Historical European Martial Arts

How to get into Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)


What you need to get started with historical sword fighting. Materials for studying the techniques taught by Medieval / Renaissance ...

Deadliest Art: A documentary on Historical European Martial Arts


A twelve minute documentary that explores the misconceptions about the art of sword combat and the weapon itself.3D

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A look into the world of Historical European Martial Arts, where a community revives centuries old martial arts based on the ...CC

Akademia Szermierzy - Fior di Battaglia (medieval longsword techniques)


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Inside the World of Longsword Fighting | The New York Times


Longsword enthusiasts are resurrecting ancient sword technique as a modern, organized sport, with timed bouts and complex ...



The art of the German longsword vs the art of the Japanese katana. Full contact COMBAT sparring plus technical ...

Would Historical Martial Arts be Useful in Modern Self-Defense?


To answer a frequently asked viewer question here are some thoughts on whether practicing HEMA (Historical European Martial ...

Adorea longsword fight duel


Music by Ross Budgen ...

1595 DOLOMITI - Historical European martial arts


Trailer realizzato per A.S.D. 1595 Dolomiti

Parrying with the Longsword in Historical Martial Arts


In this demonstration were covering the basics of how to parry and different types of defense (blocking, deflectional parries ...

MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons


Every year there is a medieval style combat tournament that takes place in a castle in Europe; that means swords, full body armor, ...CC

HEMA | Swordfish 2017 - Open Longsword FINALS


Fight for 3rd place (03:21): Mark Wilkie vs Alexander Makarov Fight for 1st place (16:42): Dennis Ljungqvist vs Ivan Novichenko ...

Historical European Martial Arts in Atlanta


Historical European Martial Arts or HEMA is a term that encompasses any number of fighting styles rooted in the chivalric combat ...

The problem with HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)


HEMA or Historical European Martial Arts has become very synonymous with sword fighting or swordplay but in regards to sword ...

Kung Fu vs HEMA - Examining the Vital Target Combat Fights (Weapons Blunt Trauma Simulator League)


Does the ancient art of Kung Fu match up against Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)? This is a question we explore as we ...

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Please watch the updated version with fixed lower thirds: A look into the world of Historical ...CC

When Historical European Martial Arts Treatises Are Wrong


When Historical European Martial Arts Treatises Are Wrong - Or rather, should we not be as skeptical about historical treatises as ...

Lets Examine HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)


We look at some great HEMA from all over the world. I want to give a huge shoutout to my viewers Thomas and Georgios for ...

Women in historical European martial arts


It wasnt all about men being manly.