Sword (Fictional Object)

Cheap Sword Like Objects and Katana Breaks and Fails


Just for a change of pace - a compilation of cheap swords failing, breaking and falling apart in use.. In these videos, no one was ...

People as Objects – Analysis (Adventure Time)


A central theme in the episode “I Am a Sword” is the relationship between people and objects. This is predominantly explored by ...Субтитри

How to get a sword that can kill ANYTHING in 1 Hit! 1440p!


The command, /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:34,lvl:10000},{id:16,lvl:10000},{id:19,lvl:10000},{id:20,lvl:10000}]} Tags: ...

Wallhangers (Or Sword Like Objects) vs Functional Swords My Wallhangers


A video about what a wallhanger or sword like object is, how to differentiate them from functional swords, some construction ...

Skyward Sword (Stream) - Part 8


why does the sword tag include the words (fictional object)