Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 14

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Celebrities/Stars of the 1970s and 80s:Then and Now Part 14Series Playlist:Sandy Duncan___ The Hogan Family TV sitcomRob Reiner___ Michael Stivic "Meathead" on All in the Family sitcom (1971–1979)Nancy Sinatra___ An American singer and actressChevy Chase___ Clark W. Griswold in five National Lampoon's Vacation films Grace Jones___ May Day in A View to a Kill James Bond filmUma Thurman___ Cécile de Volanges in Dangerous Liaisons film, 1988Tina Turner___ Singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress, Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome film, 1985Ellen Burstyn___ Chris MacNeil in The Exorcist (film) 1973Lee Weriwether___ Lily Munster in The Munsters Today sitcomRandy Quaid___ Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon's Vacation moviesDaryl Hannah___ Pris Stratton in Blade Runner film, 1982Eric Roberts___ Dave Stepanowicz in King of the Gypsies (film), 1978Olympia Dukakis___ Rose Castorini in Moonstruck film, 1987Julia-Louis-Dreyfus___ Saturday Night Live (1982–1985), Seinfeld sitcomPeter Billingsley___ Ralphie Parker in A Christmas Story comedy film, 1983Dylan McDermott___ Chris in Twister (1989 film)Charlie Sheen___ Private Chris Taylor in Platoon (film) 1986Todd Bridges___ Willis Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes sitcomJanet Jackson___ Charlene DuPrey on Diff'rent Strokes sitcomRicky Schroder___ ("T.J.") Flynn in The Champ (1979 film), "Ricky" Stratton in Silver Spoons sitcom, 1982-86Alex Winter___ Bill S. Preston Esq. in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, 1989Christina Applegate___ Kelly Bundy on Married... with Children sitcom, Jeannie Bolens on Silver Spoons sitcom, Kitten on Family Ties sitcomTreat Williams___ Daniel Ciello in Prince of the City (film), 1981Tim Reid___ Venus Flytrap in WKRP in Cincinnati TV sitcomJan Smithers___ Bailey Quarters in WKRP in Cincinnati TV sitcomGary Sandy___ Andy Travis in WKRP in Cincinnati TV sitcomMarsha Warfield___ "Roz" Russell in Night Court sitcom, Jason Bateman___ Derek Taylor on Silver Spoons sitcom, James Cooper Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie (TV series)Beverly D'Angelo___ Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon's Vacation films Joe Pantoliana___ Francis in The Goonies film, 1985Vincent D'Onofrio___ Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence in Full Metal Jacket film, 1987Mariel Hemingway___ Christine McCormick in Lipstick (1976 film)Sam Neill___ Damien Thorn in Omen III: The Final Conflict, 1981Ann Margret___ Nora Walker in Tommy (1975 film)Rachel Ward___ Dominoe in Sharky's Machine film, 1981Terence Stamp___ General Zod in Superman II film, 1980

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Jan Smithers was so beautiful. Still attractive for almost 70 years old. Time flies....
Thanks. One of my high school buddy married Sandy Duncan, and she still looks good. The background music is depressing.
Adam Smith86
My dad used to get stopped in public, people thought he was Rob Reiner. Thank God he isn't a socialist scumbag like Reiner.
Angel Deville
Randy Quaid turned into Jerry Garcia.
Angela Bolton
Ann Margaret will be dead sexy forever.
The ravages of Time.
.....Jason Bateman!, .....dudes like 50! ......and never ages. WTF?
CW Dr. Pepper
What is it with Beverly D'Angelo every time you see her smiling her after pictures she looks like she's posing for a Bugs Bunny poster😕😕 and Randy Quaid looks like he should be playing Santa Claus at the local mall
Carolyn Brt
Elvis should have married Ann Margaret. He’d have been a lot happier.
Carrie Bishop
What I really like about your videos is that, not only do you have the before and after Photos, use to put up a notch by doing a side-by-side at the same star. The soothing music you play with it. Very good job editing it.
Casundra Pressley
Sandy Duncan still looks 'GREAT!
Chancy Cat
I remember my dad when he was alive saying in the 1980's that Tina Turner had some nice looking legs..but then he passed away in 1987..but if he was still alive he'd probably be saying the same thing
Charles B
Randy Quaid moved to the north pole.
