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GameSpot Reviews - Gods Eater Burst (PSP)


Read the full review: It comes with a few annoyances, but Gods Eater Bursts monster hunting ...

Gods Eater Burst ~Opening~


Gods Eater Burst ~Opening~ Apparently its Called Gods Eater not God Eater Oh well Enjoy the video System/Region: ...

God Eater 2 Rage Burst Animated Opening - [F.A.T.E.] (Full version)


At first I just edited this for my personal use, but then I thought that it actually looks good for such a simple editing. So, I decided to ...

God Eater BURST - Over the clouds - Sub Romaji


Song: Over the clouds BURST mix EXTENDED Artist: Alan sub: nueveminutos23 DL: (if you want ...

God Eater - Opening Animation


Namco Bandait conclude if it has the gameplay ...

God Eater Op {TH}


use effect karaoke by Aegisub i claimed only thai translation not the song.

Gods Eater Burst - PSP Gameplay 1080p (PPSSPP)


Gods Eater Burst - PSP Gameplay 1080p (PPSSPP) Visit us at for more Gods Eater Burst, known ...

Lets Play Gods Eater Burst PPSSPP Part 1 Intro


Letd love any feedback you guys can ...

{God Eater - Resurrection} - Opening


Read Description for Additional info⌡ ⌠Spoilers can be found within⌡ ⌠Viewer Discretion is advised!⌡. Game - God Eater ...

Gods Eater Burst - Opening [HD]


Dunno if itm trying out this game, never really played a game like this, but it feels like ...

God Eater Resurrection PSP ve PS4 Graphics Comparison


Enjoy newest graphics comparison on God Eater Ressurection PSP vs PS4.

(PSP)Gods Eater Burst Gameplay


Ok, i know that this game doesnt work on most cfws like 5.50 and 5.00, it only works on higher cfws, but luckily i downloaded the ...

God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Opening Cinematic


Check out the action-packed intro for the sequel.

God Eater Burst part 104 Burst Final Boss


Oh look who it is ... Geez game Why didnt you go with that blue one ... might have made more sense I think XD.

Gods Eater Burst - PSP - Burst means new


Gods Eater Burst is a deeply enhanced version of God Eater, with more missions, Aragamis (big weird beasts ^_^) and combos.