Yeatle - #1 WORLD HAMMOND WREKING BALL GOD - Overwatch Pro Montage

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Hammond Wreking Ball Montage - Best of Yeatle - Overwatch Montage - Overwatch Montage ft. the Hammond God Yeatle - Overwatch Funny & Epic Moments | Overwatch Daily Moments► Best & Funny Moments►Submit Overwatch Moments - [email protected]►Source (worth to Subscribe ❤):...

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
10:01 nice
72dnegel ehT
Hammond is probably the most balanced hero they’ve added.
1:49 that rein was XQC lol
Bartek Sokal
ball is life
Bat Man
I heard from a Top 500 that Yeatle is a bad teammate to get paired with. He was saying that most of the time he one tricks and he's too stubborn to switch off. Is that true it feels like it might be...
COCO the dank yellow toad
Great video 🐹🐹
Chris Boulter
Playing Wrecking Ball as intented = godtier play that makes 12 year olds call you insane.
Christina Gross
I alsi enjoy booping people lmfao
Cleveland brown
hes rank 1 but not the best jjanu and trill are better
Clips Central777
Oh yeah yeah
Every Rein he faces, he makes look like a noob 😂
Dank Memes with some Pepper
It'd be hella nice than just seeing kills with his ult
All he is doing is using his ult, I could bunch together clips of me using my ult as any hero and it would look good.
Edward Elric
Hammond needs a suit skin
Great video!!
He uses same strat, ult slam shield shoot, still awesome gameplay tho \u003c3
When you watch a pro play and realize you only touch like 45 percent of the actual map.
Guys all hammonds are bad they are just lucky
That's a cute ass thumbnail
Hamish Kirkpatrick
The very first clip looks like aimbot when he goes to target the other Hammond...
Hanzo exe
10:01 perfekt
9:29 :'(
Isaac Kress
So 90% of these clips are ultimates....
J0seph OW
Oh, you mean Wrecking Ball
Jay Maslin
1:37 look in kill feed and explain how a doomfist winston ults a dva mech????
I just played with him in dm a few hrs ago
Unironically saying \
getting a 4 man minefield is easier than a nano blade... they stand no literately no chance
* squeaking intensifies *
Jory Harrison
Haha came here for the loot box giveaway but I actually watched like 5 of you vids so good
So Nice dude 😂💪
Justin Rosales
Its so hard to utilize Hammond, so this has me amazed. Good job!
Jymio Jammer
10 minutes of press Q -\u003e Piledrive
KaLa Lee
4:28 the lucio gets on point like “I’m on point” let’s go 💀💀 boy you didn’t do nun
Kanel Kongen
My god, those transitions are awful. Amazing plays tho
Didnt saw any of \
Killian Foubert
He is not rank 1 anymore but gg
Kissen Kill
Horrible music taste
Kolson Squirrel
Did any one else think hammond was complete freelo when you played him?
Lailah bus
hamster is still a no skill hero i see, hm
So many ads lol
Leo marin castillo
Wtf that survivor rein
SckAuthority is by far the best hammond on Overwatch.
Little Trxsh.
3:21 - 3:27 that lucky rein
Lost Vibes
1:16 *YEET*
Lucky Porpoise
Don’t mind me. Just commenting for the loot box giveaway on Instagram.
8:57 cringe comms
M'khitar Getikian
How are people so good at this game
Meatballs for life
I like how these days \
Mei ً
I'm Mei friendly server God.
not god , i can do that.
Mitchell Phillips
Hooks spots and boop spots I never realized I could do. Time to go to comp!
Muhammed Mustafa Akşam
01:35 when i was calling Doomfist monkey my friends said me i am racist. But look, i am right.