Charles Dobbs
Meathead really. What a POS.
Chef Duane
Sandy Duncan is still an attractive woman.  Meathead.... no so much.
Con Kyros
World Review Love the music can you please tell us the music title and artist as many people are asking for it on many of the other uploads, thankyou.
Craig Patterson
The music is haunting ! But beautiful !
David Meyers
Uma still looks beautiful.
David Reynolds
Rick Schroeder looks like Rickity Schroeder. Dude shave that beard off.
Deb Butcher
Bring back WKRP! The cast are all alive and ready to act. Only the big guy has passed away. Gary Sandy could be in charge.
Doc G
Uma is still a looker
Edith Quesenberry
Rob Reiner you still look like a meathead 😂
Eyehate Phukingoogel
Lee Meriwether will always be the original \
Flash Gordon
Jan Smithers was my neighbor in Ojai. I grew up watching her on WKRP when I was 17. Much hotter than Loni, especially when she had on those glasses.... Great to actually chat with her in her front yard.
Frank McConnellogue
Uma Thurman still looks good
Gennie Jefferson
Peter billingsley is quite handsome
Glen M
Never watched KRAP in Cincinatti, but gotta admit Jan Smithers looks great for her (and closing in on my) age. I'd date her today in a New York heartbeat. I find her more appealing now that she was 'back in the day', thank yuh verruh much. And precious little, if any, makeup in that photo, to boot!
Greg R.
What I learn from watching people age (myself also) if you were homely when you were young, you can't get much worse. But if you are gorgeous and handsome when you were young well then it's likely downhill from there.
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
What is with the Jacksons and thier desire to make thier noses so damn small. 4:23
Hans Zarkov, Ph.D.
Always thought than Jam Smithers was way better looking than Loni Anderson.
Helen Stokes
Tina Turner!! Just wow lady!!!💜
James Coughlin
Oh Jesus! I’m so depressed.
James McKane
Jan Smithers will always be more attractive than Loni Anderson 🤗
Janis Hart
*World Review:* I love the way you put them side-by-side for comparison, instead of just one after the other - thanks!!
Jay K
And the winner is...Ann Margret.\n👍👍👍👍👍
Jennifer Bynum
Lee Meriwether looks absolutely natural and beautiful, she hasn’t had anyone tinkering with the muscles in her face. Why can’t men and women allow themselves to grace with age allowing what’s natural to be natural. When we’ve reached the pinnacle of youth bow out gracefully, thank God and live!
Jod Tan
one of the most beautiful faces in the world was Ann Margret
John Smith
To this day, I cannot watch a WKRP rerun with Jan Smothers on it, and not look at her and imagine myself going down on her. She was freekin gorgeous then.
Johnny Rotten
Julia from Seinfeld is still very much a HOTTIE.
Jos Ron
Jane Smithers was so freaking hot way hotter than Loni Anderson
Kim Parish
The music for these videos is a perfectly nostalgic soundtrack.
Lee Barnhart
Uma Thurman got better with age. Cristina Applegate will always be a hottie.
Letit Bemee
LOL, Chevy Chase looks like a huge caterpillar or Jabba the Hut.
Yeah some of them may not look good after but there's something deep and beautiful in those older faces. Maybe the wisdom that comes with the years.
Marian Moser-Otto
Rock on, Tina Turner!
Mark Dixon
Love watching these videos and is fascinating seeing people you remember in their heyday as they are in the very recent past, time flies by so quickly quite scary
Mark Zappasodi
I'm pretty sure that your first photos of Nancy Sinatra and Ann-Margret are from the 1960s.
Michael Hillman
Another Quodos for the beautiful Jan Smithers. She has aged gracefully and naturally. Her beauty in the late 70’s and early 80’s was absolutely heart melting.
Mike Jones
Some aged ok but Chevy Chase can you say PIGGY!!
Mike Kelley
Most of these are teenagers or early 20's vs retirement years....guess what kiddies, we all age. Doesn't mean its the end of the world...just accept it. These people are still people...just older, thats all.
Mike Smith
I was in love with Jan Smithers on WKRP. She was a trillion times hotter than Loni Anderson
Mr. D.
We know about Rob Reiner and Louis-Dreyfus, but how many others here are leftist, finger-wagging liberals?
