Oxygen in Moscow (Full Video) - Jean Michel Jarre

6th September 1997. Over 3.5 million people invaded the streets of Moscow to witness Jean Michel Jarre's most spectacular concert to date. Invited by Mayor Yuri Luzhkov to celebrate the 850th birthday of the city, Jarre mesmerized his audience, transforming the state University into a huge animated screen and having among his guests 4 'Sukoy 27' jets and the astronauts, live, from the MIR space station. Tracklist ======= Oxygene 12 Rendez-vous 2 Magnetic Fields 1 Oxygene 11 Oxygene 7 Oxygene 10 Oxygene 4 Souvenir of China Oxygene 12 Revolution, Revolutions Rave-olution Rendez-vous 4 Oxygene 13 Chronologie 4 (Final Credits)

(Full Concert) Jarre Jean Michel Moscow Oxygen in yt:stretch=16:9

3.5 million people went to hear him squeak a fart out half the time
Considering the countries with least populations at that time, The crowd in that concert was more than sum of population of 53 countries
Alejandro Arévalo Ruiz
And what happen if i wanted go to the bathroom????
Alexey Aksenov
I was there. it was cool -)
Alice Vagabond
i was there!))) but not 3,5 mln. over anda over and over 3,5 mln ppl on the square in front of the best universities in the country, one of the best in the world, Moscow State University
And Justice for All In God I Trust. GB
Angelina Volkova
Оксижен 13 - это просто шедевр , я хотела бы умереть именно под эту музыку .........Жарр - гений !
45:45 Revolutions
Trance Godfather
Ben Vine
Is he playing the solo at 8.40 mins in? I don't think so....Despite the fact that a lot of the music isn't live and that Jarre isn't hugely skilled on the keyboard, you still have to take your hat off to him. An innovator, a creative visionary and one hell of a project manager. Wish I had gone to one of his early concerts.
Bogey Stalker
Очень хороший ... Привет из Болгарий :]
3.5 million people...wtf
Brent Sacliwan
What is this
Carl Godin
and the MIR station was still orbiting the earth!! History in this film. In many ways.
Carmen Plaza
Pedazo de concierto, como me hubiese gustado estar allí, sublime y maravilloso¡¡¡
Cesar Domínguez
It's not Magnetic Fields. The actual title is \
Charles Young
I'm not fully sold on the music itself, but he looks pretty damn cool with those mirrored glasses and I applaud his world record achievement.
DJ Cesar Amorim
I've heard that people are still leaving that concert :D
very cool ! ... но по-ходу такой игрой на терменвоксе он слегка \
Damien O Callaghan
If you have never heard of Jean Michel there is something wrong\nWithout him there would not be Kraftwerk Or The ORB\nHis most famous is Toxygene\[email protected]
Danko Salsa
bought the dvd and u should see the extras when they build this scene up
Doctor Dankeston
Imagine how infuriating parking would have been.
Driele Borges
BRAZIL HERE! My father has vinyl of Jean Michel!!!
human music. i like it.
Emma Voltaire
wait....does rave-olution have samples of other electronic songs.... because i swore i hear Cold Storage's Cairodrome in there somewhere?
Feniix Mexicano Sliim
Jean Michel Jarre, los mejores conciertos mejores que U2, Pink Floyd, Madonna, o Coldplay
FlightTRACK English for professional purposes
I was there personally….
Francisco Peirone
Como se llama ese edificio?
Gunter Dierickx
Tomorrowland avant la lettre :-)
Gus Vizcarra
Haitham Oweis
3 POINT WHAT?!! \nand i thought Monsters of Rock was the largest concert !!
3.5 million people and I am sitting here like \
EXCELENTE..!!!! Impresionante recital.\nLo tenia grabado en VHS hasta que se arruinó la cinta.\nGracias por compartir \
Omg 3.5M people attended this and I don't even know who is he 💀
he looks like Sylvester Stallone in this video
Jarre uno de los grandes que aun quedan, con un estilo muy particular y con gran creatividad.
Joel Galilee
What was the budget for this?!
Julio Mariner
I am a big jean Michel fan! But this time in second rendez vouz the laser harp is not really working! At 0:55 he needs to play the fourth bean and he plays the second bean! The minutes before he played the right beans first : Eb, second : D , bean number 3 : C and bean number 4 : B. After in at 0:55 he plays wrong and the sound is the same as before! It is just theatrical thing this time! I belive he decide to not use the laser harp really working on this theme to avoid problems that lasers sensors can provide in outdoor situation like in the Monaco concert !
Key Elektro
He, who loves sound, plays for people which love sound... \nJMJ and his synthi-museum :-) great! I love it!
Khalid Aldahas
