terry Zhou
Timothy Studheart
Thumbs up for psockidelic
Tready Krueger
I have a pair of shoes he wore and gave away hanging up in my room is that weird?
Tyler Watkins
That hat is so damn cool does anyone know what it is\n
Victor C.
He has one green eye and one blue
Wonder Bread
don't be ignorant dude, there's mindless nonsensical shit artists in every genre, mainly everything played on the radio or tv
Yung Tone
His mom gave me and my pack stickers before! Omg!
No, because there are other Rappers besides \
He said \
anthony garcia
If deathwish was named buthole surfers it would be hands down my favorite company.
I need to go find slash's mom!
ben syrjala
OMFG at like 1:35 thru 1:40 look at his nose and how fucked it is!!!
brandon aquino
Thumbs up for butthole surfers!
dave sharma
Get Bryan herman on free lunch!
denny beck
slash your a fucking good, I like your aditude.
gotta move on lol\n
feeble nosemanny
sweet shoutout to earthless!
filler human
Was he playing pool with himself? Interesting.
iron buddha
the uptight self tends the morning
Fuck this guys cool, he ain't shiiiittttttt
john hedlensson
people from north county san diego are pretty spoiled man so your not out of line. Vista / encinitas are nice suburban upper middle class areas. Hence this guy's elitism
john max
rappers say shit on my channel
I'm wearing Psocadelic socks right now. Had no idea he was behind it
i never noticed his eyes are different colors
just now noticed his lazy eye
rocky balboa Balboa
coolest dude ever ?
Butt Hole Surfers lmao
The part about Frank Hirata had me crackin up. I'm guessing most kids now don't know who he is, but he was a pretty good pro back in the day, look him up
didn't know that, sounds pretty lame
This fool is tight he doesn't bullshit
Under a \
Slash is kind of conceited I don't get good vibes from him in any of the interviews he's in.  And his skating really isn't that sick.  He doesn't do anything where I'm like \
zakarias aidt
does anyone know what the t shirt he is wearing is called? please reply! thanks