And I thought Grace Jones was scary back in the day! Whoa !
Mz Lissa
Sam Neil remains sexy no matter the timeline!
We all age..so do celebrities..We are all humans
Love that music. Rob Reiner really did turn out to be a meathead. And wow, all that booze, drugs, surgery, and paying homage to Satan took it's toll on most of these.
Nova Morf
Why are all the women, spezially in the US, wearing false lightblonde hair? Blonde does not look good on women who naturally have brown or dark hair. It makes them look pale and takes away their charisma. My hair is blonde from nature. But darker than what all this women have on their heads. I want to have my hair healthy and I am too lazy to do this colouring all the time. Shortly a friend asked me if I colour my hair. And when I sayd no he sayd to me that I can be proud of myself, then all the other women he knows colour their hair. Ladies, an emancipated women does not need to do that. Or do you want to attract guys who want you because of your fair hair that is not even yours, nor is it you?
In any era, Grace Jones will beat yo muthafuggin AZZZZ!
Reiner is a communist meat head.
Jan Smithers was absolutely smoking hot back in the day!
Randal Coghlan
Sandy Dunkin, still gorgeous
Renee Hunter
Rachael Ward is still hot!!!
Rick Charles
Ron Reiner is still a waste of oxygen.\nNancy Sinatra was SO hot, still not bad. \nGrace Jones was always nasty\nTina Turner should stay away from Botox.\nJulia Louis-Dreyfus actually looks better now.\nCharlie Sheen has aged badly after his insanity era.\nJanet Jackson has gotten scary.\nJan Smithers was MUCH hotter than Loni. \nMariel Hemingway was the best looking sister.
Rodney King
Ann Margrock and Kelly Bundy!!!!!!!!
RoughJustice 2k18
Good to see Grace Jones, Tina Turner and Christina Applegate in this list.
Sam Bradley
Charlie Sheen shows you what drugs can do to your looks
Samo Smith
Very nice 👌 back to the beautiful memories 😃I like this program 💜
Schy Mark
Jan Smithers
Slick Andrews
It's nice to see that many of them aged GRACEFULLY. \nIt's also probably a blessing in disguise to most them, that they weren't filthy rich, or else they'd have probably abominated themselves with a ton of hideous plastic surgery... Like so many of the ultra-rich unfortunately do.
Tacohead Makenzie
Chevy Chase turned into Ben Franklin.
Tardeli costantini
Tina turner 78 yrs old wow!
Tony R
Wow, Randy Quade aged into Jerry Garcia.
then Randy Quaid joined ZZ Top...
Walt P
Jan Smithers was a babe then and still is.
Winter Wolf
Thank you that warm interesting
Wise Cracker
I actually like Eric Roberts with his salt-and-pepper hair and stunning blue eyes. Some people age like fine wine, as the saying goes.
World Review
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Yes, we Koreans hate black niggers
grace jones went from a man to a beast
christopher hinkle
Bailey Quarters WKRP Loni Anderson had nothing on Baily :-)I think she is the most beautiful girl on TV ever.Jan Smithers I love you :-)
dewayne barden
Marial hemmingway is beautiful
Eric Roberts is as gorgeous as ever. \u003c3 He is almost unchanged, except for his hair color. He is such an attractive, sexy man.
josey wales
We're all just passing through...
jtray Trever
Sandy Duncan. Still cute.
Beautiful music❤️
matthew moeller
Uma Thurman , still looks good!
Uma!!!!! Love her!
naphtali x
Sandy Duncan will always be hot!!
Jan Smithers..............for me it was the long STRAIGHT hair. I don't like poofy hair.
Jan Smithers looked great then and looks the aged equivalency now.....just like me(I wish).
rock of ages xxx
This was just depressing lol , but it is what it is like it or not
humans are made of organic matter and as such, they deteriorate over time. as a \
sy nielson
No matter the amount of fame, glory and money, father time gets to all of us.
terry wheatley
Nancy Sinatra was drop dead gorgeous back in the day! these boots are made for walkin
truth hurts
I just realized how old I really am....it sucks getting old.
Interesting yet at the same time, sad. No one can escape father time, that bastard. I just look at pictures of myself from 2010 and can't believe the difference.