fun fact. 3.5 million people where there
There is no oxygen in moscow only petrol in air.
Lejzer Tejzer Pejzer
Could people on the last row even hear the music? xd
Luis Verenzuela
Отличное видео спасибо
Maestro Daniele Pasini
Marcio Banfi
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Marcus Rodrigues
Ce spectacle était très bon. Félicitations Jean Michel Jarre.
Maria Nikitina
Забавно, никогда бы не продумала, что Лукашенко его пригласит
Mark Power
Matias Carpio
Matias D.C
Melissa Ayala
Increíble uno de los mejores y de los primeros de la música electrónica. \u003c3
Michael G.
The Monsters of Rock Concert was like the 3rd most attended concert in history , and this is #1 . obv the birthday ofa nation is responsible for this crowd , but guys help me oout, how were 4 million people verified . and if anyone can show me a picture of the crowd that would be cool lol like overhead or w/e .. monsters of rock had like 1.5 million and theres tons of videos / different bands on youtube and you can see the crowd .
Monkey Boy
How can anyone verify 3.5 million people
Narciso Galan
I have that dvd original close with keys.. in the future will awake sleepy people!! Out Of this time!!
Norwegian viking
i remember beeing a teen in early 80s, getting my first jean michel tape.. from abroad.. i was sold..
Nuuusnbs Nndxjjzb
Pablo Garcia
42:20 Dejavu?
Jean - So you got a crowd of over a million people at your show huh? \n\nHa, that's cute.
Patrick Bodine
Modern day J.S Bach.
Prince Harry
Raven Evans
Whats the track at 18.53?
Ronan Hughes
Jarre's face at 50:07
Trivia time: (Don't know if the footage is shown in this video, it was a long time since I watched the TV broadcast of it): Russian army helicopters (Sikorsky? or something) helped fly in the steel construction parts of the stage. There were quite some logistics to prepare this concert... Now *that* is the proper use of an army. To defend your country - and in times of peace, to deliver parts for huge musician's stages :)
Sebastian salas olivares
17:20 como se llama esa cancion ?
Shawzee Eh?
Very cool and unique. But, it gets really lame after 10 minutes...
The Bateman
I don't think all these people were here just or him
i need to pee.
Parece evento PsyTrance con Oxygene 12 empezando
Tom Alexander
Pretty rubbish , I listen to the live in your living room all the time, really nice, even though i don't think it's live lol
Tracey Mills
Absolute Genius
Vlad Zh
Считаю его и Э.Артемьего Бетховенами 21-го века
Vlastimil Jelínek
Void: Avoided
3.5 million is almost the entire population of the Republic of Ireland.
William Sauer
I always say that 'Oxygene' isn't timeless.... it's simply out of time. In the year 5000 it'll still sound futuristic.
Yannaki Arrizza
Last song (in credits) - Chronologie 6 \n\nMy gosh what a mega show!! - my first time seeing this full vid in its entirety for first time and it really was a legendary performance - not to mention... 3.5 million!!! \n\nLoved the link to space with MIR - 🛰 - and such an emotional performance of both Souvenir of China (nice bass solo makes it more interesting) and Oxygene 13 with the choir, which made me tear up a bit, so beautiful.... \n\nJMJ will always be among the greatest pioneers in the world of Electronic music...with his contributions that paved the way for future generations of Electronica (this show is a great example of the mega outdoor concert concept that would inspire today's modern EDM outdoor festival scene)
The most wanted footage on VHS at that time !!!
No way Moscow State University can fit 3.5M people.\nNo way.
21 years later France won the World Cup in Moscow.
Nothing beats Oxygene and Vodka.
What is the piece of music that starts about 13:17
george smith
I have loved your music for over 20 years, but I don't understand why you are wearing a snakeskin suit when you are such an environmentalist!
jose rivera vergara
increible... magnifico... sorprendente... maravilloso... espectacular ¿18:23 es Bruce Willis?
la cuadruple raiz
hooo  sin palabras..
leonardo lizzano
concerto con 3,5 milioni di spettatori resta il numero 1 in assoluto nella storia della Musica Genio a tutti gli effetti!MAGNIFICO Grande JARRE
npb pink
Sin ninguna duda !!!nadie nadie puede superar este show , el es el mejor!!!
raul md
Este tio es impresionante.
Trash ass performance and crowd
teneras perera
Name song min 40? Ty!
Вячеслав Владимиров
Я был там
Мафусаил 1
это волшебство. нереально.
Радмир Музипов
мне было около десяти лет, в россии его любят
Руслан Вершинин
Король электронной музыки.
игорь носов
Это феерично.Это гениально!