Imagine needing a main tank and the guy chooses Hammond
Oleg Kushakov
I usually don't pay attention to the songs but this Skyfall one was actually quite bad in my opinion, sorry
Overwatch Funny Moments - Overwatched
Opie Opie you just Balled by the Hammster Rocky xD
It actually blows my mind because I suck at playing this hero, I’m just some typical one-trick Genji main
i play hammond alot in high masters and it doesnt make sence how you arent cced everytime you goin or how you are on full at all times
Rafa Moss
Just hack or freeze = gg
Random Loser Who Loses
4:31 I'll keep that in mind lol
well...\u003ehes good but I dont think hes \
I find it so weird that a hero with better mobility than winston (no cooldown) can also get a shield boost and a good ranged dps attack (For a tank). Plus they have winstons main strength of displacing enemies but without the need for an ultimate. (ball form) The only real advantage winston has is he can use his shield bubble to absorb ultimates for his team. \u003c- Although at higher ranks this is really hard cuz of smart flying DVA bombs, flanking ultimates, etc. I feel like the power creep is getting crazy. Now we have ashe that can influence the battlefield like a mcree but stay further away and use her shotgun for horizontal and vertical mobility. In the case of a shield war she can still deal massive aoe dmg with her dynamite to enemies clustered behind it (Mcrees main weaknesses). P.S Not to mention a drastically more practical ultimate with her boyfriend Bob coming in every 2 minnutes....lmao. With mcree you already have to have a numbers advantage or a area of influence in order to execute or zone the enemies for the brief duration high noon works....even than you are a massive target where as Ashe can still continue to toss out DPS from her ideally safer positions. Dont even get me started on obsolete solider 76 meta..hahahaha
What keeps Hammond alive inside that ball during the absolute incredible body shearing g-forces he must sustain?
SilverNiko 974
Is this the right channel for the instagram giveaway ? However I was already subscribed so...
Hey likeif you liked
*_That Hammond skin_* 😍🤯😳😱🙀
TOXIC God of Hentai
*How the f--k is there a 7 year old squeaker in Masters?*
TheDevil Rager
Why are you guys keep uploading yeatle?? He was only world 1 for 6hours a week ago, he's been world 4 for the past week he doesn't even have the title so why is he claiming he does?? You can literally look at the Wrecking Ball leaderboards so idky you guys keep posting him?
Theodore Wickham
omfg i wish they never added hammond
Thunderbear CZ
yeatle more like a YEETle
so much skill lol. Q -\u003e smash. Wow.
Tiffany Rodriguez
9:29 you bully! Lmao
Tillman Yowell
1:34 how does doom fist use primal rage for a kill????
I hate wreking ball🤣😤😤😤
Toni Reagan
To me there is no \
Tony Flamingo
He ate Citron from Gw2 and obtained his power
Toxic Reaper626
Meh wouldn’t work in the league
Grapple \u003e Q \u003e Piledrive = No.1 Hammond
Everytime i play a hammond one trick i dont lose lol this hero is so trash
Vib3Z 1
I’m as good as him with Hammond on my xbox
720p wtf..
A hammond god, i never thought i'd see the day
Fresh nutz
Well that's not Freshnuts :)
ZR Shadow
thats so not impressive im sry but that doesnt impress me by 1 bit
Seems odd but most of my good games with Hammond consist of an enemy team never together, with at least a ana, McRee, Mei, sombra or brig.. Plus when I do the mine drop the heroes just walk through it and I maybe get 2 supports. Clearly early Hammond game, because he’s shutdown really easy.
ashe ashe
What a handsome hamster in dat thumbnail 🍑
3:30 they bullied that reinhardt LMFAO
$3 that yeatle drives a Volkswagen beetle
iris sjardim
#1 world moira PLZ! I never saw one
when you leave unnecessary parts of the clips to make the video 10 minutes.
lorenzo mashadda
Why does zen use trance when he gets boop boi
Im actually inapired by this because im am somewhat of a hammond main
thought i watched this already but it was uploaded today.. gotta love youtube thieves
space jam
It said when the video came out in description #genjigod #cavalry
topburger 239
hey look its him ult into slam to stunlock the enemy team so that they have no possible chance to actually do anything for 10 minutes wow skilled hero. jk lol he's a great player
wang xiao
1:54 how did he make that U-turn??
hey that's me